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Latest Articles in living digital

Living Digital: Reinventing The Smartphone

Imagine a world in which everyone looked like you. So when you woke up you met yourself at the breakfast table. At work everyone looked like you. Boring. Right?

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Living Digital: The Demonetisation Opportunity

Several villages still don’t have electricity, banks are miles away, people are illiterate etc. Would it then not be wiser to wait till everything was under control? Or should digitalisation be used as the way forward?

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India 2.0 — Reverse Migration

In a digital world geography is history. More work opportunities in smaller towns will lead to a new revolution of reverse migration

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Living Digital: Stress Relief At Fingertips

If you are on a budget or maybe want something simpler and cheaper yet powerful here are two apps that can help you

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Living Digital: Disruptive Innovation

Some of the best companies do everything right, including innovation, yet they lose market leadership to the newer ones. Disruption offers radical benefits

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Technology To Make The World Better

Packing that is made of cellulose or other materials that are plasticlike but actually made of plant matter so it’s biodegradable is the future of packing

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Living Digital: Auto Not Correct

With ordinary objects becoming connected and even social, the amount of input wanted from humans is going to go up exponentially

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Living Digital: Designed To Distract

Today’s app ecosystem is designed to interrupt and instead of fostering productivity, generates toxic stress

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