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Photo Industry Is Now Virus-Proof

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NashWall, developers of Virus-Proofer, has announced that the photo-studio industry have started to switch from anti-virus to The Virus-Proofer. They have been facing sluggish systems & crashes due to viruses that their customers bring on USB drives. Since, anti-viruses depend on signature updates; they can't detect new viruses that come via USB drives & memory cards of their clients.

Photo studio industry, which is burgeoning at a fast pace, thanks to camera's in mobiles loses customers when photos disappear from memory cards. Customers become hostile as lifetime memories are lost from USB Drives. It has been losing cash & credibility, in-spite of buying multiple anti-viruses and paying service engineers to format & reinstall software.

It also blocks running of apps from USB/LAN to prevent memory Infections. The multi-pronged protection along with a built in Firewall stops all kinds of rogue apps. Modification of existing application is also prevented to ensure a virus-proof system.

NashWall comes with live remote access support, at the click of a button, to troubleshoot systems remotely. Apart from being educated about virus-proofing concepts, the photo studios also save time & money spent earlier on service engineers.
Amazon Appstore Now Accepting HTML5 Web Apps
Amazon has launched web app support in the Mobile App Distribution Program. Now, developers can submit URLs for their HTML5 web apps and mobile websites and Amazon offer that content to customers in the same way as native apps.

Developers can submit and distribute mobile web content without using third party software or doing any native app development and they can take advantage of Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, which provides them the option to build sales of digital goods into their apps.  Customers can find great new web apps in the Amazon Appstore today, including Happy Tree Friends: Run & Bun from TreSensa, Dream Pet Link from Spil Games, and Video Game Reviews, News & Previews from IGN Entertainment.

Web developers and content publishers have historically faced numerous challenges when building, optimizing and distributing web apps for mobile devices. Previously, third party software was needed to convert mobile web content to native apps to participate in an appstore, and on-device debugging was a challenging and necessary prerequisite for achieving strong performance on a large variety of web runtimes.

Tata Motors Launches New ACE EX2 In Sri Lanka
Tata Motors has launched the new Tata ACE EX2, in Sri Lanka. The new Tata ACE EX2 is styled to thrill, with completely new exteriors & interiors. The new Tata ACE EX2 will compliment Tata Motors existing range of Tata ACE vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Built on the versatile ACE platform, the new Tata ACE EX2 is an epitome of toughness and performance, combined with style and enjoyable car like driving comfort. The vehicle is fitted with a 5 speed gearbox, a powerful 700 cc engine, 13” tyres and a new low-effort steering system, providing for unmatchable performance, in any driving condition and terrain. Big on value the new ACE EX2 is fuel efficient & low on maintenance. The ACE EX2 is fitted with a fuel efficient low maintenance engine, allowing easy serviceability. Big on safety, the vehicle body is made of high strength steel that meets frontal crash and roof crush criteria.
Ssangyong Launches New Korando C, Premium ULV
Ssangyong Motor part of the Mahindra Group, has unveiled the New Korando C. at the Seoul Marina in Yeouido. The company stated that the upgraded model will be available at its dealerships across Korea.

The New Korando C is a premium urban leisure vehicle (ULV). The powertrain has been optimised to improve efficiency by up to 8.4 per cent when driving in Eco mode, giving it a fuel economy of up to 12.8 km/ in 2-Wheel Drive (Automatic Transmission). The manual transmission model boasts the best fuel economy in its class of 17.2 km/ in 2-Wheel Drive, offering the driver both an exhilarating and economical driving experience.

Further, by enhancing NVH such as improvement of the engine mounting system and rigidity of the sub-frame, vibration and noise levels have been reduced by up to 10 per cent. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has also been introduced as a preventive safety measure.

An Ultramodern Automatic BP Monitor For Hospitals
With a vision of providing quality, user friendly and fine healthcare monitoring facilities, Omron Healthcare India is making inroads into hospitals and clinics with its hi-tech automatic BP monitoring devices such as HBP 9020. 

Shinya Tomoda, MD, Omron Healthcare India, said: “Omron HBP-9020 has been made to cater to the ever-growing need of hospitals to upgrade their monitoring facilities so that they are able to attend more number of patients without compromising on the quality and the manpower availability” he added.

Blood Pressure is monitored during hospital treatment because it is one of the quickest ways to determine the state of a patient’s health. As a sudden rise or drop in BP can be an indicator of a major illness, monitoring of the same can give doctors and nurses fastest indication that the patient is in trouble. Hence, its accuracy is of great importance.

With Japanese technology, OMRON HBP-9020 is proficient of detecting low and soft Korotkoff’s sound and can be used in a noisy environment.Other unique support functions include an audio voice guide that is aimed at making measurement easy for new users and the audio announcement of results. The device also has an option of a in-built printer that enables users to get a customizable printed report with image/ logo uploads function.

Coated with an antibacterial finishing and accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), the monitor is available at a price of Rs 1,55, 000.