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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer coach and a nutritional therapist. She works across 22 countries to treat patients for cancer, autoimmune and lifestyle related diseases.

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Summer Coolers

Don’t lose your cool this summer. Imbibe these enjoyable tips to stay calm.

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It’s already summertime, our eyes burn when we are out in the sun and our faces feel inflamed. This is also the time when the risk for stroke increases because inflammation in a blood vessels is high. Internal body agitation in inflammation are high and we need to take utmost care to cool ourselves down on a regular basis. Staying hydrated becomes top priority and headaches are common as brain cells start dehydrating and shrinking due to less water, leading to migraines and headaches. Reaching for sweeter or synthetic cool  drinks is not even an option because they raise our risk of obesity and cancer. So how do we make sure that we cool down in the summer months, which are going to continue till October, and still don’t get short tempered, cranky or unwell?
I’m listing down a few easy to do but delightful tricks that will keep you cool, hydrated and will still be enjoyable experiences.
Make popsicles and store. If you’re always looking for something cold to drink, you’ll love this. Take your favourite summer fruit, it could be mangoes in moderation (if you are not diabetic or overweight), melons, watermelon, and make a variety of popsicles. Take the fruit, make it into a pulp, add a dash of lime or rock salt if you like, put the mashed fruit into the ice tray and store it in your freezer. You can make five or six different kinds of treats and use them through the week for variety. You can also take small iceboxes and take these ice cubes with you to work and store them in your office freezer. Every time you feel dehydrated or parched, put a few ice cubes and add some cold water and sip on these delicious popsicles that will not only hydrate you but also fill your body with wonderful antioxidants to keep inflammation down.
Keep your ears and feet cool. Most of us get hot around the years and in the soles of our feet. When you feel the heat coming, whether it is the temperature outside or inside you (read anger), just go and splash some water on your ears and your feet. This will immediately start calming your internal and external body temperature down.
Go for aromatherapy. Surrounding ourselves with citrusy fragrances psychologically helps us stay calmer. There are many essential oils available in the market, you can get citronella, lemongrass or lemon and sprinkle it on your diffuser along with water. The water from the diffuser will keep your room moist and the fragrance from the citrusy oil will keep the atmosphere calmer in the room.This is perfect for meeting rooms, open offices and where people are interacting, as it also increases the flow of positive energy.

Eat more raw. In summer we need fruits and vegetables with higher water content. When we cook vegetables, we reduce their water content, as well as the content of water-soluble vitamins like B, C and zinc. These keep our immune systems strong and protect us from frequent coughs and colds. Hence, every meal should be with crunchy salad leaves, you can add a dash of lime, chopped onions and minced garlic, which have antibacterial and anti-viral qualities to protect you from the summer bugs and will also make your salad crunchy and zesty. Don’t forget to add extra virgin olive oil when you are tossing your salad as that will decrease inflammation in your blood vessels, hence reducing blood pressure and helping you stay calm.

Listen to meditation music. For those of you who rely on music apps, this is an easy one. Look for meditation music which has sounds like flowing water or falling rain, it works beautifully in helping us keep our environment cooler when we are very bothered with the heat. With this, your natural perspective towards the heat also becomes calmer.

From now till October, do the above and stay Mr Cool or Ms Cool around colleagues, loved ones and at a party. And watch your popularity grow!

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