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Vision 2030: One Million Global Leaders

Professor M.S. Rao's initiative started to create ripple effects to make a positive change among some students

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"I shall pass this way but once. Therefore any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again." - William Penn

I have a lifetime goal to build one million students as global leaders. I share it with students and participants regularly during my teaching and training programs. I also share it in my articles, blogs and books. I am very passionate about this prestigious non-profit project. I am excited to share with you that this project was ranked as one of the Top 10 Finalists in the 'Not For Profit' category of Leadership 500 Excellence Awards, LEAD 2015 event in Dallas, USA where President Bill Clinton delivered his keynote address.

I have already trained 35,000 students so far, and I conduct classes, seminars, workshops and leadership training programs for students and corporates. Whenever the educational institutions request me to provide training programs, I honor their request and visit with excitement to share my passion, vision and knowledge. Apart from my active involvement in grooming one million students directly, I am currently building a core team of 50 die-hard followers through a five-bucket approach who will assist me to accomplish my goal. Here goes the break-up of the blueprint on my passion, vision, execution and transformation.

Passion: I am passionate about students. Hence, I have chosen the noble profession of teaching to make a difference in their lives.

Vision: My vision is to build one million students as global leaders. I am a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda. I have been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's principles of truth and non-violence. Also, by Swami Vivekananda who put India on the global map in the Chicago Conference with an emphasis on universal brotherhood and fraternity.

Execution: If you want to change the society, you need citizens who are highly committed and dedicated. Hence, I am looking for students with a positive, right and strong attitude to carry forward my passion and vision to build a better society to achieve the ultimate objective of global peace and prosperity.

Presently, I have built a team of a few students and corporate executives who share my passion and vision with others. They connected with me through teaching and training programs. I send them e-mails and connect with them on social media. Sometimes they phone me. I have been building this team over the last ten years, and am still doing it by interviewing prospective candidates.

Top 50 Hardcore Team: During my teaching and training programs, there are students and participants who follow my ideals and ideas, and seek my career guidance and counseling. I have tentatively created a blueprint consisting of '5 Levels of Leadership' to build global leaders as follows:

1. In the first level, I invite students who are interested in my passion and vision for discussion and counsel them. During the discussion, I look at various aspects including attitude, academic excellence, attitude of gratitude, persistence, team spirit, leadership abilities, continuous learning and above all, the heart to make a difference to society. I share with them my passion and vision to build one million students as global leaders. If I find that they are seriously interested in sharing and spreading my passion and vision with others on non-profit basis, I include their names in the dedication list of my upcoming leadership books. So far, I have included more than 300 students in five of my 30 leadership books. I have gifted these books to some of them with my own money. This dedication helps them as a reference during their employment interviews apart from remaining as a lifetime gift.

2. I assess their contribution and commitment towards my cause apart from their performance. If I find that they contribute to society through Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and non-profits, I promote them to the second level. Periodically, I have an interaction and discussion with them. If there is any need for my presence to inspire others who aspire to grow as global leaders, I attend and address the conferences/workshops/seminars free of cost. Those who are found lacking in commitment and dedication towards this cause, and found to be fake followers, will not get entry into the second level.

3. At the third level, I provide them free leadership training programs actively depending on our convenience. I monitor their performance. If these leaders maintain continuous enthusiasm to spread my vision and passion and share knowledge with others, I elevate them to the fourth level.

I check whether they are providing leadership training programs voluntarily on non-profit basis to others to groom global leaders. If I find them doing a great job, and based on their commitment, contribution and performance, I publish their interviews with photos in my authored book outlining their aspirations and expectations, principles and philosophies, and commitment and contribution to the society. In this way, they get gradually exposed globally.

At the fifth level, I take 50 best brains who contributed with a heart to serve society and introduce them into my international connections to enable them to grow as global leaders. At this level, all the 50 core team members must take a pledge to build 50 more core team members as global leaders during their lifetime on non-profit basis to bring a positive change to the society.

Transformation: Over a period of time, more leaders are groomed by me and my 'Top 50 Hardcore Team'. We work as a team to make a difference to the world. When a stone is thrown into water it takes time for the ripples to reach the shore. My initiative started to create ripple effects to make a positive change among some students. Once the ripples reach the shore, I can expect total transformation of youth for global good.

My role is to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time to enable them to grab the global opportunities. When a drop of rain falls into an ocean, it is without any significance. However, when the same drop of rain falls into a shell, it becomes a pearl. My task is to make sure that the drops of rain fall into the shells and become pearls. Hence, I would like to make sure that the students don't lose their significance by going into wrong paths and areas. I make sure that they enter into right paths, careers and areas at the right time of their age to grow as global leaders with universal brotherhood and fraternity.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Professor M.S. Rao

Professor M.S.Rao, Ph.D. is the Father of ‘Soft Leadership’ and Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He is an International Leadership Guru with 35 years of experience and the author of 30 books including the award-winning ‘21 Success Sutras for CEOs’

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