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NVIDIA Debuts Its Software And Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering

The NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is a comprehensive suite of cloud services that will support artists, developers and enterprise teams

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At its flagship event GTC 2022, NVIDIA has launched its very first software and Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering called NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud.

The NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is a comprehensive suite of cloud services that will support artists, developers and enterprise teams. It will allow them to design, publish, operate and experience metaverse applications anywhere.

Using Omniverse Cloud, individuals and teams can experience in one click the ability to design and collaborate on 3D workflows without the need for any local compute power. 

Moreover, roboticists can train, simulate, test and deploy AI-enabled intelligent machines with increased scalability and accessibility. Autonomous vehicle engineers can generate physically based sensor data and simulate traffic scenarios to test a variety of road and weather conditions for safe self-driving deployment.

During the GTC keynote, Jensen Huang (founder and CEO of NVIDIA) showcased an Omniverse Cloud demo featuring an advanced, real-time 3D car configurator of the RIMAC Nevera, the recently launched electric hypercar from BUGATTI RIMAC, part of the RIMAC Group.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud Rimac Nevera 3D Car Configurator - GTC 22

“The metaverse, the 3D internet, connects virtual 3D worlds described in USD and viewed through a simulation engine”, said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “With Omniverse in the cloud, we can connect teams worldwide to design, build, and operate virtual worlds and digital twins.”

Early supporters of Omniverse Cloud include RIMAC Group, WPP and Siemens.

Omniverse Cloud services run on the Omniverse Cloud Computer, a computing system comprised of NVIDIA OVX™ for graphics and physics simulation, NVIDIA HGX™ for advanced AI workloads and the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network (GDN), a global-scale distributed data center network for delivering high-performance, low-latency metaverse graphics at the edge.

The highlighted Omniverse Cloud services include:

  • Omniverse Nucleus Cloud — provides 3D designers and teams the freedom to collaborate and access a shared Universal Scene Description (USD)-based 3D scene and data. Nucleus Cloud enables any designer, creator or developer to save changes, share, make live edits and view changes in a scene from nearly anywhere.
  • Omniverse App Streaming — enables users without NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs to stream Omniverse reference applications like Omniverse Create, an app for designers and creators to build USD-based virtual worlds, Omniverse View, an app for reviews and approvals, and NVIDIA Isaac Sim, for training and testing robots.
  • Omniverse Farm — enables users and enterprises to harness multiple cloud compute instances to scale out Omniverse tasks such as rendering and synthetic data generation.