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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer nutrition and yoga expert, and author of four bestselling health books. She treats across 27 countries.

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This Summer, Just Do It

You have been putting off getting healthier, losing weight, and cleansing your gut. It’s so much easier to do this during the hot summer months. Read on to follow these simple tips and find your mind and body transform in just a few months.

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How many times do we stop and think: we need a better lifestyle, we need more nurturing and higher nutrition? Every day when you wake up tired, even after eight hours of sleep, I am sure in the rush of getting things done, it’s niggling you at the back of your mind. What I have listed below, works for everyone. Just follow the simple steps.

On waking up, just have 250 ML of water. Not more. Then, walk around and for five minutes stretch your back by putting your hands above your head and hold that position for 10 seconds. Rotate your ankles, wrists and shoulders. This will get your circulation going. After this, 1 cup green tea with half a teaspoon of organic honey. The organic honey will soothe your gut and help with bowel movements.

Keep breakfast light. A bowl of seasonal fruits: muskmelon, apple (available through the year, so nutrient-dense!), papaya (necessary for gut cleansing and liver health) and a sprinkle of a few berries/grapes or pomegranate. Combine with 10 pistachios, these are cooling so have them through the summer. Restrict quantities of fruits, it should be no more than a medium-sized bowl.

Hydrate. Every two hours, hydrate yourself with 250 ML water. In case you want to drink something cold, try this popsicle recipe. Chop cucumber and musk melon, and blend with a little bit of drinking water in a blender. Add more drinking water, mix well. Use this water to put in ice trays instead of regular water. When you drink water, add two cubes of these popsicles for cooling effect.

Keep lunch balanced. By 12.30 –1 PM, have a medium-sized lunch. Seasonal vegetables, a portion of salad with cucumber, carrots, onions, 5 tablespoons each of yoghurt and any lentil and 5 tablespoons of rice or 1 roti. This balance of the right proportions and combinations will help you stay full enough to give you energy and not overstuff and slow you down. After an hour of lunch, again have 250 ML water. Combine with another green tea with half a teaspoon of honey.

Plan the cravings in advance. By 4:30 PM, everybody is grubby. Stock up on simple murmura/makhanas in your office cabinet or if you are the team leader/business leader, make sure it is available for everyone in the pantry. Four tablespoons of this along with another cup of green tea is an ideal snack to kill the salty pangs at this time.

Eat early. Whether at work or home, dinner has to be by 7 PM. Hence, plan in advance. If you are working late, order from a food app. Get a combination of a small portion of steamed rice (eat only 4 tablespoons), a large portion of salad (leaves), dressing on the side (throw that away), and a portion of grilled/stirfry vegetables. If you are home, a portion of cut salad, or 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil on it, 4 tablespoons rice, and 5 tablespoons any vegetable of choice. Avoid yoghurt, lentils and pulses at night as they can get heavy. Dinner should be over by 7:45 PM latest.

Handle the night pangs. If working late, you will get hunger pangs, so pour a calming chamomile tea with half a teaspoon of honey, combine with five pistachios. This will assuage your hunger.

Follow the above for two months and watch your body transform into the one you always dreamt of. Email me on [email protected] about your journey, I would love to hear back from you. I am sure you are disciplined enough to follow the above simple steps and get into a better and lighter shape. 

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