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Unhygienic Conditions, Lack Of Proper Facilities Leading To Various Ailments Of Protesting Farmers

Women protesting at the Gazipur border talking to the media have mentioned about the horrific conditions of the temporary toilets that have been set up by the border authorities.

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The protesting farmers at Singhu border as well as in Gazipur border are facing problems due to immense unhygienic living conditions at the protest sites. Lack of sanitization, proper facilities to use toilets as well as garbage piling up on both sides of the road is causing unhealthy situations. Due to which the farmers at the protesting sites are developing various ailments, like various skin and fungal infections, gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, diarrhoea, etc.  

Women protesting at the Gazipur border talking to the media have mentioned about the horrific conditions of the temporary toilets that have been set up by the border authorities. They said that the toilets were not being cleaned regularly and hence, after a point they become unusable.  
Lack of proper sanitization is affecting the health of both men and women protesting at various sites against the new farm law passed by the government. However, it has imposed an extra burden, especially on the women, as they have to wake up early in the morning and walk kilometres just to use a clean toilet.  

Some of the women at the protesting sites, who themselves are farmers also said that they walk up to two kilometres from the protesting site to use clean toilets and take a bath. There have been serious concerns over the health and safety of the women as they are sometimes forced to defecate in the open, in the nearby agricultural field or empty land.

Farmers at the protesting sites are also not getting proper sleep, especially the women, as they are worried about their safety. The women at the protesting sites said that they are taking turns to sleep as they are under the flyover on the road, and anyone can enter the area. There are at least three women who are awake at night are at the lookout so that others can sleep in peace.  

Piling up garbage on both the sides of the road has become a common sight on the Singhu border. It is also creating an unhealthy and unhygienic situation for the farmers at the protesting site. Although the farmers themselves along with volunteers clean up the areas every morning and night, the problem continues as langars are organised throughout the day and disposable items continue to pile up at the side of the roads.  

The waste vehicle of Kundli municipality is also not collecting the garbage regularly from the protesting sites, hence, garbage continues to pile up at the sides of the roads, creating the unhealthy living situation.

The doctors from the medical camps being conducted by various NGOs have also reported similar issues. Most of the farmers who are protesting are having skin and fungal infections as a result of living in such an unhygienic environment. The unhygienic conditions are also resulting in different in gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting, constipation and hyperacidity to name a few. The lack of hygiene is also the reason why skin allergies and fungal infections are spreading among the protesting farmers.  

However, the doctors at the camp have assured that no one till now has shown any symptoms of the Corona Virus whatsoever. Although there is a huge risk of getting affected by the virus as there are mass gathering happening. People who have been diagnosed with fever and cough are the result of the seasonal change or the flu is what the doctors are saying, according to the TOI report.

There are almost 500 people visiting the medical camps every day on an average. The people are having various problems besides skin allergies and fungal infections which are rapidly spreading as many farmers have been gathering in one place. Also, besides the seasonal changes the change of place, food and weather is affecting their health.  

Many patients who are visiting the medical camps are diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. They visited as their regular medication got over. Many at the protesting sites are also complaining of body aches and pains, however, this is also happening because people are sleeping and sitting in uncomfortable positions.  

Lack of sanitation is also a problem in the Singhu border. Although the gas stations, local residents and the shop owners have opened their toilets for the protesters, still they are very few as compared to the huge crowd which has gathered at Singhu border.  

However, irrespective of such difficulties in such uncertain times, the farmers continue to protest against the new farm law that has been passed by the government. Every farmer protesting against the new farm law is at greater risk of getting infected by the coronavirus. However, the farmers when asked by the media said that they will continue to show resistance until their demands are fulfilled by the government.

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