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Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Pollution Mask

Here are the details that will provide you with some fundamental and useful points to consider when choosing an effective air pollution mask

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You are a step ahead since you have already taken the responsible and wise decision to invest in a good quality air pollution mask for yourself and perhaps even for your loved ones! You are aware and convinced of the harmful effects of air pollution; you may have experienced them directly or indirectly.  Air pollution masks are becoming a necessity.  It is a prudent cost effective way to protect oneself from hazardous diseases and the accompanying towering expenses of doctors and medication. The below details will provide you with some fundamental and useful points to consider when choosing an effective air pollution mask. 

* One of the most essential things to consider is the effectiveness of the mask i.e. masks with N95, N99, N100, P95 or P100 filters are highly effective in terms of filtering pollutant particles. The higher the number the more effective it is. It’s even better if the mask has carbon filters to absorb gases, chemicals, odours, bacteria and viruses.  Some masks have a micro-ventilator which eliminate the unpleasant build up of carbon dioxide and prevent the users from breathing in recycled air, Prana Air Motion Mask is one such motorized mask crafted with 30 parts that have anti microbial and anti allergy qualities.

If the user already has some kind of a respiratory problem it will be prudent to opt for an effective mask which filters contaminants to 99.9%.

* Given that there are so many masks these days in the markets certified masks speak volumes of their authenticity. Certifications like Personal Protective Equipment by CE and EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 R are required to ensure that the basic functions are included.  FFP2 is a standard for anti pollution masks that reduces the user’s exposure to air pollutants by a factor of 10.  The ‘R’ in the certification stands for reusable, thereby increasing the sustainability of the masks. The Vogmask is CE FFP2 R certified. 

* One of the most important factors in selecting a mask is its fitting. An ill fitted mask can result in the user inhaling unfiltered air which may enter from the loose ends of the mask.  An adjustable mask may be able to provide a good fit, which covers the nose, mouth and chin completely without leaving any gaps.

* Users need to make sure that the masks they buy are effective for at least four months. A reusable mask is a good choice keeping in line with the green concept. 

* To add breathability to the mask, users who engage in heavy physical activity need to make sure that the mask they are using has two exhale valves. This will ensure clean air and no excess moisture and fogging around the nose-bridge and eyes area. IdMasks are specially meant for strenuous activities. They are carefully engineered to meet the larger volumes of breathable filtered air required by the bodies when engaging in strenuous activities.

* A stylish mask may be a motivating factor of wearing it thereby protecting oneself. 

Using handkerchiefs or surgical masks cannot substitute for the N or P series masks that offer rigorous performance standards. The increased usage of these powerful masks is an excellent source in terms of raising awareness and shielding oneself from the rising pollution levels.

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