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Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Revolutionising The Business Industry

Indian women entrepreneurs are creating jobs and boosting the economy. A study by the National Sample Survey Office found that women-owned enterprises in India generate more employment opportunities than male-owned enterprises

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The RRR, Co-Founders, Pallava Organics 
Pallava Organics was founded by three sisters, the healing and nurturing feminine forces on the idea of bringing forth the life-giving and nurturing force that exists within nature and women. Reshma, Reena, and Roshni are driven by the desire to create effective, eco-friendly skincare products that promote healthy, glowing skin. They are nature enthusiasts, skincare experts, and passionate entrepreneurs who have proposed a clean, healthy beauty revolution with the goal of making everyone feel confident in their own skin. 

Spent three years solely on research after numerous scientific consultations with experts in the field across Ireland, Australia, and India and came up with toxin-free, natural active formula with a unique blend of principles of traditional and modern science. Pallava Organics has thus made luxurious, safe and effective COSMOS Organic certified by Ecocert, France organic products affordable and accessible to everyone and promises to outperform conventional beauty care products available in the market today.

Akanksha Sethi, Co-Founder, Alamode by Akanksha
One of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs of 2023 is Akanksha Sethi. At only 29 years old, Akanksha is already a successful entrepreneur, having founded the western wear fast fashion brand, Alamode by Akanksha. Her brand has quickly gained popularity thanks to its trendy and affordable clothing that caters to a wide range of customers. Akanksha's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her creativity and business acumen, has enabled her to create a brand that resonates with young, fashion-conscious consumers. 

Akanksha constantly adapts to changing trends and customer preferences, and her ability to do so has contributed to her success. She has made her brand name a must-have wardrobe brand for any woman, including celebrities. The brand will soon launch a luxury collection under the label 'Alamode Luxe'. Akanksha's journey from leaving her hometown of Uttrakhand to starting a company from scratch and building it to this point required lots of effort and perseverance. "I think there are no secrets to success; it is the result of planning, hard work, and learning from failure," Akanksha says when asked about it.

Geeta Bector, Director, Cremica Food Ind. Ltd
Geeta Bector is the Director of Cremica Food Ind. Ltd and a successful entrepreneur with a degree in Textile Design from South Delhi Polytechnic. She launched India's first Vegetarian Mayonnaise in 1996 and introduced Indian-flavored sandwich mayonnaise. In 2016, she started Zoet Dessert in New Delhi, which caters to high-class orders for quality and delicious puddings, cakes, and ice creams. Geeta's innovative ideas have helped increase Cremica's business volume and build a strong brand equity while maintaining a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction.

Aditi Agarwal, Founder, Inovatus Digital
Aditi Agarwal founded Inovatus Digital in the year 2020 with an intention to create a company of like-minded individuals who shared similar thoughts on the business world. Inovatus Digital is a fast growing media & PR company based out of Mumbai. 

The company caters to luxurious and fast growing brands and individuals with a platform to explore the world of media & PR in order to realize their full potential.

Growing up in a family of business professionals and graduating from MIT, Pune, she had always been driven to be a visionary leader. Aditi immersed herself in the world of business and turned her dreams into reality with Inovatus Digital. She's an entrepreneur by mind and heart and aspires to reach heights with every step.

Sarika, Founder, The SpringBoard Collective 
It's not easy to turn around an otherwise largely unorganized sector of B2C exhibitions. But Sarika, the founder of The SpringBoard Collective (aka Woman's Extravaganza), managed to do that and created award-winning platforms like KidTown Fair Exhibition, which is a part of the marketing strategy of corporates and startups. 

Back in 2008, social clubs largely dominated this space. With a marketing-driven focus and the support of media giants like Nick Jr, Sarika changed its narrative. She paid equal attention to curation and marketing strategy. Sarika says the idea is that brands must evaluate these exhibitions as marketing platforms that introduce them to a relevant audience and not as sales channels. Sarika is currently working on PROJECT EARTH, which is a coming together of planet-friendly businesses. Equipped with an MBA and 2 decades of experience, her advice to all entrepreneurs is  "A thick skin, a soft heart, and hard work will make everything happen".

Bhavana Doshi, Founder, Pure Bubbles Skincare
Bhavana Doshi founded Pure Bubbles, a well-known science-based skincare company. Through her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur, Bhavana has always served as an inspiration to women everywhere. She bravely addressed her skincare issues and assisted others in standing confidently. Bhavana spent her entire life battling serious skincare issues and tried everything available in domestic and foreign markets, but nothing worked. 

