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Que Sera Sera: Papa Don't Preach!

Why blame kids and preach to them when grown-ups do not practice what we preach and are responsible for the socio-economic breakdown.

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Hey Chetan, Leave the kids alone! All-in-all, you just another prick who is not on the ball! Bhagat is demeaning our youth with his glib-gyaan “Youth is busy in their phones, lost in cheap 4G-data packs, watching silly-videos, playing video-games, consuming-porn and maybe fighting with people on social-media all day. It’s all useless stuff,” Bhagat said and added youth needs to shut phones and rise. 

This is very rich coming from someone exposed by women during the #MeToo Movement. Chetan wasted hours using 4G-data, preying on younger women and speaking sleazy stuff with many on chats/social-media/emails. Of course, in a country where cows are more protected than our women, Chetan like many other sexual-predators got away with the pedatory crimes.

Like many young friends/students I am “Kinda-Sus” (the parlance of our youth leaders) about Chetan’s intent and hidden-agendas. Many students shared with me “Sounds like a Baby-Boomer scapegoating millennials because he cannot figure what’s wrong?”. Another said “Grown-ups are unimaginative, un-innovative & morally bankrupt. Why blame youth”. One more shared “Change has to start at an institutional level with the rich-powerful contributing to the economy rather than scamming wealth stolen from the public”

Chetan, our sons Zorawar (16-years) and Ransher (9-years) and their friends are very aware and conscious of what is happening in our world and understand their INDIVIDUAL-SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY-(ISR). Our 16-Year-old and many of his friends can engage in any MUN debate with Chetan (and politicians he idolises as fanboy) and teach them about salvaging the economy. Leave alone 16-year olds,  our 9-year-old and his friends will teach them about ISR.

Unfortunately, kids are also confused as they see grown-ups like you living with indifference and apathy. Chetan truth be told, kids are leading revolutions to make a change, while you and others of your ilk continue with your sleazy-ways, hypocrisy and double-speak!

For ignoramuses like Chetan, who think youth spends time on useless-things please NOTE. In 1992 a 12-year-old, Severn-Cullis-Suzuki (Youtube-Girl who silenced world for 5-minutes) silenced so-called world-leaders at the UN-Assembly in Brazil and said “If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it”. Severn continues to be a firebrand-eco-warrior, while world-leaders and grow-ups like Chetan only broke the world more. In 2018, a 16-year-old Greta-Thunberg and children from around the world led the PROTEST to PROTECT our CLIMATE. The grown-ups and world-leaders like Trump, Modi, Bolsanaro, Putin and other elected leaders felt threatened and denied any danger from climate change.  Many grown-ups wrote against children/youth on social-media-groups saying “You cannot clean your own room; you want to clean the world?”. I responded to many parents in lighter-vein “since grown-ups only cleaned homes, but did nothing to clean public spaces, the children and youth have risen to the challenge. So please leave the kids alone”

Ideas-For-Action: While children/youth were addressing climate-change-concerns, Chetan was writing mindless rags like Half-Girlfriend and columns praising Modi (who denied climate-change-concerns), even urging other political-parties to find themselves a “Modi” (Chetan was a huge Modi-Fanboy). Since he got no importance or ticket from the Modi-Regime, I feel he is trying to woo the Congress today, by asking youth to question Modi. Why blame kids and preach to them when grown-ups do not practice what we preach and are responsible for the socio-economic breakdown. We as a society have been unable to build a future for our youth, so we have TO RISE and build our youth to see, touch and change the future for the better. Tell us what are you doing Chetan? Our youth are bright & brilliant. Stop patronising them! You have to rise!

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Jerry is a management & OD consultant, celebrated inspirational orator, teacher, UN advisor, internationally certified leadership subject matter expert, trainer, Executive coach and an effective, innovative fundraiser and missionary entrepreneur

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