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Sumant Kaul Change Management Innovator, Brings Bliss GenX, An Advanced Wellness & Education Platform

Bliss GenX will be launch in September 2021, and its founder, Sumant Kant Kaul, believes that by 2025, this platform will be able to directly or indirectly reach and impact the lives of more than 1 billion people, and 7 billion by 2040.

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Sumant Kant Kaul, former Managing Director of Hitech Group, a Visionary Philanthropist and who was one of the pioneers of telecom revolution in India, shares his insights on how Bliss GenX, an online Wellness & Education Platform based on Mindfulness, is going to be the  New Age solution to the issues that humanity is facing today.

COVID 19 demolished the myth and revealed the flaws and incompetence of education, wellness, and healthcare facilities in India and around the world.

Being in a hospital during a pandemic was terrifying for those who had to go through it. There was fear looming even in the medical and para medical fraternity, but they rose to the occasion. Sumant Kaul applauds the pharmaceutical industry's efforts to bring the vaccine to market, as well as the efforts of all world leaders, particularly Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad, Prime Minister of UAE, for their exemplary efforts in helping their country and many others 

COVID 19 has jolted humanity globally. We know what to do when we are sick, but we are not fully equipped with wellness and health education to prevent illness.

While Sumant encourages everyone to get vaccinated, he also emphasizes that the third wave is a reality and we should take all precautions to avoid it if possible. We better heal our inner virus so that any external virus does not pose a threat.

COVID 19 is teaching humanity to be more conscious, to be mindful and aware of one's actions, and to accept responsibility for them.

We must all be prepared to find solutions so that such calamity does not befall humanity in the future again, and if it does, we overcome it without fear or panic.

According to Sumant Kaul, the solution to all of this is a strong immune system and an understanding of the human body, the most complex machine on the planet. If you know who you are, you will have the answers to all of your life's problems.

Sumant says Bliss GenX, the Global application for Education on Wellness through Mindfulness, is a solution to this problem. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that will teach us how to care for our wellness and health. It provides us with knowledge and wisdom of various techniques and tools that helps us to understand who we are as humans, how we get sick, why we get sick, and our options for avoiding and preventing all forms of illness. It will help us understand that sickness extends beyond the physical body, mind, and soul.

Even poverty is an unconscious choice and a form of illness that deprives a large segment of the global population of opportunities and infrastructure available to the wealthy, and Bliss GenX members can transform their lives with education tools and techniques provided on the Platform.

Anyone who is not in wellness will miss the bus, just as many players missed out on mobile licences because the big players believed that mobile technology would not run in India because it was a poor country with a large population in the 80's and 90’s. How wrong they were with the innovation in the telecom industry via mobile, India is now the fourth largest Global economic power. Sumant Kaul applauds the efforts of the original players who innovated, such as Sunil Bharti Mittal - Chairman Bharti Airtel, Rajiv Chandershekar - Founder BPL Mobile, as well as Mukesh Ambani later, Chairman Reliance Jio, who have made fortunes with the sole intention of helping people.

Bliss GenX will be launch in September 2021, and its founder, Sumant Kant Kaul, believes that by 2025, this platform will be able to directly or indirectly reach and impact the lives of more than 1 billion people, and 7 billion by 2040.

Sumant Kaul acknowledges that this is a massive mission on a global scale, but the universe conspires to help those who have a mission and vision to help others with pure intent. He believes and visualizes that Bliss GenX will have a ripple effect throughout the world, and many people, corporations, and organisations will be inspired and follow the similar  technology provided by Bliss GenX  and will join with the same zeal, effort, and vision of helping humanity.

Sumant Kaul compares the creation and success of Bliss GenX to his accomplishments in mobile telephony. In the 1990s, he had a dream that education was the only way to help people improve their economic and financial living conditions, and that with mobile phone licenses given by Government of India , his vision could become a reality in which everyone, from a rickshaw puller to a street vendor, and especially women, who are the backbone of society, could be connected through mobile telephony which will aid in education of masses in skilled  vocational  skills  through Data  and also  they could reach their customers for a better living.

In 1995, 99 percent of India's population could not afford mobile phones, which cost up to Rs 50,000 and had call rates of Rs 16.84 for incoming and outgoing calls. 

Sumant Kaul claims that he used a very powerful ancient technique called Science of consciousness and samadhi meditation, which was used by ancient rishis in the Himalayas, to fulfill his divine purpose of helping people. He sat in samadhi meditation and received information on how to find a solution that would actually help the people. In 1997-98 he slashed the rates of incoming calls to Rs 0 and outgoing to Rs 1 from Rs 16.84 each and subsidized the Mobile phones and even at times gave them free along with free gifts such as Ray Ban glasses, Holiday Vouchers, Scooters, Diamond Pendants etc in his area of operation for a considerable period of time and rest is history. India is a Global superpower and it is estimated that by 2040 India will be the number one Economic Power of the world.

Sumant claims that almost a similar technique of invention was used by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and holder of 1093 patents.  

At Bliss GenX, we provide an innovative and effective Education Platform where members are guided to master the concept of Wellness and Health Education. They will be certified as practitioners, instructors, and master instructors in Wellness Education for Global Health after completing various levels of masterclasses and online assessments. These instructors will be able to upload their own masterclasses to the Bliss GenX platform as well as participate in live sessions via the app. The Bliss GenX platform aims to raise people's consciousness worldwide toward a more mindful and aware life by boosting the immune system, which kickstarts the body's self-healing process and maximises brain power.

According to him, by 2030, the platform will be self-sufficient in providing direct and indirect employment for at least 20 million people worldwide in the wellness and education industries, with 80 percent of them being women.

The platform is based on the world's most ancient and powerful technique, the Science of Consciousness and Samadhi Meditation, which lowers the frequency of the brain to achieve profound and immediate results. This actually improves brain cognition and is based on neuroscience, quantum physics, cell biology, genetics, as well as ancient meditation practices and knowledge of the Law of Karma and Consciousness.

Sumant Kant Kaul has been teaching these techniques for decades in India, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, Hungary, and the Philippines, and has inspired many others to become master instructors of these techniques.

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