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Scalability Is About Capacity, Capability

Bhavna Suresh, Co-founder & CEO of 10club that acquires, operates and scales ecommerce-first businesses, has been a serial entrepreneur. In a chat with BW Businessworld’s Pooja Malik, she talks about her company’s growth plans , her team, leadership, her journey as a woman entrepreneur and much more. Excerpts:

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How does it feel being the only female CEO in the Indian rollup space?

It feels good to be a changemaker in this rollup ecosystem as the only female CEO in India. In the last few years, I have been able to build several successful ventures. There have been occasions where I was the only woman in a corporate boardroom and these experiences that have taught me to become more assertive, and at times, my non-conforming stance has made people uneasy. I am comfortable with who I am and learnt to focus on my goals as a changemaker — and resistance to change is inevitable but drives you towards your mission further.

Although I still have a long way to go, I hope to inspire like-minded women in finding their passion and moving ahead without inhibitions. Ultimately, the capacity to build something is about the individual, not their gender.

How has been your journey as a woman entrepreneur? What is the whole mind behind 10 Club?

I have always chosen the path less taken and have opted to work on ventures that are uncommon.

My first entrepreneurial venture was an apparel rental service in India, where Indian women could rent luxury apparel and have it delivered to their homes in a matter of hours.

My second entrepreneurial stint was in the Philippines where I headed a real estate tech platform, successfully leading it to an exit. Post that Joel Ayala and I got to talking about the e-commerce potential in India and once we rounded up Deepak Nair, 10club was born.

Entrepreneurship is tough, more so for women. My journey has not been devoid of challenges but over time, I have learnt to take them in my stride and treat them as a stepping stone.

It is natural to women to take hard decisions and solve problems when needed. I have experienced this as an entrepreneur focusing on scaling 10Club in the Indian market.

Confident, strong and talented women in leadership positions need to form this ecosystem where they enable other women to rise through the ranks. I have also strived on ensuring inclusivity in the teams that I build.

What transitions are you expecting in the year 2022 in your space?

With over 1 billion potential customers, India is on the cusp of an e-commerce transformation. 10Club has built a strong seller aggregator platform with a solid leadership team that has extensive expertise in the e-commerce domain.

For our portfolio, we are focusing on Baby, Sport and Home and we believe we will be able to leverage multi-fold growth in these categories.