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Showcasing 6 Women Leaders Extraordinaire

Celebrating Women’s day empowering women by sharing success stories of 6 women leaders Ex-traordinaire from various industries across the globe

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1. Madhulikka Taneja, life coach & Therapist
Madhulikka Taneja is a passionate life coach & Therapist to people who want to transform and upgrade their life. Her work is based and inspired by the transformation she brought  by healing and remodeling her own life. She believes that each one of us has the magic within which we can unfold only by tapping with. 

The foundation she has for her work is the belief that We are the creators of our life and our life revolves around our own unique energy signature. Every aspect of life whether health relationship or financial is a projection of our core energy. She has an integrated approach of wholistic healing and self growth.She works on all physical mental and spritual levels and practices various modalities to help people find the power back to achieve wholeness and  add true meaning to her client's life and to her work. She truely believes in the mantra AHAM BRAHMASMI where every human is a Brahma of his own life and guides,heals and empower  people from their core to transform their life to any level they desire as Brahma has not limit so a human is limitless. 

Madhulikka Taneja considers Universe as the biggest University and life itself as her Teacher. She is professionally trained Life Coach and Therapist and aspires to touch as many life's as she can. She personally hand holds and is committed  to her clients personally on their journey of Self Transformation .

2. Kritika Makker Kapoor, Director, SK-27 Lifestyle Wellness Club
Kritika Makker Kapoor, director at SK-27 Lifestyle Wellness Club, a franchise of the renowned actor Salman Khan, exquisitely administers two of its branches located in Vasant Vihar and Greater Kailash-1, Delhi. She has been instrumental in setting up the SK-27 franchise in Delhi in 2020, despite the lockdowns and other restrictions during the peak pandemic stage, that made it an arduous task. 

She has confronted the challenges head-on and made it her mission to take her franchise to unprecedented heights. Kritika, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, has been the driving force behind these distinctive & Lifestyle Wellness Clubs.  She has expertly managed to ensure that the interiors exude a sense of calm and contentment, allowing the patrons to find solace in the thought of unwinding and relieving stress through a workout. 

No detail has gone unnoticed by Kritika vigilant eye and meticulous care. Kritika, an alumna of the esteemed Delhi University, has long shown excellence in her academic pursuits. Now, she is determined to bring that same vivacity to her entrepreneurial journey with SK-27, a distinctive lifestyle wellness club that provides personalized experiences for each individual. With the aim of opening at least one new lifestyle wellness club each year, she hopes to help her patrons realize their health and fitness goals.

3. Shweta Nakra, nutritionist and a health coach
Shweta nakra is a delhi based nutritionist and a health coach. She is into this health industry since 2007.Her job aims at promoting better nutrition to people as she teach them the importance of food and how food works as a medicine and can cure any ailments if u take care of your diet seriously.

Her aim in life is to create healthy and fit india and for this her company runs various health and nutrition programs and seminars to provide nutrition and health information to the media and community  in general. Her mission in life is of creating various health clubs in various cities to spread maximum awareness about diet and how diet can cure any disease.  She inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing best care to every patient. 

She has been awarded as, Best dietitian and nutritionist in Delhi NCR.Her vision is of advancing the standards of profession of nutrition and dietetics through research, education and advocacy and contribute to the well-being and productivity of the nation. Her motto in life is : EAT RIGHT AND LIVE STRONG. EAT WELL AND BE WELL.EAT WELL AND LOOK WELL.EAT TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO EAT.

4. Preeti Chadha, Founder, Harnam Singh Bishan Singh Jewellers
Preeti Chadha is the owner of a well known enterprise,the pioneer of jewellery industry-Harnam Singh Bishan Singh Jewellers serving since 1933.The popular jewellery showroom is situated in Chandni Chowk,New Delhi.

Preeti began her Entrepreneurial journey in 2001.Women are equivalent to males when it comes to starting or running a profitable business and she proved her mettle after completing a course in jewellery designing.Her sons were aged three and five,when she unabashedly she balanced all responsibilities of a homemaker,a mother and an entrepreneur.With a lot of hardships and struggles she  overcame all the challenges and scripted her story of a successful entrepreneur.

Today,Harnam Singh Bishan Singh Jewellers is a trusted and popular jewellery showroom for its exquisite designer jewellery which symbolizes elegance.Their thriving online presence represents “timeless designs that will always be in trend.”

5. Sadaf Syed, Founder, Hands of Gold
Hands of Gold was started in 2015 by Sadaf Syed. The casual pursuit for a customisable paper mache product and its unavailability in the local market kindled her to initiate the entrepreneurial journey.   This endeavor is filling the vacuum ever since and is bringing the best of Kashmir to the world with bespoke offerings. 

She aims at leveraging the craftsmen’s skill in exchange for acclamation, acknowledgement, and true value to the Kashmiri art by acting as a touchpoint between the artisans in the otherwise long supply chain. Sadaf wishes to amplify the handicraft industry which is a major part of the Indian economy. She is also passionate to reintroduce the Kashmiri craftsmen’s art as a sustainable career option for the next generation, profitable to the stakeholders at all levels. Repositioning the handicraft sector by giving it the voice of its own is at the centre of her heart. Sadaf has a collaborative approach and is not competitive. 

Having a meticulous estimation of fine points holds the midpoint of the deep levels of her understanding of the organisational strengths. The entrepreneur strongly states that she is in the market to bring the best of Kashmir to the world and ultimately to bring applause to the key stakeholders of the art, made with love in Kashmir.

6. Sonalika Bansal, Co-founder, Dennison
Sonalika Bansal, co-founder of Dennison  has a keen eye for perception of market trends and understands the pulse of social media as well. Sonalika is a qualified MBA in Marketing and HR from ITM University (Gwalior) and also holds Professional certification in Kathak from Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior. Now, she inspires innovation and creativity within the brand. Her presence is one reason that has prompted Ashwini (the founder of Dennison) to venture into women’s apparel. 

Being in the fashion industry motivates us, such as a desire to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, to meet the increasing demand for sustainable products, to differentiate the company’s products from competitors, or to appeal to consumers who prioritise sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Dennison has positioned itself as a & Zoomers brand that actually works for everyone. 

As a pocket-friendly budget brand, it is accessible to the emerging fashion-conscious, power- dressing Indian professional. Dennison Vision wants to be known as the ‘most sustainable brand in India.’ This desire to prioritise sustainability is at the core of Dennison’s mission, as they aim to reduce the environmental impact of fashion while still appealing to the fashion- conscious Indian market. Through this unique approach, Dennison hopes to carve out a niche for itself in the industry while promoting eco-consciousness

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