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The Future Of Event Security In India

Event security measures cannot remain limited to just metropolitan cities, as they can be extended to all parts of India. It will be a game-changer for our nation, also a treat to the next generation. With this futuristic vision, we can make India a more refined place to organize events.

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In the wake of independent nations, where a girl can confidently walk on the streets of Connaught Place at midnight, and the youth can enjoy jamming on the tracks of U2; the least we expect is a safe environment for all. Effectual security services have become a necessity in India, whether it’s for an individual or a confluence of thousands of people; provided our country was as safe as Denmark or Iceland. In this contemporary world, we expect the same level of freedom without being limited to our geographical boundaries. Ergo, why shouldn’t we talk about making event security and crowd management system operational in India? 

As we all know, India is a multicultural and multilingual secular country. In such a diversified society, social events end up becoming a chaotic gathering rather than a congenial celebration. Public safety systems become a puppet in the hands of hardcore idolaters for instance; a worshiper chanting Deva Shree Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi cannot accept being thrown out of his pandal-hopping adventure. However, when it comes to the collapse of the security management system, how could we not step in? Especially, when the upcoming crowd safety services are capable of changing the dynamics of the nation with a strong unit of Crowd Management and Event Security professionals. 

Public security and crowd control is certainly not a temporary issue, but if given regulated power; these systems can bring a permanent solution on a global level. Security systems for the public of India are observed to be vulnerable as witnessed in the capital, often criticized all over the world. One has to take the responsibility to initiate modifications in the existing security systems. Reformation is an art performed by a few courageous individuals but celebrated by all the others. Whether it was Ambedkar or Raja Ram Mohan Roy, social reformists greatly changed the structure and methodology of India. Together, we can bring the change, too. 

The key is to tick the right note and therefore, awareness becomes the first step. Our mantra should be to touch the weakest chord and fix it, given that the welfare of society is our goal.

Crowd and Public Safety during big and small events in India is just a step away from gaining world recognition; provided if Crowd Management goes hi-tech. Bharat will no longer be criticized for its lousy mob management if we hand over the responsibility on reliable security systems. Providing a secure environment to the people in any or all shows can flip the social and economic culture of the country more positively. The inflow of grand-level events, accompanied by a large number of public will manifest itself. Further, escalating hefty participation. A revolution is on its way, and we are ready for it. 

Fostering avant-garde vision is to not just inspect the crowds that are circling in pilgrimage sites, but ‘also’ allow our audience to explore entertaining events while sitting without risk, at Eden Gardens. India can use its diversification to its favor and turn the tables for first-world countries with its unique crowd management techniques. If we are able to succeed in a religiously-invested plus highly populated country; then what we can do in other continents is out of the question. We should always remember that security should not be restricted to a personnel; it can be shared between a bunch of people coming together to attend the next IPL match.  

Professional training to the supervisors and security guards with background verification, half of the crowd control problems would wipe off immediately. Physically, mentally, and emotionally fit wardens are what this country needs during an event. When it comes to security and crowd management, there should be no margin for error! After gaining a good grip on the services of the security, I can confidently say that security systems are not generated to control your public freedom; the objective is to maximize the overall experience for all our guests.  

The next time you go for a tournament or an inauguration of the World Cup, there should be no scope left for a mishap. Security Event Management in India can come up with a strategized policy for the venue like:  

Building an effective communication strategy, to set the expectations of the crowd and create a hype of that very event; to warn the attendees about any unexpected changes or emergency situations. One of the solutions can be the formation of an events app; the access of which will be given only to the attendees, with the inclusion of ‘map of the venue’ for easy tracking and exit options, for alerts and updated push notifications during the event, to make any necessary announcement and ensure comfort. Another solution can be Video Screens and Audio Systems; limited usage of video screens to showcase constructive information like extraction points, washroom locations, and steps to evacuate calmly in case of an emergency. Audio systems like microphones can be used during the event. 

Using advanced technology to maintain discipline; to equip all event security stewards with hi-tech tools like nano drones. If regular drills and proper training by military officials is being given to the security officers before the event, it will augment their confidence; eventually, resulting in high performance during the toughest of situations.  

Sensor technology; the highly expensive techniques can largely be replaced by sensor technology. Analyzing mobile-enabled data and tracking the location strictly for security purposes can benefit the accuracy to monitor huge crowds from city centers to rural areas. Access and control; event organizers will be reassured by gaining access and control of the venue, to manage crowds effortlessly using fast automation tools. 

Crowd management with an unbiased security service can direct and monitor a set of people and ensure their safety. A smart security service would respect the privacy of the public, and also use advanced techniques for visitors and city residents to confide in. Event security measures cannot remain limited to just metropolitan cities, as they can be extended to all parts of India. It will be a game-changer for our nation, also a treat to the next generation. With this futuristic vision, we can make India a more refined place to organize events.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Harsh Wardhan

The author is the CEO of CSC-India (promoted by CSC-USA), a global leader in crowd management & event security. He has formerly served as CEO at G4S and Securitas India

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