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Nobel Prize For Sustainability And Global Green Investment Bank Announced: Mungo Park, Chairman Of Innovator Capital

"The investment bank will provide a service to technology companies. It will not compete with the investment community, its model will be to help companies become investor ready," said Mungo Park

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At the award ceremony of the CleanEquity Monaco 2018 conference, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and Mungo Park, Chairman of Innovator Capital, made announcements about the new Nobel Prize for Sustainability and a global green investment bank for sustainable technology companies and technologies, which improve quality of life.

“And now for something completely different - a new initiative, that has origins in the multidisciplinary nature of CleanEquity. The creation of a new global Award for Sustainability; and, a global green investment bank," said Prince Albert II. He also added, “As we know, the Nobel Prizes continue to be recognized among the world’s greatest accolades. In the present company we are particularly excited by the awards for Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine – recognizing research and innovation; and Economics, which plays such an important part in our sustainability agenda."

“Sustainability was a key concept for the three Nobel brothers Alfred, Ludwig, and Robert. It is now a vital part of our modern lives but the concept was not included in Alfred’s will. So, because the Nobel Foundation could not add to its portfolio of prizes, four Nobel family members, in agreement with the Foundation, founded The Nobel Sustainability® Trust. Professor Michael Nobel is with us today, thank you Michael," said Prince Albert II, adding that, “The Trust’s mission is to sustain the quality of life in the face of the threats of pollution and climate change; and to create the Award for Sustainability."

Prince Albert II of Monaco, also added, “In 2012, The Trust co-hosted CleanEquity and engaged Innovator to develop the Nobel Sustainability Fund®, the world’s first multiphase, multi-technology, multi-geography, sustainable technology fund. In June 2016, Earth Capital Partners launched the fund, here in Monaco. The Monaco Reserve Fund seeded the Fund and Stephen & Maggie Lansdown, who are here with us today, followed swiftly with a substantial investment; thank you both.”

“The Principality, The Nobel Sustainability Trust and Innovator Capital, have now embarked upon Phase II of the plan: The creation of the new global Award for Sustainability; and the global green investment bank. Monaco will host the Sustainability Award Ceremony in 2020 or 2021," said Prince Albert II.

“I believe that in years to come, we will look back on this 11th CleanEquity Monaco conference and conclude that it made a material difference to the speed and efficiency with which, new, sustainable, technologies are researched, developed and commercialized. And I stress again, this point about viability – all our business models MUST be commercially viable.

“Thank you, Mungo and the team at Innovator Capital for bringing us all together. I know that huge effort goes in to making this conference a success – this year and every year - it is a testament to you and your team that we continue to get stronger and better. I thank again the sponsors, speakers, CEOs, delegates, and helpers of the conference. I hope to see you here again next year," concluded Prince Albert II.

Mungo Park, Founder and Chairman of Innovator Capital, said, “You are correct, Monseigneur, all our business models must be sustainable in their own right, the Award for Sustainability and the global green investment bank, will not be exceptions. The investment bank will provide a service to technology companies. It will not compete with the investment community, its model will be to help companies become investor ready. Bridge financing, at a fair and reasonable margin above the investment bank’s cost of money, will enable companies to strengthen their boards, management teams, documentation and intellectual property, whilst preparing them for the investment community”.

“Other nations are waiting to participate as soon as the corporate structure is in place. We are creating a multi-sovereign backed, global green investment bank. Monseigneur, thank you again for your help and commitment," added Park.