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ITC’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates Reveals Its Limited Edition Range Chocolate ‘Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire’

The limited edition offering will be encased in a unique, hand-made wooden box, each containing 15 truffles, each weighing approximately 15 gms.

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Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, the chocolate brand from ITC has revealed its most expensive chocolate listed under Guinness World Records with the launch of its limited-edition Fabelle Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire. The chocolate was unveiled at an event in ITC Grand Central Mumbai, in the presence of the Michelin Star Chef Philippe Conticini - who is credited for numerous innovations over the last three decades and is the co-curator of Fabelle’s Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire. This range brings alive the cycle of life represented by the Creator, Nurturer and Destroyer in a box of unique handcrafted truffles, each representing a concept.

The limited-edition offering will be encased ina unique, hand-made wooden box, each containing 15 truffles, each weighing approximately 15 gms. The made-to-order box will be available at an indulgent price of Rs 1, 00,000.

The Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire range that represents the Creator, Nurturer and Destroyer is co-curated by Chef Philippe Conticini and Fabelle’s Master Chocolatiers using some of the rarest ingredients and finest single-origin cacaos in the world. Consumers and chocolate connoisseurs in India will experience Fabelle’s signature multi-sensorial and multi-textural experience through this trio of truffles, each of which is an expression of a hero ingredient representing the cycle of life. Like the coconut which symbolizes the beginning in Creator, the rare Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Nurturer or the Grand Cru dark chocolate in Destroyer, each masterpiece unfolds a mystical story for the Indian consumers to experience.

The Creator Truffle, the first in the series symbolizes the start of the life cycle with creation echoed in the celebration of the complete, resplendent fruit, coconut. The sensorial journey starts with the creamy Belgian white chocolate shells, signifying purity that brings a new form into this world layered with three expressions of coconut; toasted coconut ganache infused with Tahitian vanilla beans, which are extremely rare as only 0.07 per cent of world's vanilla production comes from Tahiti. The roasted coconut crunch and crispy coconut praline made in Kayambe milk chocolate with a dash of French sea salt are further embellished with a Vanuatu origin milk chocolate, sourced from the ‘far east of the globe’, the cocoa growing area where the sun rises first, symbolizing the beginning/ inception of creation.

The Nurturer Truffle, the second in the series represents the sun's nurturing energy in its purest and most radiant form that can be felt on the ‘equator’ where coffee and cocoa is grown in abundance. The flavours of these celebrated fruits from the ‘tropic’ have been infused in this creation which has the base of a new type of chocolate made from a blend of Ghana dark chocolate and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica which has a reputation for being one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. The creation is further intricately layered with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee ganache; a crispy coffee powder crunch and a crunchy coffee-almond praline in shells. Topped elegantly with a pearl of Ruby chocolate, this second creation offers a more mature flavour profile, appealing to the senses and is based on the spiritual principle of learning and progressing through life. 

The Destroyer Truffle, the third in the series descends into eternal depths with a truffle that puts cocoa back in the centre as you complete the circle of life. The creation is encased in a shell of Venezuelan 72 per cent dark chocolate with black olive and woody notes, and St Domingue dark chocolate, both sourced from the ‘extreme west’ with spicy and wine notes, representing the agony and the ecstasy of a total eclipse. Inside it are three distinct dense and soft layers; a Grand Cru dark chocolate ganache, Piedmont hazelnut and almond praline and a black pepper infused crunch, finished in a crumpled form. Making the ‘Trinity’ whole.

The launch of the Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire series is a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering Indian consumers undisputedly extraordinary chocolate experiences. Two chocolate experts, one a globally celebrated chef and the other an Indian chocolate expert have come together to create this experience. Fabelle’s state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise, single-origin cocoa expertise, the craftsmanship of it's Master Chocolatiers and in-depth understanding of the Indian chocolate consumer combined with Chef Philippe Conticini’s global understanding and experience in creating unique experiences for global consumers over three decades have come together to create this. 

It took months of ideation, extensive research, finding the best ingredients, sourcing them, innumerable trials and putting it all together over relentless days of craftsmanship, all in the pursuit to craft the finest chocolates in India that rival the best in the world. Also, to ensure absolute perfection with the tastes and textures of each Fabelle chocolate creation, the chocolates have been extensively tested.

Since its launch in 2016, Fabelle has been pioneering innovative launches with the endeavour to grow, evolve and develop the Indian chocolate palette and has emerged to be a trendsetter in the luxury chocolate segment. From launching the Elements re-imagined range that is inspired by the five elements of nature, the Gianduja range which is inspired by Napolean era’s Italian Delicacy to introducing India to the fourth type of chocolate - the Ruby chocolate to the latest Dark Milk chocolate. Fabelle has been instrumental in crafting chocolates that are inspired by beyond ordinary.

Expressing his delight on setting higher benchmarks for the Indian luxury chocolate market, Anuj Rustagi - Chief Operating Officer - Chocolates, Confectionary, Coffee and New Categories - Food Division, ITC, said “ We at Fabelle are extremely happy for setting new benchmarks not just in the Indian luxury chocolate market but also now in the world with achieving the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS feat. At Fabelle, handcrafting priceless, uplifting and unmatched tasting experiences for chocolate connoisseurs is at the very heart of who we are. Our emphasis has always been on quality and the approach entirely artisanal and Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire serves as a perfect testament to the same. This masterpiece is a reflection of best of both the worlds coming together. With Chef Philippe Conticini’s international expertise and Fabelle’s understanding of Indian chocolate consumer preferences and institutional strength, we have been able to deliver a world-class product which we take pride in.  After several months of R&D, we have delivered a product, in which India can take pride in and stayed committed in our constant endeavour of being at the forefront of introducing Indian consumers to distinct chocolate experiences.”

Sharing his experience on co-curating Trinity with Fabelle, Michelin Star Chef Philippe Conticini, shared “Being a part of something so experiential, thought-provoking and innovative has always been my passion. 

I am glad to have found a partner in Fabelle to work on a complex and ambitious project in bringing alive the concept of ‘Trinity’ in the form of a Truffle range. It’s heartening to know that with expert Fabelle master chocolatiers, we were able to deliver an unparalleled, first-of-its-kind chocolate product from India, setting a new global benchmark”.

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