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Benefits Of Using ECG Monitoring During Physical Exertion

An ECG wearable monitor can provide several benefits apart from just tracking the heart’s performance

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Cardiovascular diseases have significantly burdened Indians. Indians constitute 20% of global deaths from heart diseases. Indians are 3 to 20 times more likely to develop heart diseases as compared to other ethnicities. According to the World Health Organization, 62% of deaths in India could be caused due to non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke.  Heart attacks are increasing even among those who fall in the 30 to 40 year old age bracket. 

Therefore it is natural for middle aged individuals who haven’t been exercising regularly to be apprehensive while engaging in physically strenuous activities.  This apprehension intensifies among family members of individuals who have recently suffered heart related ailments as any form of physical over exertion might be a cause of a heart attack. 

However, thanks to the advent of wearable ECG monitors, one can keep track of his heart’s performance while indulging in physically demanding activities. An ECG wearable monitor can provide several benefits apart from just tracking the heart’s performance.

Track performance

According to The American Heart Association, there is a rough estimate to calculate one’s target heart rate and can subtract their age from 220. Therefore, a 50 year old person will have an average maximum heart rate of 170. The target heart rate should be anywhere between 50% and 85% of a person’s average maximum heart rate. Using the wearable ECG monitor, one can set goals towards increasing  progress to achieve the target heart rate. This comes in handy when one is either recovering from an injury or hasn’t worked out for long. ECG monitoring wearables track the beats per minute and offer data about the intensity of one’s workout.

Regular feedback

The ECG monitoring wearables can also offer vital insights about physical health and fitness levels. One’s training history data is crunched and analyzed to evaluate the level of exertion which one has undertaken. Novices can depend on the wearable to intimate them about whether they are going over exerting or just slacking off.

Provide early warning

Atrial fibrillation or AFib is the most common type of heart arrhythmia or colloquially known as irregular heartbeats. An ECG monitoring device is likely to send alerts or alarms to the appropriate recipients if the wearer is facing a heart anomaly. This enables the medical team to be prepared even before the wearer is admitted into the hospital. When it comes to hospitalization, every second saved is crucial for the patient.

Timely medical intervention

If the data reported by the wearable device highlights any anomaly, the same can be detected in time. For instance, with marathons becoming popular in India, several individuals are taking long-distance running. While practicing or while running in the marathon, they tend to push themselves harder. This could result in coronary blockages getting dislodged and rhythm anomalies getting aggravated. Doctors can be alerted about these as and when they happen thanks to the ECG monitoring wearable. The runner can be intimated about the same and can immediately visit the hospital to receive appropriate treatment. 

Peace of mind  

For wearers with a history of heart ailments, this device offers substantial peace of mind as they know that they don’t need to be in the dark about how their heart is reacting to physical exertion. The family of the wearer would appreciate this device a lot more than the wearer himself as they would receive all the relevant data points about the wearer’s heart condition.

ECG monitoring wearables have empowered individuals who are either suffering or at the risk of suffering from heart ailments to be physically adroit without worrying about any unexpected repercussions. As more and more Indians invest in fitness, one would also witness soaring popularity of these nifty and life changing device. 

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Dr Roheit Rakhunde

The author is Cardiologist, The Heal Institute

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