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Latest Articles in being healthy

Who Are You At Dinner With?

Use your leadership skills just like you use them at work, and watch your family get closer

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For A Healthy You, Weigh Yourself!

This is a sure shot way of losing weight. Eating dinner by 7.30 pm means that you will have a 13-hour fasting between dinner and breakfast. Intermittent fasting is known to decrease weight, reduce inflammation and the risk of heart related diseases

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Being Healthy: The Venus Way

This March, as the world celebrates the extended International Women’s Day as the Women’s month, incorporating all the above in a woman’s life, will make it the year of the woman

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Being Healthy: Allergy Alert!

Allergies are the body’s response to a seemingly harmless substance because the body’s immune system is not strong enough to ignore these

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You’re A Good Parent, Yes?

Being a good professional has its drawbacks. The more you rise, the greater your responsibilities. At the same time, your kids are growing up and your parents are growing old, so your all-round stress increases

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Being Healthy: The Therapeutic Lifestyle

A really long walk with music playing is the best therapy. If the weather doesn’t allow you, do it in your building/home. Time it. One hour

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How Much Water Is Enough?

As a thumb rule, as per WHO, 2 litres of water for a 60-kilo person is the required quantity. Most people I know don’t drink enough. But there are a few out there, who are putting their lives at risk by drinking too much

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Being Healthy: Combatting Ageing

The digestive system becomes sluggish, and nutrients from food do not get absorbed as efficiently as when we were younger.

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Health Goals Redefined

Map out the process to achieve this target: The online world is full of inspirational case studies on how people lost weight, reversed their diseases by just changing their lifestyles. Find out how they did it, and make notes.

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