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Latest Articles in notsoprofessional

I Have Been Successfully Running A Small Consultancy Business By Myself For The Past Year, But Am Now Looking To Hire My First Employee. What Is The Most Effective Way For Me To Do This?

I started my Consultancy business one year ago. Since then, I have been handling it as a one man army. Now, I feel the need of hiring some resources. How should I go about it?

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I Have Promoted A Few People In My Team Who Are Now Managing The Same People They Earlier Used To Work With. This Is Causing A Lot Of Friction. How Can I Address This?

I am a business head for a strategic business unit of my company and have around 120 people working in my set up. I have recently promoted few people into supervisor roles. They’re now managing people that they used to work alongside and that’s causing some friction in terms of their working relationships. What can I do to address this?

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After Moving To Chennai To Work As A Business Analyst, I Have Been Facing Problems At Work. Most People Communicate In Local Language In Office And I Fail To Connect. While My Work Doesn’t Suffer, My Social Life Has Suffered. What Should I Do?

I have been born and brought up in Delhi. Have worked there for the last 8 years. I am well versed with English and that helps me do my job well. But on a personal level, I feel out of place. I am not used to my colleagues treating me differently. I need to connect with them more. How do I do that?

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I Am A 50-Year-Old Software Professional. While I Lack Certain Skills To Rise Up Further In Corporate Ladder, I Am Good At What I Do. With Growing Age, I Feel Insecure About My Position. How Do I Make Myself More Relevant In Current Situation?

I work in a corporate world. I have risen up to the level of project manager and my career has been stagnant thereafter. But now with growing age, I feel out of place. I cannot afford to lose my job.

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A Colleague And Teammate Has Recently Revealed Himself As Gay After Abolishing Of Section 377. This Has Led To A Lot Of Gossip Among The Team And Is Often Resulting Into Uncomfortable Situation. It Ends Up Hurting Productivity. How Can I Control?

The person has declared himself as homosexual but doesn’t speak about it much, neither does he do anything unprofessional to make others uncomfortable. But it is the teammates who have taken up this issue as a joke and keeps discussing about it behind his back. How do I control the situation and bring the focus back into work and team spirit?

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I Was Good Friends With A Male Colleague But Very Recently He Started Interfering Too Much In My Personal Life. He Gets Possessive When I Talk To Other Male Colleagues And Sometimes Even Comments On My Social Media Activities. How Do I Stop Him?

He had been a good friend in the past. But only recently he has started behaving strangely where he wants to impose himself as more than a friend in my life. I tried talking to him but he refuses to understand. He keeps saying that he is concerned as a friend and says things as a well-wisher. But I am very uncomfortable. How do I make him understand?

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I Have Been A Team Leader For Three Years. I Had An Intern Under Me For Past One Year. I Trained Him And He Performed Really Well. Now, My Boss Promoted The Intern To A Position That Is Above My Current Position. What Should I Do?

My intern undoubtedly performed well and learned things very quickly. He had been my intern for the last few months. I am surprised to learn that he got a position above me. I am quite disturbed.

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My Boss Is Trying To Be My Friend. He Is A Good Person But I Don’t Feel Like Going Out With Him Or Sharing Personal Talks With Him. How Do I Handle The Situation Without Offending Him?

I don't like sharing my personal stuff with my boss. He asks me for a coffee every other day and shows interest in my family matters. I don't feel comfortable. What should I do?

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I Overheard My Name Being Discussed In A Closed Door Meeting Of The Seniors Where My Boss Questioned My Productivity. Though Nobody Officially Blamed Me Of Anything, The Incident Disturbed Me A lot. I Can’t Concentrate On My Work. What Should I Do?

The higher-ups in our company regularly have private meetings, which are usually very hush-hush behind closed doors. During a recent meeting of theirs, the door was left open and I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. I overheard my name and my boss questioning my productivity. I am quite disturbed.

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