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Hire Right And Nurture Talent: U2opia Mobile

It is people that make an organisation successful and profitable. A well skilled, satisfied, sincere and loyal human capital is the key factor behind the rise and fall of any organisation

Photo Credit : Himanshu Kumar


U2opia Mobile is a Singapore-India based mobile technology company. The company has a diversified portfolio of consumer and enterprise products and offerings across Telcom, Digital Marketing, Gaming, Fantasy Sport, Dating and Media. U2opia Mobile was founded by Sumesh Menon and Ankit Nautiyal in 2010. It is managed by an experienced team with a deep understanding of consumer, internet and mobile ecosystems. U2opia Mobile is backed by global investment conglomerate, the Comcraft group. 

On the importance of people and profits
This is pretty simple and clear. It is people that make an organisation successful and profitable. A well skilled, satisfied, sincere and loyal human capital is the key factor behind the rise and fall of any organisation. At U2opia, we invest heavily in people and purpose. We understand  that one without the other will get us nowhere. If we nurture great talent with a sense of purpose, you are much closer to success.

On what makes u2opia a great place to wor
We place a premium on transparency and objectivity at the workplace. It is a difficult philosophy to follow as the natural tendency is to manage information flow in the greater interest of employee morale. At U2opia, we tell it like it is, and most of our employees appreciate that. To this mix, we add in the thrill of the hustle, freedom to experiment, out-of-the-box ideas, flexibility and work-life balance.

On the company’s evolution
 The evolution is a gradual process and needs transformation with sustainable growth both ways – organic and inorganic. Across the organisation, we plan ahead for the company we want to be in a few years. This applies to the people function also. Our focus over the next few years will be on nurturing our young leaders and creating bespoke learning and development programmes.

On people philosophy
Hire Right. While nurturing our existing talent is of prime importance to us our team is increasingly aware of the hire right at the start is also key. In order to avoid erosion of culture over time, we look for mission oriented people with the right attitude and sufficient domain skills. We also have a robust reference check mechanism in play.  This will greatly reduce chances of mis-hires. Nurture the spirit of enterprise. Talent needs scope. Let them learn, unlearn, unleash and encourage them to be enhanced, innovative for faster and better outcomes. This eventually leads the organisation towards achievement of the mission and the vision.  

We encourage entrepreneurial zeal and the fiscal responsibility that comes with it. Stay objective. We scale in a very dynamic environment. It is important to have continuous feedback loops and ongoing conversations. We emphasise that there is zero tolerance for politicking. Slackers are hauled up by their own crew. There are no mammoth annual reviews, just regular quarterly ones and more informal weekly ones. All employees have visibility on their team KPI and they know they are eventually evaluated on a shared mission/goal.

On the company’s road map
We are and we want to be known for our core values. They are speed, transparency, responsiveness, persuasion and passion. Our peers should recognise us for our high quality teams, which  are fiercely loyal to their purpose. We are not in trade, we are in technology. It is a rapidly evolving eco-system and we are invested across different domains from consumer apps to telecom and digital marketing services. Our aspirations have always been to be able to build great products backed by great teams that scale globally.