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Life Coach Abhishek Raj Jain Talks About His Learnings From His Weight Loss Journey.

Every successful person has a moment in life that defines their journey and success. For some, it is rejection, wise words for some, or just a dream for some others

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Every successful person has a moment in life that defines their journey and success. For some, it is rejection, wise words for some, or just a dream for some others. Entrepreneur and life coach Abhishek Raj Jain is no different. His defining moment came when he realized that self-control was very important in life. He has applied that principle to several aspects of life and unlocked success. Abhishek is a foodie and a connoisseur of fine taste. He loves food and at a point in life, became 125 kg heavy. That was the moment for Abhishek when he realized that he had to control his urge for food. He still wanted to be a foodie but wished to strike a balance between taste and health. Thus, started Abhishek’s transformation journey. He worked hard, followed self-control and got into a healthy lifestyle. Self-control is an important piece of advice that Abhishek offers in all his sessions and interactions. He thinks that life coaching has become easier with this one key. In a recent conversation, Abhishek also told us about his weight loss journey and the odds he had to battle to be where he is today. He said that he didn’t like how he looked and every time he was in a crowd; instead of thinking what others might think of him he was worried about how could he be better and impactful in his surroundings. his was another important milestone in his journey of self-discovery. He realized that good health is a lot more about looks. He also says that others’ opinions about you are not important; what matters is what you think about yourself. According to Abhishek, judging yourself and your body is the best thing you can do to your self-esteem and is detrimental to your mental health and success. ‘You are your best critic’ as he quotes. These lessons have helped Abhishek to succeed in life and also pass on his wisdom to others who sought his guidance. Abhishek doesn’t believe in ancestral wealth and thus has worked hard to be the self-made person he is today. He started experimenting in the field of business very young and excelled at whatever he tried. He has fulfilled his desires like buying his dream car, the Mercedes. He also sold the car at a handsome profit. This rare achievement motivated him to consider automobiles as a career. Abhishek has tried, fallen and failed numerous times in his journey, but his success comes from the fact that he never stopped. He has learned at every step and never shied away from sharing his knowledge. We hope Abhishek Raj Jain's wisdom reaches far and wide and helps people with the facets of life they are struggling with. Abhishek now wishes to pass on these learnings to others and help them succeed. Thus, he is planning to launch courses for those willing to learn. The courses will be categorized into social media and digital marketing, health and wellness, and professional services. Each of these categories will have a plethora of courses under them. They will enable his followers to become his partners, learn and also earn money through that course. You can Follow Abhishek on Instagram

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