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How to Convert Ideas to Successful Businesses and Reputation Management

Experts at Women Economic Forum spoke about ‘How to Convert Ideas to Successful Businesses and Reputation Management’. They all shared tips and techniques to scale a business properly and also highlighted how a good reputation can make or break business

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Experts at Women Economic Forum spoke about ‘How to Convert Ideas to Successful Businesses and Reputation Management’. They all shared tips and techniques to scale a business properly and also highlighted how a good reputation can make or break business.

First on the dias was Beth Kelly Hatt (Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, Canada) said, “I am a passionate entrepreneur, an ardent learner and in my 35 years of career I have learnt what is means to that the purpose of each one of our lives is different. We may work for a business, but we should all have a higher goal. I have three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs: find what you are really passionate about, how you are going to be doing it in a way that’s the best in the world and ideas are everywhere in the universe, listen and take it in and build something.

Then came in Candice Camille (Wellologist, Inspirational Speaker, USA), who very enthusiastically called upon women from the audience for a one minute challenge and said, “I was a healthologist, but didn’t want to be called a nutritionist or a dietician, therefore I worked out and studied more to become a ‘wellologist’ and therefore, I am in the process of getting it locked in the Oxford dictionary as well. So, I believe if you have an idea, never let it go, no matter who perceives you in what way. Just do things for yourself that also needs a lot of courage! We entrepreneurs have actually created a lot of boundaries for ourselves, in terms of routine discipline, but if we all can take out one minute, we can go into ‘Plank Challenges’, to break the monotony! This is my advice, if you want to sustain in the long run. Don’t make sitting the new smoking!

Third K. Vijayakumar (MD, Vijirom Industries, India) took over the stage and said, “We are engaged into the business of perfumery business from different parts of the world. And I believe that every human, every entity must follow the laws of nature. Guru Swami Dayanand Saraswati, had once said, ‘As human beings we must all answer one question, how much of the resources we take from the earth, we return to the nature?’ This is very true and it should be taken seriously. The concept of sustainable industries is also something I believe in. My team and business employees are all taking care of our organic farms, natural cosmetic range and are creating products for the upliftment of the society as well as the earth., At the end of the day, we must think about leaving behind something positive for our children. As entrepreneurs our responsibilities only widen.”

Tena Pick (CEO / Co-Founder of The Sustainability Platform, UAE) came right after and discussed how she usually connects entrepreneurs & investors and added, “Every idea can be executed, you just need to focus. You have to be very good for solving a problem. I usually interact with entrepreneurs willing to raise money, share team pitches or scale up, and I strike up a conversation by saying, you can tell me about the idea, and they say, Oh! Well, we can’t as you might steal it. However, we must know that ideas don’t grow until they are shared in the universe. Well, execute your plans before anyone steals it, don’t sit on it and wait for somebody to steal it.”

While talking about the qualities, a woman entrepreneur should possess, Carol Hanlon (CEO, Belmont BEC / TCFWA, Australia) said, “Passion and hardwork can make happen anything. Often people says women do lack of confidence but according to me women are very confident. They handle everything from a family to a business. If their partners are helpful, they can change the world. Also you can convert convert a normal idea into multi-million-dollar if you have clear vision and you are doing right things at right time with right people.”

Kriti Baveja (Co-Founder, India) started conversation by introducing her venture and her entrepreneurial journey with it. She said, “I started Momzjoy.Com with one of my friend. It is a fashionable maternity nursing wear brand launched with a mission to empower mothers and make them feel beautiful confident & happy. For converting an idea into a successful business, you need to add value to your product. We should place each and every day with a positive energy. Each day is equally important and we should think and find out different ways to do something great.”

Next in line came in, Kanchan Sukhija (CEO, Compare Munafa, India). She mentioned, “An idea can be an experience, a thought & an advice. Being at a right place at a right time with right reason is very important for an organization growth. Before starting a business you should be very clear why you started that and see where your idea is feasible. Do you have revenue model at place? Keep spend time in accessing to see your idea is financially credible or not. If your idea is not sustainable then no matter of remaining in that business. Also you should have a strong team of cofounder/employees who can help you in converting your idea into a valuable business.”

At last, Faz Zia (Founder at Fazz PR & Events, UK) talked about image management of the businesses, she said, “There is no age boundary, you can learn anything at any time. Also in a business, reputation is very important. Success comes from reputation of your business. If you have an idea, do share with others and know about their opinions. If you believe in your idea, make that happen. Pay attention to customers. There is always solution, you just have to come out from comfort zone.”