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Will VillageAgro Turn Out To Be The Next Unicorn Amidst Agri-Tech Startups In India

The App is currently available in the following languages – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, English. Besides, it also has a website to help onboard farmers and businesses from across India.

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Coronavirus pandemic has taught humanity to be content with what it has access to. More than anything else, the different phases of lockdown have demonstrated that local food practices are the most instrumental in the prevention of hunger as well as illness. Such local practices are also the driving force behind VillageAgro, a unique, 8-month-old startup that combines agritech (agricultural technology) and smart farming in order to boost the rural economy. VillageAgro Agritech Private Limited is an F2B (Farmer to Business) and F2C (Farmer to Customer) online marketplace, selling fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, poultry, and dairy products. The startup is a composite brainchild of a group of young IITians who are responding to a major shift in customer food demand, earmarked by the public’s inclination towards farm-fresh, healthy food, especially fruits, vegetables, dairy, and poultry products. 

VillageAgro’s vision is driven by the thought “Adopting Indian Farmers”, which is why the start-up collects fresh produce and products directly from the farms and delivers the same to the doorstep of its customers.  Today, it is one of the fastest-growing agritech startups in India. Amidst a plethora of start-ups and investment projects, VillageAgro is seeking to bring in technological interventions in agriculture and create farms that are future-ready. 

Junk food, as well as food grown in the company of chemical fertilizers as well as under unethical farming practices, does more harm than good for our body. According to a recent study conducted at a university in Pamplona, Spain, eating such food can even make you age faster. This is why there is a prominent shift in our focus on clean eating and including locally grown, seasonal food items into our daily diet. Eating such food has its own benefits, some of which are –

Better Nutrition – Food grown devoid of genetic modification or chemical fertilizers, and harvested when perfectly ripe, will, without doubt, be more nutritious and healthier.

Rich Flavors – The fruits and vegetables available to you within a day or two of plucking won’t just be healthier but tastier too.

Cheaper – The food grown closer to your home will cost you a much cheaper price instead of the food grown in a greenhouse thousands of kilometers away.

Environment-Friendly – The biggest beneficiary of your “Go local” practice is going to be Mother Earth and the environment around you. 

VillageAgro has built technology, research, and management link within the supply chain of agri-business, creating in the process, a lifeline to sustain local farms and farmers while, at the same time, delivering fresh and healthy organic villages agro products to the health-conscious consumers. This sustainable ecosystem has not only led to increase in the farmers’ income but it has also allowed the growth of a unique local farm network that has emerged as a beacon of hope amidst the crumbling economic parameters. 

Farming in India is a tough profession, often made more difficult by unreliable weather conditions, financial constraints, and a lack of robust government policy towards agriculture. The usual constraints in carrying out this line of work are the following – Limited shelf life, presence of multiple intermediaries, lack of accountability, staggered logistics, fractured financial transactions, etc. In addition, there are many more challenges, which make it difficult to run such an agricultural supply chain. 

Village Agro presents itself as a one-stop solution for all these problems. The organization has created a strong, repetitive orders network, in consonance with urban health-conscious consumers, who look forward to the quality-assured, fresh farm-to-home delivery. The co-branding and inventory management app of Village Agro also establishes close liaison with the farmers through smart farming technology and regular procurement, thus building a bulk customer base across its geographical presence. 

In a short span of 8 months and with minimal resources at its disposal, VillageAgro is already showing promising results and picking up great milestones on its way to the future. VillageAgro is live on Paytm, Dunzo, Swiggy, Zomato, Coutloot, Meesho, etc., where it is fulfilling the F2B and F2C demands. It has officially on-boarded about 3000 farmers and 6000 retailers within Telangana state, though VillageAgro is also putting plans in motion to expand its presence to cities of Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune by the year-end. 

Through regular online campaigning and AI-based mapping & response analysis of its stakeholders, VillageAgro is also widening its command across the digital media, using outreach programs extensively. The VillageAgro smart farming app comes with features such as - inventory management, agronomy practice, and equipped to avail the latest technologies such as drones and agricultural equipment. Logistics being the core of the supply chain management is the most essential link being fixed by VillageAgro through tracking and synchronized smart inventory management tools. Such solutions can indeed be the game-changers in agri-tech. 

VillageAgro Android App is currently available in the following languages – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, English. Besides, it also has a website to help onboard farmers and businesses from across India.

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