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Is Delhi’s Air Pollution Taking Your Breath Away? Here’s What You Can Do About It!

The hazardous conditions outside can by no means be underestimated or escaped. And while we must raise our voice against the poisonous environment we are forced to live in, we must first act with agility on the improvements we can make at an individual level to the air quality in our homes.

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Year after year, at this time, the only thing we read or hear about is the severely hazardous air quality that we are forced to breathe in Delhi. This year has been no different. As the capital city gets covered in swathes of smog, and outdoor air does little else for us, except almost choking us, fretting about what the authorities are doing to save our lungs is only natural. 

Yet, all hope is not lost. There are a few things we can do, at a personal level, to improve the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes and protect ourselves and our loved ones for at least a few hours each day. While this may not be a long-term solution to the issue, it can certainly prevent us from acquiring serious infections, allergic reactions, having asthma attacks and other similar breathing-related ailments that are bound to occur during the winter. 

It’s impossible for anyone to completely eliminate all allergens in their homes. However, a few sure-footed steps can go a long way in mitigating exposure at the minimum. Here are some strategies that we can all employ to improve the air quality inside ours home: 

Take inspiration from Marie Kondo. The celebrated author wasn’t kidding when she called it the “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. While she may have meant it on a more metaphorical scale, we mean it in actual, physical terms. Cleaning your house up and getting rid of clutter, doesn’t only have a calming effect on your mind. It also makes a massive impact on your health. A clean house means less dust, less pollutants and allergens and therefore a healthier you! Get rid of junk or any articles that are basically just gathering dust and create an ambience that’s healthier to breathe in for you and your family. 

Bid adieu to your indoor planters: Yes, the general understanding these days is that indoor plants purify the air in our rooms and therefore we should all be nurturing those snake plants and peace lilies. And while this practice does hold some merit, we mustn’t forget that indoor plants also harbor mold and can act like a breeding ground for bacteria, dust and other allergens. They are best left outdoors at this time when every body’s immunity is compromised and we really can’t take chances with what’s inside our homes, since what’s outside them is totally beyond our control. 

Invest in a quality Air Purifier instead: Instead of hoping that our plants will cleanse our indoor air and being disappointed in the process, it’s advisable to invest in a high-quality Air Purifier. Air Purifiers attack, trap and eliminate all contaminants in the air. They either cycle the air through an internal filtration system or they release charged particles that latch on to the particulate matter in the air. Air Purifiers are one of the best investments you can make to create a healthy breathing environment for your loved ones and for yourself. They are particularly essential if anyone in your home has a medical problem such as asthma or COPD. 

However, do remember to be careful when buying a Purifier. Take recommendations from your friends and family who may already own one and ask them to share the air quality readings in their room after switching on the Purifier for about 30 minutes. This will give you a good picture of the effectiveness of the Purifier. You need to also consider that the Purifier should be the right size for your room and infiltration into your room is curbed. Central Air Cleaners are a really good option to ensure that every inch of your house has healthy, clean air. Many new residential real estate projects in India are coming installed with Centralised Air Cleaning technology. However, if you stay in an already-constructed home, you can always explore your options by reaching out to a known clean air technology brand.  

Let only fresh but purified air in: Letting fresh air into our homes is commonly considered an essential practice. The wonderful mix of fresh air and sunlight not only uplifts the spirit, it is also traditionally considered a healthy way to recycle the air in our homes and eliminate unnecessary odors etc. However, with the current air pollution crisis that we’re facing, this practice works inversely. Before opening the windows to let some fresh air in, it is imperative to check a trusted air quality index and make sure that the outdoor air quality isn’t dangerously poor. Also, we can make sure to eliminate potential air contaminants out by using fans in the kitchen to remove cooking fumes. As you take on your next house remodeling project, consider getting a treated fresh air unit installed in your house. These type of air cleaners take outside air, purify it, and deliver it into your home.

The hazardous conditions outside can by no means be underestimated or escaped. And while we must raise our voice against the poisonous environment we are forced to live in, we must first act with agility on the improvements we can make at an individual level to the air quality in our homes. By adopting the simple practices listed above, all of us can ensure, that at least to a certain degree, the air we are breathing is safer and less perilous to our bodies. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

Himanshu Agarwal.

The author is CEO and Founder, Magneto Cleantech He is an established pioneer and a veteran of the Indian air conditioning industry. He has spent last 38 years of his career establishing brands such as Daikin and Trane in the Indian market and served as an Office Bearer for ISHRAE

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