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Weekly Horoscope: From Jan 11 To 17, 2022

What does the January 11 to 17, period have in store for you? carrying forward the late Bejan Daruwala’s legacy, the authors offer clues to making the most of what life has to offer

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Ganesha says dear Aries natives, you are most likely to enter a new phase of your life this week. You will be given ample opportunities in the first half of the week but due to the negative transition of the moon, you are likely to make bad choices. On your professional front, the second half of the week will be very profitable for engineers and people dealing in the business of metallurgy. If you are owning a sole proprietorship business, you will benefit from the transition of Jupiter in your 11th house.   

Holidays and festivals this week will bring you closer to your romantic partner or spouse. Spending lots of time together will surely create a kind of new understanding between both of you, therefore, the situation is likely to improve on your romantic fronts. Your health will be adversely affected in the latter half of the week but there is nothing serious to worry about and hence you must take care of yourself.   


Dear Taurus natives, the second week of the year will bring you peace and tranquility as you will be relieved from all your domestic issues. The property you have been keeping an eye on will be available at a very good bargain in the second half of the week. On commercial fronts, you will be able to add a few more digits to your income level. The first half of the week would not be a fortunate time to deal in share markets and other digital currencies. If you are having a stable job right now, you will be asked to make certain amendments today.  

This week, your romantic fronts will be all well, your partner will be too busy to attend to your grievances but your mutual understanding will save you from conflicts. Your children are likely to suffer from injuries in the latter half of the week as suggested by the negative transition of Ketu. Your health will not suffer this week hence you do not need to worry at all.  


As you enter the second week of this entirely new year, you will have your hopes high and you will be able to see your goals clearly. This week you will get yourself into a new business or more probably will find the best suitable partner for your existing business. Your economic fronts or finances might suffer in the latter half of the week but you will be able to manage things well. You will not be able to spend much time with your loved ones this week.  

As far as your relationship is concerned, your partner will be very busy the entire week. Their professional obligation will leave no room for both of you to spend time together. Your health will be all well in the first half the half of the week while your second half of the week will bring you minor infections. 


This week, you will step out of your comfort zone and will explore multiple options for your career. If you are working in the banking sector, your walking style and your methods will need some alterations. The second half of the week is not a good time to take advice and trust other people’s opinions. For people involved in academics and appearing for various exams this week, you will do well than expected. 

On your romantic front, you will fail to make extraordinary plans for your loved one this week. Your emotions will not appear clear in the first half of the week, which will bother your romantic life. By the end of the week, the unsettled dust between your partner and you will be cleared with the help of a close friend. Your health will not need any attention this week. 


The position of Mars indicates that you will have some amazing money dealings this week as a result of your earlier endeavors. You will see significant improvements in your financial house in the first half of the week. This week, if you are going to invest in the stock exchange or treasuries, you are likely to earn significant and unanticipated returns. 

It has always been hard for you to deal with relationship issues but this week you will have to face a few of those. Your ideal views regarding relationships will be altered this week but, your partner and you will resolve everything nicely. If you are a patient of blood pressure or diabetes then you will have to be very careful this week. 


This week, you'll take risks and see what's in the carton for your corporate future. Don't be distracted by competing ideas; instead, make your personal commercial rulings. Follow your own workflow and adapt it to the needs of your job or project. The remaining will be handled off automatically. You must avoid investing a lot in the share market this week. 

Your partner and you will discuss family planning this week. As there is no negative impact of Rahu and Shani on your zodiac this week, it is a fortunate period to plan any religious event or anything good. Your health will remain stable throughout the week.  


This week, you will feel more active as good energies will surround you. You have been feeling diverted for a long period of time recently but, situations around you will help you get aligned this week. Not everyone you meet will be worth trusting and hence you must be a little careful well spilling your beans in front of all the people you meet. If you are in the field of medics or paramedics, you will have to be very vigilant during your working hours. Along with all the energy you divert towards the good things, you might feel a little bit exhausted by the end of the week. 

Rather than tying false hopes with your current relationship, you will act more practical when it comes to marriage and romance this week. Do not allow your children to get indulged in dangerous sports this week. Your fitness fronts will need a little turn of the head.  


This week you will hardly leave anything incomplete and unattended. Your consistent need of staying under the guidance of someone else will dissolve this week. You will act more independently and this will make you more accountable and pragmatic. On your professional front, you might not have much of the monetary gains but, the experience you get will speak for itself. As your 6th house will be blessed by the radiating Lord Sun, you are more likely to come in touch with people who might be the next step of your corporate ladder. 

With the support of your family and friends, you are likely to make a very good announcement regarding your personal life in the latter half of the week. Your relationship with your spouse will stay in the limelight the entire week. Your health will lay a little low this week.  


This week your hardcore efforts will surely pay off in the way better than you expected. You will get indulge in festivities and events on your professional and social fronts. Legal issues pertaining to fixed assets will see the light of improvement this week. It is surely a fortunate week to keep your eye on the money market and intraday transactions.  

Although the new relationship has faced peaks and drops lately, this week your bond will improve significantly. People trying to move forward from a toxic connection will be able to drop down the emotional baggage they have been carrying. This week, you might face issues related to throat infection and tonsils and hence, follow home remedies regularly.  


This week, the planets he knows zodiac will be aligned in such a manner that you will attain positive results of anything and everything you do. Although your professional fronts will be extremely strong, a minor financial crisis will affect you in the latter half of the week. If you are a student or you have just enrolled yourself in a new course or stream of education, you will be able to adapt to most of the things by the end of the week. 

This week you will hardly find time to think about new relationships and marriage. Newlyweds will take this week to adjust and get along while people will have been knowing each other for a long will take the relationship for granted. Venus will have a drastic impact on your relationship no matter how hard you try to drive a new romantic connection. You will sail in a pink pot of help this week and hence, you need not worry about your fitness at all. 


Dear Aquarius natives, although your year did not start with a Big Bang or events you anticipated, this week will bring you lots of positivity. In case you have been longing to get the outcomes of your past investment, this week will be very fruitful in that regard. If you are involved in the field of manufacturing or automobiles, your O.E.E will improve in the first half of the week. Old debts will bother you a little in the latter half of the week. 

Minor disagreement might affect your relationship this week as Venus will not be in a fortunate position throughout the week. Your health might get affected due to drastic changes in weather conditions therefore, be careful. 


Dear Pisces natives, this week you will be able to make new resolutions and proper plans regarding your career and professional life. Things you have been admiring about since long will finally find their way to you. Your nature will win the hearts of the people around you. If you are worried about monetary issues or some unresolved payments, the transition of Venus in your 4th house will certainly bring good solutions. If you have a regular job, the first half of the week will be very hectic as you will have to meet strict deadlines. 

Your romantic fronts will be well equipped this week. Your partner will give you good space and this will make your individuality flourish in many ways. If you are married, your spouse will make you feel a little more competitive and that will help you raise your bars on your professional fronts. Health will not be a matter of concern for the entire week and hence, keep cool and stay relaxed. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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