As a result, she joined networks of American chemists to learn cutting-edge formulation techniques and spent years researching the products she eventually introduced under the brand Pure Bubbles. Her dedication resulted in reasonably priced international skincare standards with more researched formulations specifically formed for Indian skin types. Additionally, Bhavana wants to create the most effective products as a founder and skincare expert, so she continues to test the majority of her formulations on herself for a fair amount of time. That truly demonstrates Bhavana Doshi's dedication to her skincare line.

Sana Digga, Co-Founder, Sunoh Studio
Sana Digga and her husband and business partner Gaurav Digga are craftspersons behind Sunoh Studio, which started in 2019. Gaurav's fascination with photography and Sana's unwavering passion for fashion and styling drove them to embark on their creative journey, which gave rise to Sunoh Studio. 

To give customers elegant, timeless, and seasonless designs to extend the life of the clothing, Sana and Gaurav introduced minimalist ethnic wear labels. Their goal was to revolutionize ethnic wear fashion and its overall perception.

Sana shares, "I had doubts and fears about starting to work. Gaurav became my support system and convinced me to focus on my passion." Sana, the creative force behind the designs, considers a few key factors when developing a product: 1. It should feel good on the skin. 2. It must be durable. Sana explains, "We use hand-embroidered zardozi work in our designs to provide a wardrobe for our customers which is elegant and practical. We believe in encouraging our customers to reuse, restyle, and be creative".

Sumedha Jain, Marketing & Communications Director
Sumedha Jain is a Marketing and Communications Director at MADAME, where she drives integrated campaigns and launched their online shopping portal. With a collaborative approach and mentoring skills, she enables her team to exceed expectations and handles CSR initiatives for the group. Sumedha graduated in BFA from Amity University and completed a Leadership program from LMI. She is also passionate about trying new forms of art and participates in exhibitions globally.

Pruthvi, Founder, Trazenie 
Pruthvi, the founder of Trazenie, is an entrepreneur with a unique perspective on life. She believes that stories and art can be found in every aspect of our existence, and it was this belief that inspired her to start her own company during her final year at university. Trazenie, the brand she founded, is a fusion of the words "ostranenie" and "zany," which mean defamiliarization and amusingly eccentric, respectively. 

This amalgamation reflects the company's core values. Pruthvi's experience as a dancer, artist, and actor has helped her in crafting the brand, which aims to help people express themselves better through their fashion choices. Trazenie enables people to find themselves with all its offerings. From the colours they wear to the accessories they choose, every aspect of its products is designed to help individuals tell their unique story to the world. After all Trazenie’s motto is “Every Shade Tells A Tale.” Pruthvi's entrepreneurial spirit is not only focused on creating unique products but also on creating them sustainably. 

As a mindful entrepreneur, she is aware of the impact her brand can have on the environment and society. As a result, Trazenie's products are not only filled with art and expression but are also sustainable and handcrafted. Pruthvi firmly believes that our purchase choices reflect on us and should be done responsibly. According to Pruthvi, Trazenie is more than just a brand - it's a celebration of individuality and self-expression.

Tanushree Das & Pooja Karegoudar, Co-Founders, BodyCafé
BodyCafé was founded in 2019 by Tanushree Ishani Das and Pooja Karegoudar. It was created as a result of the pair's fascination with fusing forgotten ancient Indian ingredients with contemporary aesthetics and their unwavering enthusiasm for building an aspirational and value-driven brand.

In an era of robust advertising, the team decided to rely entirely on word of mouth to establish the brand's proof of concept, and they take pride in having a devoted customer base across the globe.

Pooja explains, "We founded BodyCafé because we felt that while there are a lot of Indian skincare companies on the market, there aren't many products that actually incorporate unusual ingredients like moringa, amaranth seed oil, etc. that honor the various Indian states and support Indian farmers."
Tanushree states, “Despite so many skincare brands, we see alarmingly increasing skincare complaints and online DIY skincare searches. We realised most people do not have access to off-the-shelf, price sensitive products and so they dedicate a ‘self-care Sunday’ to make these. We bring ancient home remedies also known as ‘gharelu nuskha’ built on trust to offer effective and price sensitive skincare and grooming products.”

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