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Upcoming Events

BW Education 40 Under 40

BW Education 40under40 is back for the second year. Bringing you the sharpest minds and their contribution in the education sector. 40under40 is the search for the latest innovations and ideas that can transform the lives of students, educators, and the industry. Taking a look at ideas from people from a range of industries and backgrounds who are influencing education.


CFO & Finance Strategy Summit and Awards

In a dynamic environment ladled with constant challenges, the right strategies and planning by CFOs and Financial strategists can make the difference between a crisis and an opportunity. Efficacious financial strategies are the backbone of any corporate structure and with trade models getting multidimensional, the roles of the CFOs all the other financial strategists are getting diverse. From keeping the books right to running finance operations effectively and efficiently, they now have to also work as strategists, shaping business decisions and regulations with a decisive outlook. They act as catalysts, instilling a financial approach and mindset throughout the organization, encouraging the business to flourish.


Recycling For Greener Tomorrow | Conclave & Awards 2021

We all are well aware that waste has become an environmental and social menace and we need to combat it from all sides and in as many ways possible. In order to effectively promote this concept and also to strengthen collaborations and networking in this domain, ‘BW Businessworld’ has joined hands with ‘Glasspower Recycling’, the domain specialists, to announce the 1st edition of their annual event ‘Recycling - For Greener Tomorrow, Conclave and Awards 2021’.


BW Legal World Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers and Legal Influencers for 2021

BW Legal World is looking for the brightest young lawyers, legal influencers, and changemakers who have left an indelible mark on the legal landscape of India in their young career spans. BW Legal World’s second edition of Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers and Legal Influencers will recognize and award through a strict jury led process the best legal talent under the age of 40 from the talent pool of General Counsel, Lawyers, Independent Practitioners, Legal Journalists, Educators, Writers, Authors LegalTech Innovators and more.


Young Entrepreneur Summit & Awards 2021

BW Businessworld is hosting its 6th Annual Young Entrepreneur's Summit, an interactive and insightful platform endeavouring to generate interesting debates on issues related to Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The summit will be followed by Young Entrepreneur Awards, an annual event conceptualized by BW Businessworld to recognize India's Hottest Young Entrepreneurs 2021, where start-ups who transformed the Indian ecosystem will be identified, acknowledged, and celebrated. Young Entrepreneur Awards is an annual event conceptualized by BW Businessworld to recognize India's Hottest Young Entrepreneurs 2021. Nominations can be categorized companies within 0-7 years of experience. Requirements for filing a nomination - upto INR25,00,000 capital and, 70% of revenue should be from domestic operations.


BW HR Tech | Summit & Award

BW HR Tech Summit & Awards brings together all facets of leadership in innovation, driven by HR Tech that contributes to sustainable economic development at scale. BW HR Tech Summit & Awards seeks to provide a platform for industry stakeholders to share a road map for unleashing the true potential of the Business. The discussions at the forum would focus on the ongoing changes including the evolution in the Workforce Industry, People Management, Digitization in Workforce, etc. with a view to understand the influence of these developments on business and explore the need for operations excellence; new strategies, and a pool of next gen leaders to sustain high growth in the present changing Working Environment.


Top 40 Under 40 in Humen Resources

BW People launches 40 Under 40 HR List - in association with BW Businessworld. It’s a hunt for 40 insightful and talented HR professionals who have the zeal to bring about a change in the industry. Celebrating the most distinguished gathering of Forward-Thinking Human Resource Professionals and Leaders. HR is now not only a support function but also extended its functions to all business verticals. HRs adapting technological disruption with with AI and ML and innovating new ways of executing & performance management. BW will reward top 40 stellar, exceptional and extraordinary HR professionals to join the BW People 40 under 40 List of 2020.


