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International Yoga Day 2022: Should Yoga Be A Part Of Indian Education System?

Yoga builds mindfulness and also makes the person more grateful which in turn makes room for success, opportunities, and growth

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International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June. Recognising the importance of yoga, all the countries of the world celebrate this day.

The practice of yoga is beneficial for the health of the body and mind. Yoga keeps the body disease free and also gives peace to the mind. Yoga has been practicing in India since the time of sages. It is associated with Indian culture, which has now been popular abroad as well. But among these the question comes, what number of the young generation practice yoga in their life?

Himalayan Siddha, Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre said, "The young generation is represented by a group of enthusiastic and dynamic set of people. It is important that this energetic and vibrant energy finds a positive and productive channel as an outlet. Yoga is the perfect solution as it not only engages the younger generation productively using that time in an efficient way but also benefits them in terms of mental, physical and spiritual development."

The young generation of India needs to be healthy and potential mentally, physically and spiritually. Yoga engages one's mind, body and breath while practicing, once these three things sync properly then one can get a favourable outcome from the work they put in. It also improves creativity, physicality and holistic approach to being alive as a human.

"In this fast-moving world, Yoga has become necessary to keep yourself in peace. Taking one hour in a day and regulating yoga into your lifestyle can transform you tremendously. Yoga engages your mind, body and breath while doing practice. Youth has the highest level of productivity and once they get to know to keep themselves in peace they see an immense change in themselves as well as society", said Akhil Gore, Founder of RouteIn Yoga.

'Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam', the Sankrit phrase from Bhagvad Gita means one needs to do every action with perfection. It briefs that supplied with wisdom, one pushes off both good and bad deeds in the life; subsequently, dedicate youself to Yoga because it is a skill in action.

Yoga Guru Shailendra said, "Young generation needs the focus, patience and appetite for success. A positive growth in life needs such quality that is to do everything a little better than yesterday with positive attitude, goal and truthfulness. Young generation lacks this perfection attitude in the present time. Yoga helps staying away from all sort of addictions like smoking, drinking and drugs. Everyone needs Yoga in life and youngsters are the future of the country."

As yoga is of utmost importance in one's daily life, to this comes a thought on the possibility of involving Yoga among the school and college activities of India. Yoga training can improve a student's every activity such as academic, sports and social. The methods of yoga give further developed consideration in studies, better endurance and coordination for sports and an uplifted awareness and balanced attitude for social act.

To this yoga guru Shailendra says, "Modern style of education lacks many things like discipline, positive motivation and above all Science of Living. Earlier times Science of Living was a part of school's curriculum but in the modern competitive world these important lessons are missing from our schools and colleges. Students are indulged in only online activities, majorly active on social media and online gaming platforms. staying away from all physical activities sports, Yoga , Athletics etc., resulting in all sort of lifestyle diseases and above all stress. Stress is the biggest reason for Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes, Joint pains and above all Stress, which leads to Hormonal imbalance and other disorders like infertility, PCOD, PCOS etc. Yoga works on all levels that is Physical, mental and Emotional balance. A mix of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation is a must for every student."

Akhil Gore said, "Yoga should be included as a curriculum in schools/colleges. The basic foundation of humans as a citizen is provided by the school. It is our moral responsibility that every citizen should be as efficient as his age. If a child gets to know how to manage his/her body properly that will be the best management of healthcare we can provide. Before taking responsibility for the external world boy/girl should know what is good for his internal being. College students are the pillars to carry forward the values to next-generation, opting for the modern techniques to carry forward the legacy of traditional text can bring out an immense change in the society and their level of productivity to achieve goals."

Observation is a key which leads to awareness and stability is a key which leads to better management. Once youngsters start getting into yogic practices, they will automatically start observing the nature of their own physicality and mentality. Once they figure out the positive side of themselves they will be at their best to provide results. Similarly, instability is one of the main reasons why youngsters are unable to focus on their own. As you only manage your lifestyle, so, once you are managed properly everything will be managed in a proper way, he added.

As the government of India is taking numerous initiatives on different sectors, it could be better to consider yoga in the education system of India. Schools, colleges or universities may put yoga as a daily routine class in their schedule. This would also help to strengthen the education pillar of the country.

Himalayan Siddha, Akshar says, "Along with academic education, yoga should definitely be made part of the curriculum in schools and colleges as early and soon as possible. This is because communication, behaviour and inter- personal skill and a growth mindset are equally important as learning academic subjects. The most important aspect of this life is of course health and sooner that young children learn about their well being, the better their lives will be."

By practicing yoga, school going children and college students can begin to regulate their activities, eating habits and follow a healthy lifestyle. Yoga also plays a major part in improving concentration, memory, and focus which will enable the students to perform better academically.

"The major benefits are of course health and the fact that students will be able to lay a strong foundation for their careers. Practicing yoga not only develops your physical health and mental well being but it also shapes your character, and enables you to radiate positivity and confidence from within. Many youngsters suffer from health related problems because of their eating habits, insufficient sleep, and an erratic lifestyle. Yoga can help rectify these issues", Akshar said.

Yoga builds mindfulness and also makes the person more grateful which in turn makes room for success, opportunities, and growth.

Manisha Sharma, Yoga expert said, "While each edition of the International Day of Yoga sees overwhelming participation from across the globe, we cannot overlook the fact that nearly two third of the world population is yet to bear the fruit of Yoga. If we envision Yoga making a positive difference for the mankind as a whole, we need to let the boons of this precious gift of Indian tradition pass on to the younger generation. While its inclusion in the education system is an effective way to ensure the same, what’s more important is that Yoga be made a part of their lifestyle."

"If children are acquainted with Yoga since young age, they are bound to grow stronger physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Even as we have in our curriculum Moral Science for imbibing value systems and Physical Education for body fitness, Yoga can act as a source for both as even physically exhausting activities like running a marathon requires utmost mental strength. Different Asanas and Pranayama would also allow the young ones to safeguard themselves against various illnesses and diseases, while regular practice of Yoga is likely to make them a disciplined individual. The other benefits that the children can reap out of Yoga include enhanced concentration, sharper memory and increased physical flexibility", she added.