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Keys To Creating Wealth And Abundance

What if creating wealth is not a far fetched future, irrespective of what your current financial situation is?

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Are you waiting for some miracle to occur and create tsunamis of wealth? Well, the miracle is called YOU. What if creating wealth and abundance is actually possible for you? Would you like to explore a different way of creating all that you desire in life? What could you do today that would change your money situation right away?
What is the difference between being wealthy and being rich?
Being rich has an energy of justification and trying to prove that you've achieved something which is not a space of knowing that you are the source of creating all that you have created. When you are being rich you are being an energy of proving that you can own, it is when you feel the need to show superiority to prove how awesome you are. Being Wealthy on the other hand, has an energy of knowing that you have it all, knowing that you are the source for creating everything. Being wealthy has an energy of using the money to create greater for yourself as well as others around you. When you are being wealthy, you are not only creating money in the now but also creating abundance of wealth for the future as well.
Now, if you had a choice which one would you choose?
Keys To Creating Wealth -  
1-Create a 10% account
Set aside 10% of every rupee, every dollar that you receive. Set it aside as an honouring of you, of what you have created. Don't spend it ever. As you see it grow, the energy of wealth will increase in your world, replacing the energy of need and lack. This is not your savings. We only save because we predict that one day it will come in use for a rainy day. So what do we land up creating? A rainy day! You can spend your honouring on anything that grows, like gold, fixed deposits but not any turbulent investments. We aren't used to just "having" money in our lives. This will also give you a sense of what having money feels like. This is one of my favourite tools. As you start setting your 10% aside, your inflow will increase as well.
2- Ask Questions

We tend to live our lives in and as conclusions. That doesn't create a greater life for us. It only diminishes possibilities that can create wealth and abundance. Every question we ask opens a door of possibilities and every conclusion we go into shuts all doors. Instead, when you are facing a challenge or even a success, ask "How does it get any better than this?®", "What else is possible?®", "What will it take to double my income every month with ease?". You will see after each question, there is a different space, a new possibility to create something we thought wasn't possible. If you ask questions when things are bad, it gets better and if you ask it when things are great, it gets greater. What have you decided is the peak of your success and wealth? Are you willing to go beyond that now?
3-Money Follows Joy, Joy Does Not Follow Money.

So many times, we all think to ourselves, only if I had x amount of money I would be a happy person. Only if I had more money, I would have more fun. Nope. The money will come to people who are already having fun. What if money was your friend? Would money go to a party with a person who is fun and happy or would the money go to a party with someone who is needy, unhappy and desperate for money? Desperation only pushes it further away. Choose happiness now and money and wealth will follow. So, what is fun for you? What could you choose right away that would make you come alive? Choose my friend. You know you are beautiful!
4-Wrongness Is Not A Great Color On You
Would you be willing to consider having a look at yourself through the eyes of someone who does not judge you and your creations? What if everything you've decided is your weakness was a lie? Are you willing to ask "What's right about me I'm not getting?" every time you judge yourself? Every time you judge anything related to money, related to how you screwed up with money are you willing to ask "What's right about this I'm not getting?". Everything can contribute to you, my dear friends. Are you willing to let the contribution in?
Wealth is just an energy, you are energy. There is no separation. Are you willing to be it now?

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