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I Work In My Dad’s Company. My Colleagues Look At Me As The ‘Boss’s Son.’ I Do Not Have Many Friends. My Dad Always Supports Me And Forgives My Mistakes. That Worsens The Situation. What Should I Do?

I have started getting frustrated and constantly feel like I am not giving it my best. I want to join another office but my dad isn’t allowing me for the same

Manbir Kaur, Executive & Leadership Coach

I wouldn’t suggest leaving the company if you like the work. You can work to rectify the situation. When your colleagues keep a distance from you, it shows that you are dealing with a deficit of trust. The following techniques can help to establish trust and create better relationships at work–

• Develop personal relationships- Start having lunch with your colleagues, spend time to understand them. It may take some time to break the ice but keep trying.

• Whenever required, seek the suggestions and the support of senior or experienced employees. Be a good listener.

• Work hard and learn more about your function so that others believe that you own the role with full accountability.

• Ask for feedback periodically.

• Have a detailed conversation with your dad and request him to treat you like one of the employees. Motivate him to respect the boundaries for betterment of company culture and your position.

Betska K-Burr, Accredited Master Coach

There are two possible trains of thought:

1. Don’t waste your time in your Dad’s company being a “mediocre”. Step up your game and be the best you can be. Prove to yourself (and not to anyone else) that you are great. Prove that you are a true leader and a role model of values such as respect for self and others, faith in self and others and that you are ethical in terms of earning your way to the top.

2. Perhaps your Dad is “training” you to take over his job one day. When you say, “My Dad isn’t allowing me”, a big red flag starts to wave. Once we are an adult, we should never allow anyone to control our thinking. We have our own mind and our own heart. Every human has a unique spiritual purpose in life – our soul contract with The Almighty God. Every human should find out what that purpose is. In my case it changed my life. I stopped floating around and buckled down to be in a position where I could help myself and others lead a more meaningful life. Otherwise, when we leave this planet we will feel as if we have not given it our “all”. So, what does your heart tell you about how you can lead a more meaningful life?

JP Singh, Management Consultant and Executive Coach 

“You may want to ‘dis-cover’ (remove the covers) your True Identity and Potential. Most advice you get will be of a superficial and transient nature. The first step towards a permanent shift, is reflection/introspection to create self awareness. If you feel you need help in this, seek a Professional Coach. The realisation you get will enable you to take motivated action in line with your core inherent nature (Vasanas) towards your Sva-dharma (Life Purpose). Be That !!”