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Latest Articles in globalization

Inventagon, A Company That Works For The Future, Today

By creating smart, time-efficient, and effective biomedical machinery, Inventagon is playing a crucial role in easing and simplifying tough and time-consuming medical procedures and improving their quality.

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Forces Shaping The Future Of Global Food Safety

The global food safety industry will also see a shift away from traditional models to a more modernist set of digital disruptors

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Reimagining Globalization For A Post COVID 19 World

The world mourns that poorer nations, who do not avail the opportunities that global-commerce supplies, will not be spared lasting socio-economic repercussions of the disease import.

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Globalization Of Epidemics: COVID-19

It is likely that COVID-19 would severely affect the world economy with no exception to India.

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Will Globalization Die From Covid-19 Complications?

The biggest job to be done in the world ‘after coronavirus‘ is not to build walls or impede global integration but to make globalisation work for more people than ever before.

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Protectionism Doesn't Really Help Preserve Jobs: Raghuram Rajan

Rajan said, "In this competitive world, jobs gained by a country in the protected sector are often lost in other sectors that are now rendered uncompetitive because they pay higher prices for inputs."

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The Unexplored Humanitarian Sector Of Logistics

Whenever we talk about logistics, people always have this thought in their mind that logistics is for the commercial purposes, how it can help the mankind.

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Reskill, Survive, Thrive

Globalisation has obliterated distance, not just physically but also, most dangerously, mentally. It creates the illusion of intimacy when, in fact, the mental distances have changed little. It has concertinaed the world without engendering the necessary respect, recognition and tolerance that must accompany it — Martin Jacques

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