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Top 5 Cybersecurity Startups To Curb Cyber Threats In India

Here is the list of top five Indian cybersecurity startups curbing cyber threats

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In this digital world, as technologies disrupt most industries, Cybersecurity is also on the path of transformation. As technology evolves, the adversaries are also enhancing their attack methods, tools, and techniques to exploit individuals and organizations. There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is incredibly useful, but it is somewhat of a double-edged sword. AI-ML can be used to detect and prevent the attacks before it takes place. As AI sees more advancement, we will be witnesses to how far we can take this technology to be both a boon and a bane to cybersecurity and the society in general. The leveraging development of technology, fast-growing penetration rates of the internet and digital transformation of the world have had several implications:

  • There are several organizations that are increasing their business online while there is also a rapidly growing number of online-only businesses.
  • Organizations are adopting digital transformation and tech tools for their internal functions.
  • There is an emerging gig economy and a growing distant worker base.
  • With cheaper mobile-data and increasing bandwidth, people are using the internet more.

Therefore, several quintillions of data are generated every year by individuals and enterprises alike. Data has become the new oil with cyber-attackers trying to leverage technology to find new and advanced ways to breach networks, attack systems and gain access to data. The impact of cybersecurity attacks and data breaches is severe, not just monetarily but in terms of loss of brand reputation, goodwill and customers as well. The same has been observed with the major data breaches into global tech giants like Yahoo, Facebook, etc. and other big players like Marriott International, Panera Bread, Exactis, etc. While these bigger players have the resources – financial, technical, infrastructural and legal – to relatively easily recuperate from such attacks, several smaller firms are forced to shut down as they do not have the resources to rebuild their structure or win back user trust.

Here is the list of top five Indian cybersecurity startups curbing cyber threats

WiJungle: WiJungle is indulged in developing and marketing unified network security gateway to companies in more than 25 countries across the globe. WiJungle was founded back in 2014, WiJungle was launched as a completely free WiFi service and it was the first Indian private company to bring up this idea. Right now, the company is serving to government and private companies across the country. WiJungle is offering its services to sectors like hospitality, healthcare, education, BFSI, retail, defense, transportation, ITES, and more.

Lucideus: Lucideus was developed in IIT Bombay for information security services. It is an AI-ML enabled platform to which is responsible for taking care of enterprises across the globe. This platform continuously monitors and responds to cyber-threats effectively and reduce cyber-attacks. Lucideus has also made its brand name internationally; it encourages businesses to make cybersecurity a priority.

Sequretek: Sequretek is a cybersecurity startup which is meant to simplify security for enterprises and businesses. It helps to equip them with AI and ML-driven security tools and solutions which will make sure that the company is secured and properly armed against all the security threats without any vulnerability. These threats can be known and unknown and Sequretek takes care of everything. Sequretek has expertise in domains like BFSI, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, manufacturing, and more.

Securitybulls: Securitybulls is a startup that is indulged in comprehensive pen-testing which is also known as a penetration test or ethical hacking. Securitybulls offers IT security assessments and infrastructure security services. It analyzes the client company's digital assets and checks for the security risk and flaws from where it can get compromised and attacked. After finding the vulnerability in the security it provides remediation blueprint which will help in enhancing the client's cybersecurity strategies. So, these are the list of cybersecurity startups that you can look out for in 2020. However, do note that many startups in this sector are doing good and have the potential to grow up in 2020 and making remarks across the globe. Meanwhile, healthcare startups are also gaining popularity across the globe.

Seconize:  First in the list is Seconize which is a Bangalore-based cybersecurity startup, it serves in cloud-based, AI/ML-enabled, automated security solutions to ventures who are surrounded by digitization and all the information about the company is on cloud or drives. Seconize helps these companies to de-risk themselves by proactive risk assessment, remediation, and identification. It also manages all the IT assets with real-time risk measurement and without any human error. Last year, Seconize has also managed to get support from Singapore telecom operator Singtel and NUS National University of Singapore and expanded its office in the country.

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