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PLCU Coin: Blurring The Lines Between The Real And Virtual Economies

The idea of merging the real and virtual worlds is nothing new. People have been dreaming about this since the dawn of the digital age; however, only recently has technology advanced enough to allow us to turn some of these dreams into reality.

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The idea of merging the real and virtual worlds is nothing new. People have been dreaming about this since the dawn of the digital age; however, only recently has technology advanced enough to allow us to turn some of these dreams into reality. Today, the gaming, healthcare, and E-learning industries have already adopted mixed reality and seen their profits soar. But what if the crypto industry could develop a way to merge the digital economy with the real economy seamlessly? Imagine the possibilities when blockchain is combined with other developments. This is what crypto expert and founder of PLCU coin, Alex Reinhardt, thought before setting out to turn his vision into a reality.

A coin that stands apart

PLCU coin isn’t your average cryptocurrency. Where most coins are first and foremost digital assets that investors buy, sit on, and wait for their value to grow, PLCU is a mass-market cryptocurrency created for daily use by a community of users, and everything revolves around the coin. To facilitate this, PLCU offers a range of products, all designed to make the lives of the community easier. An ecosystem of products that all work in harmony with each other. So, whether it’s crypto trading, starting a business, shopping or even mundane tasks like paying utility bills, PLCU has developed a product to make this process simple, convenient and transparent in the real world.

PLC Card

This ever-growing ecosystem functions like its own micro-economy, where users can do almost everything they can in the real world. To connect with the real world, PLCU developed the PLC Card, which allows users to pay for products or services similar to a debit or credit card. However, this is a card with a difference. This innovative debit card has a special dashboard where users can choose between cryptocurrency or FIAT to make or receive payments. Thus, coin users can exchange cryptocurrencies for FIAT and vice versa in their personal cabinet, and enjoy low commissions. Cryptocurrencies offered are PLCU, LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, EOS and BAT. This card is a game-changer and opens up a world of opportunities for the PLCU community.


Strong economies are built on large, diverse communities, and PLCU is no different. It's the community that drives PLCU coin's value by using the coin for all the things they usually do in their everyday lives. The PLCU community is growing at an incredible rate and already boasts more than 1.4 million users across 120 countries. Within the next few years, the coin hopes to have reached one hundred million users and have an economy equivalent in size to some nations. PLCU is putting the community first and providing them with the tools and opportunity to make a profit; therefore, it's entirely possible that PLCU can reach this figure.

One of the most significant benefits of this thriving community with its own mini economy is that the coin's value is much less affected by market swings than other cryptocurrencies. The value of the majority of other coins tends to track the ups and downs of the coin on which they all based their digital asset business models, Bitcoin. PLCU is less affected because the community's activity determines the coin's value. The busier they are making money, the stronger PLCU becomes. In addition, PLC Ultima burns 100% of its coins so as not to compete with the community for liquidity. It also freezes 50% of its coins for one year and reduces the production of new coins each month. This helps to keep the coin's value stable and builds confidence and trust with the community.

Many ways to profit

The PLCU community can profit by minting new coins on the Ultima Farm. This is one of the easiest ways for them to make money, and unlike mining coins, the only hardware required is a smartphone. This activity has been extremely popular with users; however, it is only available until September, 2022, so you’ll need to act fast if minting is something that interests you. Also, if a user has a business or wants to open a business, they can register as a merchant on a platform called Platin Deal, an international platform for selling goods and services. And, if users have an idea for a business and need financing, they can access Platin Hero, a crowdfunding platform where users can share ideas, raise capital, and launch startups.

These are just a few of the popular ways users can profit within the PLCU ecosystem. Users can also make a profit in the real world with the recent announcement about PLCU’s car and real estate programmes. Programme members can receive savings of up to 50% on luxury cars and apartments, which they can either enjoy themselves or sell and pocket the profit. These programmes have already been piloted, and demand is exceptionally high.

Whether within the virtual space or in the real world, PLCU is constantly introducing innovative ways for its community to make a profit. This is a platform that is indeed blurring the lines between the two spaces. Soon we will all be switching between the real and PLC Ultima worlds without blinking an eye.

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