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Latest Articles in magazine 04 may 2015

Analysis: Text Colour And Font Size

I was at a pub in Bangalore with some friends. At the next table was a group of younger men and women. The generation gap between two tables was evident not only by the colour of our hair but also the language being used.

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Analysis: Responsible Democracy

There are two broad themes that strike one: the freedom of using language in a way that is authentic and expressive, on the one hand, and the mindfulness towards those for whom the impact is strongly negative on the other.

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From Profane To Profound

Ashok Shukla had felt the silence almost tangibly after the eight women had left his office, last week. What a bouquet of emotions and thoughts, he mused. To Renee he had once said, “Choose your fights. Don’t go headlong into every situation and come out with a bloody nose. There is no need for that!” That was 12 years ago. But today as he heard the women, it struck him their world had changed significantly. They were battling and struggling with a lot in a harsh and crass world. Except he was not sure how many of those they needed to grapple with.

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Modi Lands In Trouble

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a worried man. He normally does not join issue on raging controversies of the day like the ‘Nirbhaya’ film or the litany of politically embarrassing comments emanating from his ministerial colleagues.

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Hospital Comes Home

When Krishnan Ganesh’s 84-year-old father-in-law fell ill, he was in a fix. In spite of his considerable wealth and all its attendant benefits, caring for his ailing father-in-law was proving to be a challenge. He had a chronic condition which required constant attention; a short stint in hospital would not work. Ganesh hired nursing attendants but they were irregular and often went missing for days. Therein came the realisation that lakhs of families across the country were going through a similar ordeal.

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