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Tips of Entrepreneurship For Different Walks Of Life

Experts share how they are helping young entrepreneurs and what factors are important for running a business successfully including team, talent, investment, passion and decision making etc

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At Women Economic Forum event, experts talked about the businesses and startup ecosystem. They shared how they are helping young entrepreneurs and what factors are important for running a business successfully including team, talent, investment, passion and decision making etc.

Anna Aberg (CEO at Anna Aberg Group, Sweden) said, “I teach small business owners like how to be successful, how to run a business successfully with a small investment, how to make good connection & how to make relationship with business persons because these factors are very necessary for any business growth.”

Vineet Siwal (Liaison, Secretary, Green Earth Patron Foundation, India) said, “I actually do charity and social work. My first venture was into home made cosmetics and that was a very successful business with the help of my friends. I started my second venture when I was 17 years old and that was also successful. When I started my own business, I was never feared of failure. I was just behind my dream and idea execution with a better planning. If you are doing a business don’t think how and why it will going be, just do it. Do not target monetary benefit initially. Also, choose your circle initially like to whom you are spending time. Your vision and mission should be very clear. Focus on quality, output and longer vision of your business. Don’t run behind investors, if your product is great, they will pitch you.”

Nicky Marshall (Author, Speaker and Mentor. Founder of Discover Your Bounce Limited, UK) said, “A business team should not be stressed, with my experience I have learnt that productivity can only be achieved if you are happy. The right kind of balance is important since it helps to you to see a clear vision and take your mission forward. When I started a business, I was stuck up with stress, you can be stressed about bigger and many things or small and petty things but when my business was just 3 months old, I had four kids to look after too, I was alone. I was battling stress at the same time. I had so much stress that I lost my lower body sensation. I worked to regain my health, my life. And realised that if I make a business decision, it should come from within, it should be a thoughtful and emotional decision. The team have to be happy enough, motivated to keep their passions alive and this will help your next generation be entrepreneurial as well.

Tina Sundstrup (Graphic designer, entrepreneur and change agent for sustainability, Denmark) said, “I am a change agent for sustainability. I help people form a consensus, and I can proudly say that women are the most pro-change agents I have ever met. They are open to change and don’t hesitate in embracing any new thing. Men, on the other hand, might ask, if I take a project to them, what would be its advantages but women’s brains move faster.They say yes! If they like the idea. Women really try to make the right choices in life, they listen to their hearts and therefore, I try to empower women in startups in as many ways as possible.

Stella Mally (Gender Expert, Lawyer and Social Entrepreneur, Spain) said, “I am a young woman, a professional, who would love to live a better day than the previous one. I see my neighbours making the earth a better place in their own way, and I want to do that too. He is a professional clown, but my recipe is a bit different. I have delved myself into the ideas of social entrepreneurship, involved myself into projects of empowering women. I am from Germany but I have learnt a lot from Spain, travelled the Mediterranean and motivated many young, educated women to come into the business. My goal is to do something for women's rights, bring them into a level playing field in the domain of startups, entrepreneurship and business.

Deepa Khanna (Entrepreneur, India) said, “We need to talk about business opportunities & startups. We have the generation which thinks fast, work fast and doing everything quickly. We need to identify proper product solution using big data, AI and using new technology. We have to build an economy which is better for every human being be it normal people or any businessman. She also talked about Women Entrepreneurs. She added women are multitaskers, risk takers, hard workers. Women have to know about their strengths, they can change the world with their mind and ability.”

Dheeraj Jain (Managing Partner at Redcliffe Capital, India) said, “ I have been travelling my younger years in Scandinavian countries, understanding the working population, the ideas of innovation and looking at their problems. I came back to Indian in 2013 and listed down the problems Indian can work upon. I created 32 portfolio companies and helped them incorporate their operations, once the models started working, investors formed an opinion and showed the interest to invest. My country India has all the resources and the potential to excel, as 64% working population, we are a nation of youngest millennials. We are standing on the brink of development and can create anything that the USA, or China has achieved. However, India’s set of problems are unique, and therefore I began handling a leverage buyout fund, which supported ideas that took birth for the first time in India. Like CoHo offers student accommodation which is a $13 billion industry in the UK. I am here to support new ideas, even if others reject you do not be dejected, this is my message.”

Johana Salgado (Outreach Partner, Zayed Future Energy Prize Tel) said, “Green & sustainable energy requirements are everywhere. Many of us use smartphones like we understand we need to protect our data, we as mothers protect our children, we need to protect our mother earth too, we are here to learn and spread awareness for them in India and partnering with the right kind of connections can help too.”

Charu Kumar ( Entrepreneur, film star, engineer) said, “I am an engineer, an actor and a traveller. I started my job with an Engineering college where I was Head of the Department. It was a tough work for a 23-year-old girl. I faced a lot of relationship problems but I learnt one thing “think everyone working with you, not working under you’ and that was my very first and biggest learning. The startup is not a rocket science. Follow your dream, give it a start. Don't worry what and how will happen, the opportunity will come.”

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