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Top 10 Emerging Beauty And Lifestyle Brands In India

The range of products include creams, serums, essential oils, and accessories required for a complete skincare regime that is much needed in today’s advancing times.

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With new products and brands being created every day, finding the right product to suit your needs can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Today, the beauty industry is booming like never before leaving the audiences with a number of choices to choose from. As a result, to help you choose the best option available, here are the top beauty brands for all skin types giving you a youthful skin forever.

· Milagro Beauty

Milagro Beauty is a woman led venture that crafts skincare essentials for a pure & holistic skincare since 2018. It has grown tremendously in the market with its vegan, organic and cruelty free products to aid a healthy skincare regime and has experienced two- fold growth each year since its launch. ‘Our ethos aims at a skincare regime that nourishes, replenishes and revitalizes the skin to a healthy, glowing and flawless looking appearance everyday’ says the founder, Nikita Malhotra. The range of products include creams, serums, essential oils, and accessories required for a complete skincare regime that is much needed in today’s advancing times. All their essentials are uniquely crafted after rigorous research, testing and organic botanicals that are blended together for satisfying results.

· Mirakki

Hair is frequently seen as an individual’s crowning glory. Exposure to common stressors, on the other hand, has grown very widespread in recent years. Mirakki chose to go back to the roots of hair care to solve all of hair concerns. Their customers have access to an age-old hair-nourishing recipe. The founders have devoted their time to develop diverse hair care products, and the team has since worked tirelessly to develop unique natural products to cure specific hair issues. Their mission is to become a household name for churning out new recipes to treat the creative ability and commitment to deliver tangible outcomes, or what distinguishes Mirraki from other brands. They aspire to build on this work with new products today, and Mirraki stands out as a successful brand in the field of hair care, with a global market.

· Myoho- Pure by Priyanka

Myoho- Pure by Priyanka seeks to bring a blend of traditional Ayurvedic secrets and modern science. They want to mix the best of both worlds by infusing their products with basic, yet potentially powerful natural components. Their products are made with the utmost love, faith, and passion, and they provide greater efficacy and ease of use. Thinking about the infants they have launched a whole new range of baby products blended with Ayurvedic ingredients. Their team is constantly working and striving to assist you in achieving naturally bright skin and luscious hair. It is founded on the concept of “MYOHO,” which means “to revive”, and adheres to Buddhist practice. The products are precisely crafted, resurrecting age-old and ageless treatments and substances from our country’s rich cultural hoards, which work wonders for enhancing beauty most naturally and safely possible.

· Yeka

The three founders of Yeka, all of whom have a personal interest in the beauty industry, were inspired by traditional healing science. They intended to establish a brand that is 100 percent natural, handcrafted with pure, honest native ingredients, and effective and affordable to people from all walks of life. It is a brand that combines our Motherland’s pure, unexplored traditional herbs with modern technology.’ In the middle of the chemical cloud that surrounds us, it’s time to reconnect with nature’ says the founder, Nandhini Priya. Yeka, a firm believer in the value of nature’s bounty, has set out to discover the herbal magic that works wonders for your hair and skin. YEKA has come up with a pledge to provide the best Hair Growth Oil and Best Skin Oil.

· Qurez

‘Beauty stems from the inside & dwells in all types of skin or bodies’, says Prerna Karidhal, the founder of Qurez, a vegan skin and hair-care brand. Their mission is to shatter unrealistic beauty standards of our society. Qurez is often related to ‘CURES’ as that is what mother nature does to all our beauty woes! They believe beauty lies within ourselves and not in our skin tone or physical features. Qurez is also committed towards making sustainable choices for environment with their eco-friendly packaging that minimizes the use of plastic and promotes planting saplings. They are run by a leading woman only team adamant on redefining the meaning of beauty by empowering people to love their natural skin and solve their skin & hair issues with high performance products.

· Myra Veda Luxury Essentials

Myra Veda is a top premium clean beauty brand that is sustainable, organic, scientific, and devoid of 400+ hazardous chemicals and poisons that are commonly utilized in personal care products. Due to its superior-high-quality organic skincare, haircare, and mineral cosmetic products, this women empowered Indian firm is already making waves abroad. It’s one-of-a-kind since it mixes exotic traditionally used ingredients from many civilizations throughout the world with Ayurvedic botanicals. Myra Veda has the most exquisite gifting assortment for various occasions that is 100% pure, therapeutic, and cruelty-free. Despite the pandemic, Myra Veda has managed to grow substantially within a year of the launch purely through word of mouth. By the end of 2021, the brand will be available at Sephora Singapore as well as many marketplaces across the European Union and the UK.

· Farmstay India

Incepted 10 years ago, Farmstay is a Korean Skincare brand that made its entry into Indian market a year ago. The brand consists of a variety of products made from natural extracts to help make “skin healthy and outstanding” giving one’s skin a natural look. They have all skincare products under one roof from Aloe Vera gels to sheet masks to under-eye roll-ons and collagen-based haircare products. The cosmetic and skincare brand uses a varied range of natural ingredients like Green Tea Seed, Aloe vera, Hyaluronic acid, Peptide 9, Ceramide and Collagen extracts. With the motto of ‘Healthier Skin Day After Day’ the firm has reached international borders and is garnering love from many countries. Farmstay India focuses on keeping one’s skin healthy and stands out to enhance natural beauty with Korean ingredients.

· Kiaapure Touch

An online organic personal care brand KIAAPURE TOUCH creates handcrafted body care products in India utilizing natural ingredients and procedures free of hazardous chemicals and preservatives suitable for each body type. It was started a year ago and has created a remarkable presence in the market in a year. When the world was dealing with a global pandemic, two childhood friends, Kirti Ojha and Arushi Agrawal, the KI & AA of KIAAPURE TOUCH, realized the true power of nature, leading to formulations based on their ancestors’ age-old wisdom, as well as some modern research, and finally, a full personal care range enhanced with natural ingredients. Believing in, “HEALTHY EARTH, HEALTHY YOU!” the brand offers a varied range of personal care handmade products originated from natural ingredients.

· Daivik Moringa

Daivik means ‘gift of God’ and Moringa is a ‘Miracle Tree' offered to humanity by Nature. The idea behind Daivik Moringa was conceptualized by Devika Bajaj in 2019

and is centered on the concept of farm to table organic produce and raising awareness about the use of chemical-free and non-synthetic items in our daily life. Daivik Moringa offers premium quality Moringa products that elevate the quality of life by fortifying the body with Moringa which is a rich source of vitamins and a powerful antioxidant.The Power of the Superfood is presented to the consumers in the form of well packaged, easy to use Moringa powder, capsules, energy bites, infusion, Moringa seed oil, Aloe-moringa gel, face pack, soaps, night serum and Moringa shampoo.The brand has successfully ventured into E-commerce and intends to expand not only in India but also internationally.

· BohoHerbs

BohoHerbs is a luxury skincare brand with natural products curated with equal parts of love and passion. The ethos of their brand lies in holistic healing by applying the wisdom of Ayurveda to modern botanics. They began their E-commerce journey in 2020, but theirs is a seasoned team with more than two decades of experience as a home-grown brand. They firmly believe that nature has the power to heal and thus, have developed a skincare range to protect it from the perils of a modern lifestyle. Their products are made with handpicked organic and therapeutic ingredients. The brand strives to harness the power of traditional Ayurvedic herbs into scientifically proven formulations for healthy and radiant skin. They aim to help people indulge in healthy (sk) investments.

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