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Technology With Purpose

Technology is the fuel that is powering all kinds of businesses today but its true impact is seen only when it is put to use for making a difference for the larger good

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What is the real role of technology? There are enough and more debates and discussions where this question has been tabled from different perspectives. Is it to make our work – at home or the office – easier? Is it to build more trust and transparency? It is to improve the quality of life? Is it to entertain us? Is it to replace us? The answers to all the above are always a yes, but it is never as simple as that. One answer, which must take more space, is that technology’s role is to make an impact for the larger good, to work with a purpose.

A week ago some of the cub journalists at BW Businessworld were understanding storytelling with social impact. True, some of us do not like the word ‘storytelling’ but journalism, after everything is said and done, is exactly that. The right narratives impact the reader, and hopefully, influence positive behaviour. This is a subject we must train and re-train ourselves on. The big question though is how do we create social impact? Some of us are still grappling with how human interest stories make sense to business readers. Is there really a place for this kind of journalism? There is, and we must learn it better.

If one reads the signs around them, whether it is the conversation about a sustainable India or about companies rooting their work philosophy in being purposedriven or the absolute urgency to pay attention to climate change, biodiversity, gender equality, education, food and other similar goals, it is clear that these are prime areas of importance, and will remain so. Everyone must change to become a part of the next normal. Journalism is the same, and technology too is no different.

Many examples of ‘technology for good’, defined as something that makes a difference for the larger good of human lives, have been seen over the years. Tech companies have made it a part of their mandate and in the process look for opportunities to either work with companies including startups that solve for social issues or embark on missions of their own where they make a difference. As India hits its 100 unicorn mark, it is evident that companies that are using tech to create positive benefits for the masses will lead the ranks of the business leaders of tomorrow.

The real power of technology will come into play only after this change is the mainstay and not the few sporadic examples in between that we see today. These examples are yet the sign that the change has begun, and everyone must catch up to it very soon.

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Magazine 4 June 2022 Nooring