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Uniglo (GLO), Stacks (STX), Neo (NEO) And Fantom (FTM) Holders Anticipate A Major Price Increase By Late October

The G20, a group of the world’s major economies, will propose crypto regulations in October.

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The G20, a group of the world’s major economies, will propose crypto regulations in October. Regulations are often met with disapproval by the vast majority of the crypto community, but their long-term benefits outweigh the short-term teething pains. 

Multiple major crypto exchanges have failed this year, there was the epic collapse of Terra Luna, and multiple stablecoins depegged. This year has seen a slew of catastrophic events in the digital asset space. Regulation will help protect long-term investors by reducing the number of bad actors in the sphere and improving the overall quality of projects allowed to thrive. Another considerable benefit of regulation is increased innovation; with clearer guidelines, more companies will move into the sphere, and with less fraudulent activity, the entire ecosystem benefits.

Uniglo (GLO) 

Uniglo is an Ethereum-based social currency leveraging asset ownership to deliver an organically growing store of value. Asset ownership is essential for building wealth. It is why the ultra-wealthy have utilised this strategy for generations. Fiat money declines in value yearly with inflation, whereas assets grow in value. 

Uniglo features buy and sell taxes to accumulate a treasury fund. The treasury acquires various assets, including high-end tangible assets outside the ordinary investor’s budget. It houses them in the Uniglo

Vault, giving GLO a natural floor price, as the token is value backed. The Uniglo Vault will also accommodate digital assets, larger cap cryptos to benefit from long-term price appreciation, stablecoins to hedge against volatility, and higher-risk tokens for growth speculation. GLO is a diversified portfolio in a single token, offering an investment vehicle that will grow with time.

Stacks (STX) 

Stacks is a layer one protocol that brings DeFi (decentralised finance) to Bitcoin. This project leverages the security of the Bitcoin Network and brings new functionality to the most prominent digital asset in the sphere. Utilising its PoT (Proof of Transfer) consensus mechanism, Stacks builds DApps (decentralised applications) on top of Bitcoin, and users can lock their STX to receive BTC. 

STX trades at slightly below $0.50, and being attached to the greatest asset in the sphere guarantees its longevity and dramatic price action in the future. 

Neo (NEO) 

Neo is a layer one open-source blockchain built to provide a foundation for the future internet. The team has focused on making the blockchain a hub for developers making smart contract deployment simple, and Neo provides decentralised oracles that feed external data onto the blockchain. 

NEO is the native token and trades at $11.34. Offering a foundation for future development and decentralisation makes NEO an excellent choice for investors with a long-term horizon interested in the proliferation of blockchain technology. 

Fantom (FTM) 

Fantom holders are getting ready for an incredible couple of months. Fantom is one of the chains that has become a critical player in the realm of DeFi. As market sentiment reverses, a massive wave of capital will reenter the space as market participants look to earn with their digital assets. Lots of this capital will find itself in the Fantom ecosystem, one of the most robust and exciting in the space, and the uptick in demand for FTM will naturally cause it to soar in price.

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