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Need Of Client Filtration: Unrevealed Secret Of Leaders

One of the clearest paths to a successful client relationship is insuring that both parties share a common perspective and understand exactly with whom they're doing business

Photo Credit : Umesh Goswami


Client filtration is the topic which has never been discussed at any conference, meeting or seminar because most of the common people do not know about it. As a result, nobody can raise a question about the same. As far as successful people are concerned, they do not want to reveal one of their secrets of success.

If you understand the need for client filtration and how to facilitate client filtration, then customer acquisition will become a joke for you. Client filtration is something which is closely related to making a priority. You can think of it this way. For client filtration to take place, you should be strong enough to segregate your prospect or customers without having a fear of losing them.

The happiest relationship born when two parties (company and customer, company and investors) have a bonafide deal in common. Innovaton, ideas, shared goals, approaches, philosophies and sense of humor all lead to positive relationships, and this is especially true when you are in business and going to start one.

One of the clearest paths to a successful client relationship is insuring that both parties share a common perspective and understand exactly with whom they're doing business.

Most of the sales people are used to keeping follow-ups with their clients on a regular basis for months thinking that it will increase their revenue and sales one day. However, this never happens instead their productivity and sales graph starts decreasing.

I agree that depriving any prospect or client of regular follow-up gives us a fear of losing them and I also agree with the fact that 95 per cent aspire buyers for any product will definitely buy the product immediately or within seven years according to their need.

One should need to understand the fact that the company's growth is depending on the monthly report card and on monthly productivity, however, you should focus on the client who can help in achieving the growth.

For a better understanding of a need for prospect filtration or customer segregation, go through following points:

1.    To get more Results 

According to Pareto Rule (or 80/20 Rule), 80 per cent of the results come from 20 per cent efforts and 20 per cent results come from our 80 per cent efforts. And in today’s date, I trust this rule blindly as it has increased my results by 98 per cent within the period of 3 months so you too can try and trust it.

This rules also states that 80 per cent worth of the whole world is in the hands of 20 per cent people and remaining 20 per cent worth of the whole world is in the hands of 80 per cent people. And those 20 per cent people implement Pareto Rule in their lives and each second these 20 per cent successful people try to remove 80 per cent wasteful work from their lives and replace them with some productive work.

You can also take Pareto Rule as 80 per cent of your profit comes from 20 per cent clients and 20 per cent profits come from remaining 80 per cent clients. So it is better that you should remove that 80 per cent completely from your list. And begins to focus on figuring out which type of clients are paying you more and then increase their name on your list.

2.    Save Time and Energy
Filter you list of customers which will save your time and energy. Use that saved energy in the right direction to make the more better customer acquisition strategies or finding new prospects in that particular time.

3.    Peace of Mind
You might have observed that the prospects that don’t get converted or the people who don’t buy products usually ask annoying questions as compared with the people who are buying from you. Nobody gets tired when dealing with customer who all are really interested in the product, however, we feel too much tired when we encounter 2-3 annoying customers that usually don’t buy anything from us. Here client filtration works as a magician.

4.    Short-Term Pain Is Better Than Long Term Losses
Don't make yourself fool by judging the face value of any customer. Never think that “This client is surely going to buy from until the end of the month” and in their heart they know it very well that this client can’t buy this month because he is not eligible for loan or he is not having initial funds till next 25 days, he will take advice from his relatives before deciding, so on and so forth.

I have also encountered many of such situation in my previous years. But it was also almost impossible for us to remove that person from the list of the month because of a very short client list.

The best solution for such a situation is to take a deep breath and say with the firm belief that he will not buy from you this month and hit yourself with an imaginary dagger, stemmed in your mind. If you won’t do this right now, then you will be hit by a real dagger by the end of the month by your competitors. When you get to know that the sales and revenue of your competitors are double than yours, it is then that you will feel helpless and realize the devastation. This is because you would have wasted too much of your time by then. But if you do it yourself, then you would still have some time to figure out some solutions so that you can defeat your competitors and register higher revenues and sales.

5.    You will Become More Trustworthy

When you commit particular revenue to your seniors or to yourself and that doesn’t get completed due to any reason, then your senior's lose trust in you. But if you achieve more than you have committed each time. It resulted in a promotion. However, this can only be done when you work with the right kind of prospects and for that, client filtration is a must.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Lokesh Tanwar

The author is Founder of BusinessAlligators.Com. He writes on business execution strategy and idea validation. He helps budding entrepreneurs to get their initial sales with decent profit margins and fewer liabilities.

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