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How Does The Corporate World Cater The ‘E’ In ESG?!

Let’s take a look at how companies across the sector talk about World Environment Day 2023

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As ESG is an important issue for the corporate world, World Environment Day is an important day to take major steps for the wellness of the environment. Let’s take a look at how companies across the sector talk about World Environment Day 2023. 

Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO, of Findability Sciences, "In today's discourse, the emphasis on enhancing profitability often overshadows the discussion on AI's potential for achieving sustainability goals. However, by effectively harnessing the power of AI, organizations can accelerate their progress towards sustainability objectives. The transformative capabilities of AI extend to diverse areas, including enhancing energy efficiency, optimizing resource management practices, streamlining complex supply chains, facilitating sustainable product designs, and aiding in climate change adaptation efforts. Through these AI-driven advancements, organizations can generate a positive ripple effect that extends beyond their immediate operations, ultimately contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future for our planet and society at large. By broadening our focus to encompass the sustainable applications of AI, we can unlock its true potential and usher in a new era of environmentally conscious business practices."

Manav Subodh- Managing Director of 1M1B - One Million for One Billion 

"The battle for protecting our environment can no longer be fought with quick fixes and band-aid solutions. If we want to create a greener and healthier planet in the next 50 years, we need to influence our mindset and that can be done a lot easier with young people - the future inhabitants and decision-makers of this planet. Therefore, it becomes all the more imperative to mobilize young people and develop a sustainability mindset that promotes an innovative approach toward safeguarding our planet by leveraging green technologies. To reduce plastic pollution, of course, we need innovative tech but more than that we need last-mile implementation models. We also need business strategies and creative ways to reduce costs that encourage small retailers, street vendors, mom, and pop stores to take up these alternatives. And policy-makers who can implement these models at scale. This world environment day, join the 1M 1B Foundation and pledge to beat plastic pollution by thinking of how to make systemic and long-term change leveraging technology and business model innovation."

Piyush Goel, Founder & CEO at Beyond Key

"On this World Environment Day, let's address the toll of climate change on our planet. Rising carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution show their devastating impact. Transitioning to an interconnected economy is crucial to safeguarding the environment, species, and prosperity. The urgency for action intensifies as environmental issues increasingly impact the sustainability of businesses. Together, let's prioritize the environment and take action for a sustainable future. Every small step counts towards creating a greener world. Let's unite for the benefit of all. At Beyond Key, we've invested in energy-efficient infrastructure by developing and promoting technologies that promote sustainability, such as OCR (optical character recognition), BMS (bid management system), rainwater harvesting, etc., to address the cause by reducing energy consumption and lowering emissions."

Sekhar Garisa, CEO, Foundit

“Green job data insights paint a compelling picture of the evolving employment landscape. These insights demonstrate a notable rise in demand for environmentally conscious careers. It also shows India Inc. taking active measures to combat climate change. There has been a significant surge in job opportunities related to renewable energy, sustainable construction, and environmental services. Sectors traditionally associated with environmental responsibility are experiencing remarkable growth, while the adoption of sustainable practices is permeating diverse industries.

Overall, there has been a 20 per cent year-on-year rise in green job opportunities. The construction and engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable 208 per cent year-on-year growth, showcasing the industry's commitment to greener practices. This is followed by the automobile sector at 136 per cent YOY, with EV companies gaining significant traction in the country.

Sudheer Perla, Country Head, Tabreed India

"According to a recent World Bank report, in India, 45 per cent of the country’s peak electricity demand in 2050 is expected to come from space cooling alone. The environmental consequences of traditional cooling systems are significant, necessitating a paradigm shift toward more sustainable alternatives. Implementing sustainable and holistic cooling solutions such as district cooling will not only complement green building principles but will also play an important role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions across multiple industries as well as government initiatives such as urban planning and smart cities which will help India's energy transition efforts in the long run, resulting in sustained green inclusive economic growth." 

Dr Lalit Singh - CEO of TelioEV - an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Management Solutions Provider Company

“We are one now as a global community because of our steadfast belief that what we do today will determine the future of the world. As climate change becomes an increasingly serious threat to our planet, it is everyone's responsibility to make a bigger difference by adopting eco-friendly options like electric vehicles (EVs) and avoiding conventional fossil-fuel-consuming cars that continuously release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is high time we turned to clean and green energy. Technology and EVs can play a vital role in saving the planet. Our youth have the passion, willpower, and enthusiasm to be changemakers and take steps to save the environment for future generations.”

Raaja Kanwar, Chairman and Managing Director, Apollo International and Apollo Supply Chain

"At this pivotal moment, the global community awakens to the undeniable significance of transitioning to renewable energy sources. From transportation to industrial practices, the imperative to adopt eco-friendly technologies has gained unprecedented momentum. Our government's visionary policies have paved the way for a widespread embrace of sustainable solutions. At Apollo International, we have embraced the call for change and actively transitioned to sustainable business practices. Through diligent resource management, we have optimized electricity, water, and paper consumption, significantly reducing our environmental footprint. For instance, we have implemented energy-efficient lighting systems across our facilities, resulting in substantial energy savings. Moreover, we have seamlessly integrated renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to power our operations, demonstrating our commitment to accelerating the shift towards a low-carbon world."

Ajay Gupta Founder of Bachpan Play Schools and Academic Heights Public Schools, co-founded Rishihood University and Must & More Diagnostic Center

“I would think of the term “environment” with its broad aspects. It does not only include flora and fauna but also humankind in general. This is to say, we are a part of the environment that we shape, and when we harm the environment as we see it, we are also harming ourselves. When the crisis of climate change is looming, we are as much in danger as the environment as we see it. I am not bringing in the idea of selfishness but the idea of the right mix . . . that of empathy and sensitivity. Aren’t these the same qualities that we like to foster in our young generations? It is said that not only animals but even plants warn each other whenever there is a sense of danger. We are humans, and we can move far and wide; also, we have the ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally in a more refined form. And yet, when it comes to World Environment Day, we are simply celebrating it every year without any active measures in place for global warming and climate change. I hope that this year is not the same as every year.”

By Ravin Saluja, director with Sterling Agro Industries  

"At Nova Dairy, we acknowledge our duty to preserve the environment while also supporting the ability of dairy to nourish and sustain. On this World Environment Day, we honour the delicate balance that exists between dairy farming and environmental conservation. We work to create a future where all milk comes from cows that graze on lush pastures and where our business operations coexist peacefully with the environment. Let's work together to protect the resources of our planet by making a commitment to lessening our environmental impact, promoting sustainable lifestyles, and ensuring the welfare of our cows and the ecosystems they live in. Let's toast a better, more sustainable future with a glass of delicious dairy goodness together."

By Vijay Kumar Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder at Makoons Play School 

“At Makoons Play School, we support a strong connection between the outside world and the development of young minds. As we set out on a discovery journey in honour of World Environment Day, we hope to encourage our young students to care for the environment. By cultivating a love for the Earth and all of its wonders, we sow the seeds of environmental consciousness together. We plant the seeds for a sustainable future where every child can develop into an agent of positive change through eco-friendly practices and playful exploration. Together, let's acknowledge the wonder of nature and pledge to protect it for future generations."

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