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Fulfilling Your Dreams Demands Sacrifices, Does It?

“To achieve anything, one has to make sacrifices.” Sacrifice is a price that most dreamers pay to walk the path leading toward success. But is anyone willing to make sacrifices that count? In today’s time of uncertainty, most people are so fixated on their dreams that they are willing to sacrifice everything. But this is not a game of limbo that says, “how low can you go?” Sacrifices are a part of a dreamer’s everyday life. In hindsight, achieving dreams is the best thing for anyone, considering that it leaves one feeling fulfilled, happier, and wealthier. But going after those dreams is a struggle that requires determination, focus, and perseverance. The journey is indeed challenging and demands sacrifices. But not everything is worth sacrificing.

Sacrifice But Not Everything

When most people are asked about what they had to go through to achieve success, they will regret their decision. Although they received recognition and respect of the masses, but at what cost? Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, is a prime example. His journey to becoming a star soccer player was not a walk in the park. The Juventus star lost his father, Dinis Aveiro, to liver failure in 2005, when he was a rookie at Manchester United. Unfortunately, his father did not witness his son’s growth in the soccer arena. Several others are there who found that the sacrifices made to achieve stardom were too costly. Richard E. Shaw, an author, humanitarian, and educator, writes in his book, More Than Just a Game, about how a person can be blinded due to passion. The book talks about Dash, a young football player who wanted to reach the pro league. Unfortunately, he did not understand that other people were also connected to them. Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, Dash’s parents had to work extra jobs to provide him with a high-quality education. His dream of becoming a professional football player made him flunk his classes and lose the people who cared about him. Now, aside from facing obstacles that people usually face, his path to stardom was filled with thorns. Richard shares that Dash is stuck between his passion and the forces of nature, and he must choose. But how can he make the right decision? The first step is realizing his mistake.