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World Music Day 2022: A Day Each One Of Us Celebrates

The theme for World Music Day is "Music at the Intersections." This year, passionate music lovers can celebrate by spreading the word and by becoming an active part of the concerts by simply listening to the music they love

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World Music Day is celebrated on 21 June across all the countries. Knowing the strong impact of music on our lives, the day is celebrated to cheer up the artists, performers, and musicians who have been contributing to the music industry and trying to entertain us.

You are gazing out the window with droplets of rain falling in front of you and you are tuning on to one of the best songs that you like and enjoying a cup of tea. Isn't it living in the moment? It's the time of the month, 21 June where you can wholeheartedly enjoy the music and the weather.

Every song that will come on the list will be consciously felt by you every single time. Like every year, the last of June brings all the rain and the gloomy overcast mornings, which are always accompanied by  melodies and songs. For many people, their morning starts only with listening to music, either on their mobile phones or on the radio.

David Cassidy wrote in his song, " I write the songs that make the whole world sing," and each one of us agrees with this part, as every time a person hears a song, he or she starts humming it.

When they say music has no language, it's true because most Indians today adore music in various languages, both nationally and internationally. It's just the beat of the music that makes one get up from their chair.

The Origin of World Music Day

Music has been with mankind since the ages. With time, it has taken different forms, but the essence of the music is constant. Originally, ‘Music Day’ was first celebrated in France, known as the "Fête de la Musique," meaning "Music Festival." It was started by the French Minister of Art and Culture, Jack Lange, and Maurice Fleuret, a French composer. Both of them noticed the fact that musical concerns did not represent a large youth crowd who were involved in playing instruments at that time. The plan was then taken ahead along with architect-scenographer Christian Dupavillon, who was responsible for gathering aspiring and professional musicians on the streets. Fleuret, who was a radio producer, music journalist, composer, and festival organiser, had a significant role in initiating Music Day. For the first time, the concert took place on 21 June, 1982, in Paris, along with the public gathering.

Later on, after the European Year of Music in 1985, other countries also started celebrating this annual concert. In 1997, a charter was signed in Budapest. The European Festival of Music was internationally celebrated as World Music Day.

Theme and Celebration 

The theme for World Music Day is "Music at the Intersections." This year, passionate music lovers can celebrate by spreading the word and by becoming an active part of the concerts by simply listening to the music they love.

More than 120 countries celebrate this day. Fete de la Musique concerts are held in France, India, Canada, the United States, Germany, China, Australia, and other countries.

In India, the top events that are taking place are:

  • Symphony Orchestra in Mumbai festival is held  at The National Centre for Performing Arts. The festival is celebrated from 17 June to 19 June where they bring a 36-piece orchestra for three shows.

  • A fest for all: Bangalore celebrates the music festival in a different manner and provides a stage for musicians to perform after the pandemic. The music festival begins on June 17 and continues for one week. 45 musicians perform these days.

  • Fete de la Musique : Hyderabad is organising this festival in 2022 and it will be held at different metro stations from 21 June to 26 June.

  • World Music Day Concert: The Government of Nagaland is organising a World music day concert on June 21. It is managed by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Guwahati Horizon and the Task Force for Music and Arts.

  • MG Music Awards: Music Guilds will be organising this event at the Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Performing Arts near Kohima, Nagaland.

  • Kolkata Music Concert : The City of Joy, this year, will pay tribute to the late Lata Mangeshkar, who is known as the nightingale of the country. Sourendro-Soumyojit, a pianist, vocalist, and musician duo, has been organising this event since 2010.

In reality, everyone has an individual taste, especially when it comes to music. People can always celebrate this day of beauty by enjoying different types and subgenres of music.

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