Celebrating Top 40 Under 40 in Wellbeing

In a post pandemic world, immune health will be all important. The approach to immune health will focus on immune boosting, with supplements, foods and therapies. The need of the hour is immuno-stabilization and immuno-balance. Self-care and mental well-being will take center stage, which will see therapies like yoga being adopted to balance the body, mind, and spirit. BW Wellbeing World is your one stop versatile platform for knowing about what is relevant in the field of wellness. It gives you the awareness and know-how about key wellness issues with articles by experts and our reporters plus videos which are published on the community site. With focus on Mind, Body, Soul, Personal Space & Work life – one can get specific answers & knowledge on a large number of wellness trends. With BW Wellbeing World 40 Under 40, we aim to celebrate the best 40 practitioners, under 40, revolutionizing the space of wellness focusing on Mind, Body, Soul, Personal Space & Work-Life Balance.


BW Legal World Top 30 Under 30 Lawyers and Legal Influencers

BW Legal World in association with BW Business World proudly announces the launch of the first edition of Top 30 Under 30 Lawyers and Legal Influencers. We are looking for the rising stars of the legal industry who are making waves in the legal ecosystem. We are looking for individuals who demonstrate a spark towards a golden future. We believe that recognizing and celebrating talent at a young age could be the best form of encouragement for the young trailblazers of the industry. BW Legal World’s 30 under 30 is going to be an annual initiative conceptualized to fuel excellence in the legal ecosystem by identifying the most amazing crop of young lawyers.


BW Social Impact | Summit and Awards 2021

BW Businessworld proudly presents the inaugural edition BW Social Impact Summit and Awards 2021, a social welfare initiative that was birthed to bring together the likes of Social Welfare professionals and organizations in the domain of Education, Healthcare, Environment, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens, Animal Rights, Children, Food & Nutrition, Human Rights, Gender Equality and more, all under one roof. The initiative will spotlight the creation of a knowledge base and offer updates on contemporary issues faced by social welfare professionals.


Past Events

Edutech Summit & Awards

BW Healthcare World 40 under 40

BW Golden Cart - 2021

BW HR Tech 100 - 2021

BW Future of Design Awards 2021

Flex Spaces Conclave & Awards Celebrating India's Best Flex Spaces

BW Businessworld TechTors Awards 2021

6th Edition of BW People HR Excellence Summit & Awards 2021

Recognizing top 40 under 40 in healthcare

Rewarding the Excellence of Edutech in India

BW Businessworld Women Entrepreneurs Summit and Awards 2021

Celebrating Top 40 Under 40 the Best in Wellness

BW Applause Awards and Conclave 2021

Future Cities Conclave 2021- Reimaging Urban Landscape with Global Vision

A BW Legal World Dialogue with Women Leaders in Law

BW People's L & D Excellence Summit & Awards


Festival Of FinTech Conclave Awards

Let’s Celebrate the General Counsels of India

BW Businessworld 40 Under 40 In Associations With BW Disrupt

BW Global Legal Summit and India Legal Leaders Awards 2020

India Business Literature Festival (IBLF)

Top Education Brands Awards 2020

BW Marketing Whitebook 2020

BW Businessworld Best CFO Awards 2020

Recycling For a Greener Tomorrow Conclave & Awards 2020

BW Top Education Brands 2020

BW People 40 Under 40 HR Awards 2020

BW People Presents Randstad Leadership Dialogues

BW Webinar on 'Career Opportunities With US CPA'

BW Legal World 40 Under 40

BW Education 40 under 40 in association with BW Businessworld


BW Young Entrepreneur Summit and Awards 2020

The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs)

BW Dialogue on Leadership

Covid-19.Celebiz-20. THE AFTERMATH


8th National Smart Cities Conclave

BW Businessworld Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2020

BW Education School Leaders Conclave

BW Applause Awards and Conclave 2020

BW Businessworld Techtors 2020

BW Global Legal Summit and India Legal Leaders Awards 2019

7th BW Businessworld National Smart Cities Conclave & Awards 2019

Future of Management Education Conclave 2019

BW Future of Design Awards 2019

BW Businessworld 40 Under 40

Second Edition Envision 2019

5th Higher Education Conference

Marketing Whitebook 2019

2nd Secure India Conclave

BW Healthcareworld Diagnostics Summit 2019

BW Hotelier Indian Hospitality Summit and Awards

Gandhi Mandela - Peace Initiative

BW Education Engineering Excellence Conclave 2019

Digital India Summit and Awards

11th edition of BW Magna Awards

BW Businessworld IBM Security Summit

RT / Unlocking the Power of Data(Cloudera)

