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Latest Articles in abraham c mathews

WWW: The Hackers’ Haven

"Last year, Whatsapp changed its encryption algorithm several times and, every time, it was breached,” says Saket Modi, hacker, entrepreneur and CEO of Lucideus Technologies, which just created an app that monitors wayward activity on your smartphone. That’s geekspeak for: “Your WhatsApp chats, including deleted ones, would have been accessible to any hacker worth his salt”. And we are talking about a company that was valued at $19 billion at some point during the year. Only in November 2014 did WhatsApp finally embrace end-to-end encryption, which will ostensibly address the issue.

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Democracy’s Descendants

When the annals of the 21st century are written, how will it’s greatest flag-bearer, the Internet be remembered the best? Will it be as the bridge that brought people closer, irrespective of distance? Or will it be the service that saved countless man-hours, by bringing everything from shopping to banking home (and then wasted all of it by inventing social media and Angry Birds)? Will its legacy be remembered as the repository of information that anybody could tap into, any time? All of these, without a doubt. But more importantly, the Internet will, and should be remembered as the great leveller; everybody — rich, poor, employed, student — whoever you are, you have a voice, and the power to start a revolution.

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Leave The Net Alone

“The Internet is currently not broke, and the FCC is out to fix it,” began John Oliver, American talk-show host and comedian, introducing his show’s discussion on Net neutrality. America’s telecom regulator Federal Communications Council (FCC) had just proposed allowing Internet carriers to give preference on their network to websites in exchange for a fee.

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