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Online Marketing During The Corona Virus Outbreak

As consumers stay indoors, digital marketing can be the best defense against the virus and we shall discuss in its detail right here!!

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With time passing by, the coronavirus has been making its way across the world. The globe is currently on high alert, trying to deal with this horrific pandemic. Life of people and public security has become the main concern and government and businesses are requesting people to avoid crowded areas.

One of the recent articles that had been published in the New York Times stated one of the key concerns. The consumers are going to stay home as the virus continues spreading throughout the US and Europe.

We can easily see a behavioral shift in people, that they are not just avoiding work, but also places like stores, restaurants, and others that need money expenditure. As consumers stay indoors, digital marketing can be the best defense against the virus and we shall discuss in its detail right here!!

How The Marketers Should Be Responding?

All of the cancellations at this level do mean that the companies are bearing huge losses. There can be a way to twist things with digital marketing. As fewer people have been traveling, off-screen advertising like billboards is not that visible. As a result, the brands should be considering a reduction in any of the upcoming events, pop-ups or ads that are off-line.

As most of the people will remain indoors, working on their computers and phones, companies should be thinking of reinvesting in making online ads and digital strategies. And it’s recommended that you think of this for the long term about bringing out digital transformation.

There will be a benefit for people dealing in online marketing:

One of the major benefits of online marketing is that there is no requirement of face to face interactions. Another one being the fact that it’s measurable. Online marketers are easily able to get a great picture of the expenditure ROI also called a return on investment. The activities shall generate the biggest number of leads and expenses can also be known in this manner.

Assuming several marketers have a bit of free time in hand right now, are recommended that they use it for reviewing the current online marketing strategy they have also the marketing messages need to be redefined.

Remember that unique circumstance will be providing you opportunities:

So this is certainly a time of uncertainty, one has a great opportunity for showing their support for the betterment of the customer base. You can provide special discounts that will get the constant revenue flow that you are worried about. For this identify the products that fit the market for creating special offers.

Many people are browsing their web, sitting at home. Also, many are searching for discounts as they need to save some money in such a situation. This is the best way for engaging the clients so that the door is opened for steady revenue generation. One can also offer the customer with special offers with PPC advertising and through social media.

Make sure you are not becoming victim to panic movement:

If you are amongst people that have stocked up with a lot of stuff in their home, you are amongst ones that got scared with the coronavirus hysteria. Make sure you don't do that while creating a smart strategy for online marketing. One must never go ahead making a panic move. Always analyze and study the data and metrics that are available before you make a final decision. Sudden reactions mostly don't go well, when it comes to digital marketing. Be careful when you are reacting instantly to an economic shift occurring in the market.

Reviewing the market strategy:

Often the marketing executive complains that they run short in time when it comes to the website update. Usually, the reason for this is work overload. Well, now you have time for revisiting the site and making sure that it's well presented.

This is your time for resetting the marketing goals and making campaigns by taking a look at the past efforts and performance that you have achieved. This will surely indicate the requirements of refreshing the marketing material that had been produced before. You also have the time to fine-tuning some of the features we mention below. This will be a good promotion strategy and also enhance brand visibility.

1. The content on your website:

Make sure there are the right marketing message and perfect call for the act.

2. Check for SEO:

Your website ranking should be checked. Then optimize it so that quantity and quality of web traffic are improved.

3. Get into content marketing:

You have the opportunity for generating ideas for new blogs and also begin writing newsletters for the customers.

4. Create engagement on social media:

Strategize how you can improve the engagement on social media pages. For this, you can go ahead with case studies, professional articles and white papers. Also, increase webinar numbers that you currently hold.

Optimistically, the crisis will be ending soon for all of us. But regardless of the time it takes, you must constantly be making efforts for minimizing the risks involved and the overall position you currently have.

Prepare your brand for bouncing back:

As we have observed from China, the probability is that outbreak should be fading in some months. As soon as normalcy returns there will be stabilization in spending habits of the client. You need to keep in mind that SEO is a long term strategy. So the campaign that you think of today, will be affecting the organic search traffic after some time.

Wrapping it up:

Eventually, we are likely going to see all kinds of businesses taking a financial hit because of the pandemic for a few months to come. Right now, the main requirement is to focus on the brand position for being a reliable information source. This is certainly the best thing that you can do for making a long-lasting connection with your viewers.

It’s vital that the online marketing approach and the strategy you make have some sensitivity to it. Of course, people can leverage fear factors in some situations. Although, this is a kind of action that will bring overall reputation damage that you will not be able to normalize for years to come.

So when you are planning, consider all long term scenarios. When in some time, this situation gets better, and you will be running a business to normal. How are you going to maximize the bookings? So make a plan right now, and initiate slow ramp up so that when the blow gets over, you can capitalize and market in the first place.

Initiate comeback story right now. You need to decide on a reliable online marketing cost on each acquisition model this will make you ready for scaling marketing and making sure you have a brilliant comeback.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

Ajay Rai

The author is Digital Marketing Expert

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