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The Girl On The Fast Lane

Racing became an integral part of Shana’s life and she participated as the official safety driver in the legendary K1000 rally in India, making her an official connection of the same.

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True happiness lies in freedom and living your life on your terms and the joy is unlimited when you are living unapologetically. This is the lifestyle that professional race driver and pilot Shana Parmeshwar swears to live by. She is a bold, free-spirited, hardworking, and fearless woman who is always up for a new adventure that life has to offer.

This strongly unconventional and dauntless spirit has been breaking taboos ever since with her career and work. She cannot be kept chained with any amount of societal norms.

Early Life and Schooling

Shana spent her formative years in Bangalore after which she moved to Malaysia to complete her schooling and college. She has shown interest in a variety of courses and has a plethora of degrees in subjects including human psychology, CBT counseling, human behavior, law, and linguistics. With a degree in interior designing, Shana has also done a course from Red Cross in New Zealand for a First Aid responders degree.

Multifarious Interests and Jobs

The philosophical woman lives by the Latin phrase, “Nulli Secundus”, which means “being second to none”. Perhaps, abiding by this is the reason that she wears multiple feathers in her hat, some of them including that of a professional race car driver, pilot, businesswoman, interior designer, entrepreneur, and track driving instructor. She has the same level of enthusiasm for each job and works with her full potential in each.

Even though Shana is currently settled in London as a property developer and interior designer, she still has her roots deep down in India as well. Before moving to London, she had a well-settled and successful import-export business which she set up in 2013. Everything 4WD was its name and included the trade of car accessories, 4x4 vehicles, etc to become the world’s largest 4WD accessory store in India which was eventually closed down in 2015 by Shana herself. She is currently busy with the building of India’s longest racetrack set to come in Andhra Pradesh.

Racing and Love for Cars

Shana’s interest in racing and her love for cars travels long back to her childhood itself when she was fascinated by fast and race cars. This love and interest were enhanced when she moved to Malaysia and got to visit a famous race track, thereafter she started participating in small events for fun and eventually got involved in racing.

Between 2005 to 2009, racing became an integral part of Shana’s life and she participated as the official safety driver in the legendary K1000 rally in India, making her an official connection of the same. Since then, Shana has been driving in the race circuits from Malaysia to Sweden to England in various race cars from brands like Volkswagen, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Along with driving these, she also has a collection of many valuable, expensive, and vintage cars including SUVs, Land Rovers, Porsche’s, etc. Lola (a done-up Porsche) and Tommi (a rare Mitsubishi Evo 6.5) remain to be her favorites as they have been an intrinsic part of her career and milestone moments.

With her participation in 2005 with the Sepang Circuit, Shana has continuously won awards and accolades in her caring career. Among the many accolades that she has won, the prominent ones are “Fastest Woman in a Production Car” at the Buddh Circuit 2019, “First Indian car to participate at the Modball rally in 2017. She also happens to hold the first position in one of the Mercedes winter challenges in Sweden.

Girl With Multiple Excellences

Along with racing Shana has managed to shine in many other fields as well. As a commercial pilot, she has had her hand behind the wheels of many tourist and commercial jetliners in New Zealand especially, as she learned to fly there. She is known to have completed a full-time career as a pilot in Botswana as well at one point of time in her life.

She has been the host of a TV show, appeared in commercials, and is the brand ambassador of one of the prominent auto manufacturers as well. Being a wildlife enthusiast and a desirous photographer, she has assisted with the National Geographic Project on wildlife Tusker in 2006 and has volunteered for a whale watch company in New Zealand in 2010. Amongst these, she is also a keen horse rider and DJ. She is also very fond of drumming.

Even with her ravishing achievement so far, she is far from satisfied and is still working and striving hard to accomplish more. She is a positive, resilient, and individualistic personality whose confidence stands unshaken. While choosing unconventional career options and traveling and adapting to many countries’ culture, Shana has managed to keep a multifaceted being. She has brought Anne Sweeny’s words “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you are proud to live!” to life.