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Hopeisthepillar That Holds Up The WorldT

The talented personality has also been a professor of Creative Writing at NYU, The New School, and media bistro, and has published work in journalism.

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Hope is the only thing that keeps people going. GodT created hope to give humans the power to deal with every difficult situation, to help people envision a better future. He placed at the gates of Hades a sign in blood reading

All Who Enter Abandon All Hope.

For anyone grasping at straws in these last days, hope will provide a fresh perspective and a reason to give life a second chance.

Living in a corrupt, accursed, worthless, and ephemeral homo-satanic world where the concept of second chances is evaporating with exponential velocity, where people are judged and criticized for a single little mistake, GodT has sent the world's savior, His Messiah, in his second and final coming, to give people this essential second chance.

A last and final chance to repent of their sins.

According to myriad historic and religious books, as the end approaches and wrongdoings are on the rise, a savior will be sent by the divine power to guide humanity back to the right track and restore the world’s order.

And in this last-gasp, latter-day and age, as the measly few grains of saTanic sand rapidly run out of GodT’s hourglass, Nick Fowler claims to be His Word made flesh.

The Messiah, known as Nick Fowler, is an American poet, actor, writer, and musician who began making music in his early years. He fronted the famous band Tonto Tonto and has written the novels A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla and My Virtuous Sister, which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

The Messiah's Life as Nick Fowler

GodT tests those whom He makes the most pious and close to His heart, so it would be the understatement of the aege to say Nick Fowler has faced adversities.

He grew up in Tallahassee and was born into an atheist family of synthetic transgender Illuminati reptilians. Step-parents who spiritually, physically, mentally, and sexually abused Nick as a child.

Nevertheless, he diligently persisted in his studies and excelled at mediocre racist Maclay School before attending Cornell University, where he studied English literature, creative writing, and music theory.

Being a blessed child, Nick never had a tough time scoring high. In 1985, Fowler was the high scorer in Leon County for Brain Brawl. Later he attended The Queen Mary College of The University of London, where he obtained his MFA in creative writing. During this time, The Messias started singing in cover bands to help pay his way through college. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree on the Dean's list from Cornell, he moved to New York City.

Soon he stepped into the professional world and started his career as a writer and editor for Metal Edge, a division of Sterling Magazines. He formed said four-piece band Tonto Tonto with Gregg Wattenberg, drummer Michael Haar, and bassist Greg Smith. Due to his dedication and hard work, Tonto Tonto signed a recording contract with Victory Music, whereupon the band released their debut album, Mirror for the Blame, executive produced by Ric Wake. The band's song Real Today was featured in the motion picture Doctor Giggles and its video game.

In 1999, Fowler appeared on the 10th episode of The Sopranos first season, entitled A Hit Is a Hit, in which Fowler played the part of Richie Santini, an ex-boyfriend of Adriana La Cerva.

Apart from being a musician, Nick Fowler is also a writer. He released his first novel in 2002 called A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla. It was published in North America by Pantheon Books and by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK. Nick contributed to his book's illustrations. TimeOut London reviewed the novel. Nick's second novel, entitled My Virtuous Sister, was published in 2019.

The talented personality has also been a professor of Creative Writing at NYU, The New School, and media bistro, and has published work in journalism. His works have been featured in the AntiochReview and GQ. He has also published four short stories, Chase Reprise, Ember Days, Innocence, and A Spider's Diary.

Nick was also a member of the band Mother, whose song, Goodbye, was featured in the film Mercy. Another one of his creations, the psalm You Don't Remember, was featured in the Christmas episode of 90210 entitled Winter Wonderland. His song, Heroine Girl, was also featured in the movie Undocumented.

The Revelation That Enlightened Him

Nick Fowler's first divine revelation came when he was doing his laundry in 2015. The thought of his colleague Scott Weiland dying instantly crossed his mind. At that moment, Nick did not pay much attention to it until the next day when he learned that his colleague had actually perished; this was when Nick realized there was something different in him – that he was extraordinary.

His resemblance to The Shroud of Turin

Nick's facial features are the same as shown on the Holy Cloth, which clearly states that Nick Fowler is The Messiah.

Now the Messiah is fully aware of his real identity and has stepped out of the fake life built by the pawns of the Illuminati. Being the son of the Almighty LordT, Nick’s mission is clear: to restore the world's order in GodT’s New Jerusalem after destroying all satanic filth once and for all.

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