RT / Unlocking the Power of Data(Cloudera)

RT / Unlocking the Power of Data(Cloudera)

Customer Experience(Sitecore)

Hospital Summit and Awards

Complete Healthcare

The Great India Debate

Young Entrepreneur Summit & Awards

Women Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards

BW Applause Awards and Conclave 2018

BW Education Leadership Summit


BW Wellbeing Summit

MICE Conclave and Awards

6th Smart Cities Conclave & Awards

Media and Media Education Summit

B-School Excellence Conclave

2nd BFSI Risk & Security Summit

FinTech Design Summit

Future of Design Awards

5th Healthcare Summit

BW Disrupt 40 Under 40


Smart Hotels Conclave & Expo 2018

Digital Innovation Summit

CSR Conclave

4th Higher Education Conference

2nd HR Talent Acquisition Summit

BW Dialogue with Shane Watson

Marketing Whitebook 2018

Military Modernisation

F&B Conclave 2018

2nd BFSI Datacenter & Cloud Summit

3rd Higher Education & HR Conference

India's Top Engineering Institutions

Smart & Safe Cities Conclave

2nd BFSI CXO Summit

BW Hotelier Hospitality Education & HR Summit

Digital India Summit 2018

Ayushman Bharat Healthcare Summit


BW Education School Leaders Conclave

India’s Top Digital Planners Season 3

BW Businessworld Smart Cities Conclave Patna 2018

The Great India Debate

The Growth Leadership Conclave and Awards 2018

BW People CEO Conclave 2018

BW Hotelier’s Third Indian Hospitality Summit and Awards

BFSI National Credit & Cooperatives Banking Summit

2nd Higher Education Conclave


SME Mumbai 2018

SME Chennai 2018

SME New Delhi 2018

Smart Cities Conclave – Ahmedabad

Diversity to Inclusion 2018 & Beyond

Magna Awards 2018

Corporate Snooker Tournament

MICE Conclave and Awards 2018

BW Businessworld BFSI Datacenter & Cloud Summit

4th Annual Young Entrepreneur's Summit

4th BW People HR Strategy Forum 2017

Smart Cities Conclave and Awards 2017

Cloudbazaar – Bringing the Cloud to You

Top Education Brands In India 2017

BW Businessworld BFSI Risk & Security Summit 2017

HR Excellence Awards 2017

Smart Cities Conclave Varanasi

exchange4media BW APPLAUSE Awards 2017

Fintech Summit 2017

Higher Education Conclave

BW Businessworld Digital India Summit - UP

BW Businessworld 4th Healthcare Summit & Awards

BW Businessworld Cooperative Conclave Maharashtra

HR Talent Acquisition Summit

BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook

BW Businessworld-YES BANK Life Sciences Forum 2017

CIO-I Award 2017


HR Conclave

6th AITMC Annual Global Summit 2017

BW Businessworld Digital India Summit 2017

BW Businessworld Future of Education Summit

Microsoft Future Decoded

India’s Top Digital Planners Season 2

Diversity to Inclusion 2017 & Beyond

BW Urban Infra Conclave 2017

BW Businessworld Smart Cities Conclave & Awards 2016

BW Businessworld & Speaking Minds Presents: Life Or Death In One Day! with Richard Mullender (Former Hostage Negotiator)

BW Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Summit & Awards 2016

BW Businessworld HR Excellence Awards 2016

YES BANK BW Businessworld Most Promising Future CFO

BW Businessworld Golden Cart Summit & Awards

BW Businessworld Mutual Fund India Summit 2016

CISO Strategy Summit

3rd India Education Summit

BW 3rd Healthcare Summit & Awards

YES BANK - BW Businessworld Best CFO Awards

BW Internet of Things Expo, 11th March 2016, The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon

SME India Conclave, 24th February 2016, The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon


BW CIO 3.0 Awards & Conclave

Power Summit

India Sports Congress