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3 Must-Go New Destinations in the New Normal

New destinations, new challenges, new promises. Presenting an allegory of the new normal.

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While world travel limps back, there're 3 destinations that the world-of-work today considers hot spots. Remoteville, Automatia and Newsafeland have emerged as 2020's hottest destinations. And just as much as the world's biggest party "Tomorrowland" went virtual, these destinations were also accessed virtually. These top the list of the real “Lonely Planet” that the pandemic forced upon us. Let's do a fly-by of how the world got to these destinations, encountering both distress and delight, and how the exploration is still on. New destinations, new challenges, new promises. Presenting an allegory of the new normal.

We've heard that from Satya Nadella himself, of how in merely 2 months the world did what would've otherwise taken 2 years. Home as the new office has had gigantic ramifications on how the “Future Of Work” got express-delivered to the present. From uncertainty to amuse, the world is savoring the experience of employees who feel "off-rope" in the new normal. To pace their time out-but to get their work done, on time.

As collaboration tools across Teams, Skype, Hangouts and Zoom procured control over collaborating lives, the world's pinching itself in absolute incredulity saying, "why didn't we insist on this before?". Like Lucien Alziari, CHRO of Prudential, early in the pandemic described how, during ordinary times, transitioning to a 97% remote workforce would have required "an 18-month project…[with] six risk committee meetings, the end of which would have concluded, 'We can't do that. It's too risky.'' Amid the pandemic,however, that goal was accomplished in 24 hours.
Remoteville was built on the foundation of Cloud infrastructure that debunked the old locational model. It conveyed the possibility of the virtual workplace, where people and ideas collaborated, creating value for themselves and the world it upheld. As the cloud agenda morphed and evolved at multiple levels across hybrid and multi-cloud the possibility of "omniscience" or "pervasive presence" turned out to be more like default than an extra. While distant ability tech like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has picked momentum unlike ever before, the "user as the center-of-the-universe" is tuning into the fundamental ask of the new order. User experience in all that we do has become priority #1, since in Remoteville, there aren't an excess of renewed oppurtunities for the floundering.Experience is everything!

The development from digital to virtual has impacted pretty much every facet of our lives. Healthcare is moving from telemedicine to virtual care, retail has transformed from transactions to experiences, virtual events have taken over live events, schools have transitioned into virtual classrooms, city blue prints have taken shape of digital twins and workplaces are now workspaces-consider the possibility of WFH turning out to be work-from-hometown, and even that indulgent new concept of "workations".


Since things became distant, the envelope to push automation additionally got a fillip. "Automate the automatable" becomes the new order and in the services business, it implied actually supplanting the role of remote-support in a "botised" model. Since the bullet has left the barrel, one never knows the things from the past it will overwhelm. Just while the workplace got settled with the idea of "anywhere-anything-anytime" work, building behind the scenes has been a movement towards automation that will render today's roles insignificant tomorrow. But, that's for some other day!

Of course, on the other side, for the Manufacturing world it's been a slingshot. The basic fact that industrial facilities were debilitated by a workforce unfit to hit the floor, made one wonder: "do we need a workforce by any means?"

All pursuing the agenda of "Business Perenniality" so unique from the "Business Continuity" thinking, that was by design, a reaction and reconciliation agenda after an interruption. In "Automatia", interruption isn't an alternative.

As the Industry 4.0 plan took center-stage the tech that that upheld it additionally jumped on overdrive. Whist the world was building itself for a new era of automation, it has suddenly leapfrogged to the autonomous era. There's a new autonomous world that is emerging in mobility, factories, warehouses, healthcare, laboratories, door deliveries, homes, policing and more.
Little wonder that the Internet of Things (IoT) is indeed the Internet of all things. IoBT (Internet of Battlefield Things), IoFT (Internet of Food Things), IoGT (Internet of Good Things), IoHT (Internet of Healthcare Things), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), IoNT (Internet of Nano Things) and IoUT (Internet of Underground Things) and there're more alphabets for the taking. On that equivalent, the "Internet of Vehicles" on associated vehicles, and the "Flying IoT" committed to the world of drones is another permutation set that will extend the pervasiveness of the "Internet of" syntax. What's more, each of these are first class tickets to the automated and autonomous world-Automatia.


As the world became more accessible, it additionally became more vulnerable. The surge in cyberthreats in the recent past has been far in excess of anything in the ongoing decade. Remoteville's natural attribute of an open-world also meant easy target for the vicious. The vampires of the web hovered over all that we did-dark, bright or grey. Newsafeland has a basic one-line mission statement: "from disaster recovery to disaster proofing" since the present catastrophe can be wrecking to the point that "recovery" isn't going to be easy.

As cloud, mobile and IoT steer a world in change, the related vulnerabilities possibly have the potential to hold at ransom all that we've gained through the transformation. As data breaches become common, the refrain: "You can't hold firewalls and intrusion detection systems accountable. You can only hold people accountable." is more real than ever. Newsafeland purports an era of hyper-aware users, who comprehend the crippling effects of security breaches and become community guardians in a sense. Through a system of heightened awareness to security breaches, Newsafeland holds a population of evolved netizens or should we say "digizens"-"digital citizens" since the new world is now entirely about all things "digital'.

Newsafeland's also on the great side of advancements towards a safe "digitosphere" (a befitting home for the "digizenry"). AI tech and cognitive security systems are assuming control over the mandate of security, ushering confidence for a world to do anything it wishes.

The pandemic exposed fissures on all that we thought safe, the 75% spike in daily digital crime according to a recent FBI report, is baptism by fire that the world needed-making Newsafeland's security management system profoundly evolved with an emphasis on being proactive and preemptive.

In the expressions of the celebrated Arthur C Clarke: "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." Thanks to the manner in which we pushed as a civilization, Remoteville, Automatia and Newsafeland are particularly within the realms of the conceivable. Welcome! Boarding gates are open!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Indusekhar V Chandrasekhar

The author is Vice President, Marketing at Microland driving the brand agenda of its digital transformation trajectory across stakeholders. Indu has over 2 decades of brand leadership experience across tech services, consulting and private equity managing a portfolio that included Media & Entertainment, Hospitality & Wellness, E-Commerce and Edtech.

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