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Sanket Desarda’s Success Story: From Starting a Company With INR 3000 To Creating A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Sanket has worked with many leading brands such as Amazon, Tinder, Hostar, Reliance, Fox Star, Tata, MI, and One Plus

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It is rightly said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There is no greater truth than this, and no truer explanation for any success story. The same goes for businessman and entrepreneur, Sanket Desarda, whose belief and determination to achieve his dreams led him to proudly manifest them into reality.

As an MBA graduate in Finance, Sanket always wanted to do something big in the world, something that will leave his mark behind for everyone to know and remember. And choosing a basic 9 to 5 job was quite obviously not the way for him. Hailing from a Marwadi family, he was expected to settle down the “normal” way – get a job, earn enough, and be content. However, his parents pushed him to pursue his dreams regardless of what was to come.

It was back in 2014 when Sanket began his digital journey, whilst pursuing his MBA. With only Rs. 3000 to start with, all the odds were against him – slow internet, lack of sufficient knowledge about the industry, no acquaintances, no clear direction. The only thing that kept him going was the support of his parents and his eager belief that it will all work out one day.

Having grasped the majority of his input from YouTube, Sanket applied his knowledge in whatever way he could in order to reap results. Albeit slow, his tenacity kept him going. Even when he was approached with a hefty package as a result of his MBA placement, Sanket denied it, sensing a successful outbreak in the digital space. His friends taunted and laughed, criticizing him for his decisions. But Sanket was as determined as one could be. The following 8 months were a true test of his endurance, as he worked penniless 16 hours a day with only hope alighting his spirit.

Post these 8 months, when a particular post went viral on Facebook, Sanket earned his first payment that was Rs. 30,000. That was the first milestone in his journey and he was ecstatic to know that his hard work was beginning to pay off. From there, it was only an uphill journey reaping great benefits until today, where he has his own digital media company, Digihub Media Pvt. Ltd., many well-known social media pages like Scrawled Stories, Book of Teenager, Relationship Goals, etc., and a collective of 30 million followers across all pages and platforms.

Sanket has worked and collaborated online with many leading corporations such as Amazon, Tinder, Hostar, Reliance, Fox Star, Tata, MI, One Plus, etc. Each collaboration has a high success rate that further attracts the attention of other brands and companies, thus elevating brand value. Moreover, Sanket has been awarded by many colleges and universities, and to this day is invited to many seminars to speak and emphasize the digital age and social media power.  

The growth until this day has been entirely organic, with no interference of cheap advertisements or third-party acts. That’s what makes this success story an even awe-inspiring one. Everything achieved is the fruits of pure labor and faith.

Sanket Desarda believes in the ‘Work in silence, and let your success make the noise’ theory. For today, the same friends who once mocked him, seek his help in setting up their own digital businesses and applaud his work. From the beginning with Rs. 3000 to establish a multi-million dollar enterprise at peak age, Sanket has indeed proven that anything is possible and achievable if you truly, earnestly, and whole-heartedly go for it. Fight for your dreams, and your dreams will fight back for you.

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