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Pixalive: India’s Homegrown Application

The presence of Chinese apps in the Indian market was a heavy competition for the Indian apps to grow due to big spending on marketing by Chinese app developers

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Pixalive is an Indian made social media app, the single interface app claims to be more rewarding and covers most of the features from following 14 popular apps, namely, TikTok, Helo, Likee, VMate, Vigo Video, VivaVideo, Mi Video, Mi Video Call, New Video Status, UVideo, VFly, We Chat, Kwai, Meitu.

The app also provides an extra layer of security like users are allowed to keep their content private or public. There has been a raging concern for data and privacy of 130 crore Indians, since the app is made in India, users’ data is safe within the country.

In an Interview with BW Businessworld Founder and CEO of Pixalive Mr. Rajasekar Sundaresan talked about the uniquness, security features and the journey of homegrown fun application.

1. Do you think that the ban on Chinese Short-Video making applications will help Indian applications to grow? 

Definitely, this could be a game changer for Indian social media app developers. Over the past few years, India has emerged as a leading innovator when it comes to technological advancement and to my view this is an opportunity for Indian tech startups to deliver the best and expand their reach in the Indian as well as global market.

India itself is a huge market for social media apps, nearly 40% of Indian internet users are active social media users. On one hand there are people who use it for entertainment and to stay connected with their friends and family, the other set comprises of people who use it to promote their talent and business.

The presence of Chinese apps in the Indian market was a heavy competition for the Indian apps to grow due to big spending on marketing by Chinese app developers. The ban on Chinese apps has created plenty of space in the social media market, paving the way for Indian apps growth. We already have apps which work as good as the Chinese apps. Now, those apps will get recognition and many new apps would be seen coming out as a substitute to the banned apps.

2. What makes Pixalive a different platform than other existing ones?  

Pixalive is a vibrant and first of its kind app that offers multiple features on a single platform. The app not only covers all the popular features that people look for today, like sharing posts, photos, videos, texts and voice notes for which a user would have to download multiple apps but also offers several additional interesting features which makes Pixalive stand out from competitors. The app comes with Media Rich Voice and Video Calling along with Chat that supports a maximum of 17 participants in a single room and group chat allows a maximum of 100 users. 

People can save a lot of time and smartphone memory when using Pixalive as they are dependent on various applications different needs, For instance, they use TikTok and Dubsmash for videos, Instagram for photos and so on, and all this can be done with Pixalive. The app also provides an extra layer of security and boasts of customized features like the ‘nearby’ option which restricts a user from sharing data on a specific geographical range and keeping the content private or public.

3. As Indian users are becoming more aware of privacy concerns nowadays, is there any safety feature in the app?

In both, Pixalive and Pixmash, there is an option of choosing between Private and Public profiles according to the user's preferences. The app is secured with SSL encryptions in Chat. Report, Block, and Delete options are available to safeguard the users safety and security. Our team also respond to users’ feedback immediately.

Our apps data remains within India. As of now, we have the data stored in the AWS. In the near future, we are planning to build our data centers in different parts of India. We are working on a basic to high-level security for the users from our side.

4. Does the app use the Internet for all the calls or are the voice calls chargeable on normal existing plans of the consumer? 

The app runs with an active internet, and the calls are not chargeable. The app consumes internet without any extra charges for using its features. 

5. Is there any notable growth on your platform after the ban on Chinese Apps?  

After the ban of Chinese apps, our app, Pixalive has received nearly one and a half lakhs new downloads. The content sharing and engagement on the app has increased. Pixmash was recently launched, and it will inevitably reach a minimum of 5 Million downloads. We are anticipating 10 Million downloads on both the platforms. Our team is making improvements in both the apps and new updates are introduced periodically.

6. What is the most interesting feature Pixalive has for their user?  

Apart from regular features, below are few Interesting features of Pixalive:  

  • The facility of including voice notes for each posts
  • Get access to the latest city-wise NEWS.  
  • Play unlimited cash awarding games.  
  • Trend of the week.
  • Weekly Contests.
  • Challenges.  
  • Business channel Creation & Categories.

Regular features

  • Create and view posts that can contain user-generated content in Videos, Photos, Texts, and include voice notes for each category. 
  • 24 hours stories update. 
  • Stay connected with your friends and family through Chat.
  • Voice Calling.
  • Video Calling.
  • Get access to the latest city-wise NEWS. 
  • Play unlimited cash awarding games. 
  • Get on-trend and earn cash rewards in the weekly and monthly contests and challenges. 
  • Business Channel & Categories. 

7. Would you like to tell us about your competitors?  

  • Pixalive’s competitors are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Sharechat and Roposo.
  • Pixmash’s competitors include Moj, TikTok, Mx TakaTak, Chingari, Mitron and Trell.

8. Is it easy for users to access so many features on a single application?  

We have constructed the app in a user-friendly way, and users will be able to access all the features of the app very smoothly and effectively. Users can easily access the features they wish to use. One can easily choose between the options like sharing photo, video, text, voice note.

9. What next you are giving to Pixalive users?  

In Pixalive, the Channel features are still in level one. We are working on introducing a new look and feel to make it more appealing. In both, Pixalive and Pixmash, we are improving the UI and UX.

10. How can any user make money on Pixalive? What are these contests and are there any registration charges for that? 

Pixalive offers WEEKLY CONTESTS and CHALLENGES. Pixalive users are free to participate in these contests by selecting “Weekly Contest” or “Challenges” option while creating posts. There is no registration charges associated with it. Just by creating your unique and exciting content, you can win the contests and earn money. The content that has the highest number of views, stars, comments, and shares is considered as the trending content. 

Top 3 trending content wins the title. 

Weekly Contest: The winner for the week is declared once the countdown hits zero and the concept for the next week is announced. 

Challenges: The challenges are announced once in 15 days and the winners are declared as per the trending content policy. 

Prize for each Contest and Challenges: 

First Prize: $25

Second Prize: $ 15

Third Prize: $ 10

11. What was the idea Behind Pixalive? When we already have so many apps? 

Yes, there are many social media apps available, but I felt that there was no Indian app which offered a complete social media experience to the people. People are always ready to try out new things and this led me to design Pixalive. I feel that the internet has the power to take you to the most unexplored places in the world; an app which I made for India has users spread across the world, today.

12. How was your journey so far? 

I belong to a middle class family, my father is a farmer. I quit my job to chase my dreams and built Pixalive. The journey is good so far. We started as a small team and now we have 30 people working with us. Today, Pixalive has presence across 130 countries and a genuine user base of around 4,50,000. In August 2020, we launched Pixmash, an Indian short-form video platform and currently we are working on new developments on both the platforms.