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Great Place To Work 2019: List Of Winning Companies

Great Place to Work Institute is proud to present the most India’s most coveted and largest workplace study 2019 in the mid-size category

Photo Credit : Shutterstock


The following are the list of the top 50 companies to work for and what makes these organisations one of the greatest places to work for.

Rank 1
SAS R&D (India)
Industry: SAS Research and Development (India)
Employee Strength: 451
Best Practice:
"‘Inspire our Candidates’: The interviews at SAS are focused on creating a ""wow factor"" that helps candidates distinguish the culture and workplace form others. SAS Panel Members go through ‘Interviewing Skills’ Techniques to enhance their skills in greeting, interviewing and promoting SAS Culture. From  the moment, SAS Research and Development receives an application, they offer glimpses into the culture and what it is like to work there. Moving the exposure point up earlier in the process helps to narrow the pool more efficiently to those who are truly going to be a fit. The program breaks down into three key focus areas: before, during and after the interview.

Before the interview: A detailed job description, interview details, and videos about SAS are shared with every candidate to familiarize them with the hiring process. 

During the interview: SAS R&D tries to do everything they can to reduce the understandable stress and make candidates feel welcome and comfortable. 

Before the Final behavioral round, the candidate receives a felicitation card signed by the Head HR congratulating him/her on reaching the final round. The card also creates an opportunity for the candidate to speak directly with the Head HR to provide feedback or share his/her experience.

After the interview: The candidates are left feeling fully informed and with a positive impression of how employees are treated. SAS R&D gives a two week commitment to the candidates on getting back with the results. During the wait, the HR team stays in touch with the candidates to keep them “warm”, sending an email to check in and let them know they're still in the decision-making process.

To ensure the SAS Panel members and the HR team have followed their practices consistently, the Talent Acquisition team reaches out to every interviewed candidate to understand their overall feeling about the interactions ."    Click here to read more

Rank 2
ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Industry: Information Technology
Employee Strength: 466
Best Practice: 
Precious Gifts for Our Precious People:  ESDS Champs who have worked so magnificently well, get something magnificent. Regards to this a token of appreciation gold coins are gifted every month for various categories like maximum number of sale, biggest order of the month, most enterprise customers on boarded. Just to thank the champions ESDS have rewarded 30 gold coins & 99 Silver coins each over the period of one year. 

Father-in-law Day –The father in laws of all ESDSians were invited for the re-inauguration of the library, as even father in laws are a pool of knowledge who guides them throughout their life. They were welcomed with bouquets and wide smiles from all ESDSians, further to lighting the lamp.Proceeding the inauguration, there were some fun twists where the father in laws had to share their golden experiences with their son/daughter in law. In all, welcoming the father in laws in the ESDS family.  Click here to read more

Rank 3
United Colors Of Benetton India
Industry: Retail
Employee Strength: 399
Best Practice:
R.A.C.E (RETAIL ASSOCIATE CAREER ENHANCEMENT) to LEAD: Within the ambit of shaping careers, Lead is a program that acts as a catalyst to fast track careers for MBA grads looking forward to build careers in retail. The program is conceived with an objective of identifying, selecting and nurturing young MBAs from reputed B-Schools for developing future Store Managers through a structured, predefined career path over a time frame of 36 months. 

The program  not only offers an understanding of Store Business Operations & Customer Buying Behaviour but also provides an opportunity to young MBA students to learn On-the Job & deliver as high flying Store Managers. 

This program has been conceived & designed in three phases wherein students emerge as potential retail champions by successfully delivering in the following: 

LEVEL I  -  Live Projects during End Of Season Sale (EOSS)

LEVEL II -  Summer Internship for two months in EBOs (Exclusive Business Outlet), LFS (Large Format Stores) and HO

LEVEL III -  Pre Placement Offer

Students who prove their mettle in Level I & Level II , are offered Retail Business Trainee roles, who through a structured process of learning & subsequent Assessments for the next two years'  graduate to the level of the Store Manager or the store CEOs, to lead the Store Operations & team. During this thirty six month program, structured and relevant learning inputs and interventions are injected to these high potential business trainees so that they come out with flying colors post the robust two year period. Click here to read more 

Rank 4
Mahindra Intertrade
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Employee Strength: 251
Best Practice:
Female candidates hiring:  None of the plants at Mahaindra Intertrade had any female recruits till 2016, post which they started following practices to ensure diversity at the workplace. The candidate who has reached the final round is invited along with her family to visit the plant. The Plant Chief / Head Operations explains the safety and work practices to the family of the selected candidate. When the lady recruit is called to the Head Office at Mumbai for the final interview, the travel expense of one family member of the female candidate is reimbursed to ensure that she and her family are at ease and feel safe about the lady recruit travelling to Mumbai. The Manaing Director and Chief - HR meets the family members of all female candidates who have reached the final round. This practice is followed for all hiring of female recruits at the shopfloor as well.  The feedback received from the new recruits at the plants states that these hiring practices gave comfort to their families and their joining decision was a family decision - wherein the spouse / parents encouraged them to be a part of the organization.     Click here to read more

Rank 5
Max Skill First
Industry: Education & Training
Employee Strength: 466
Best Practice: 
"Value Based Hiring through Behaviour Event Interview: Max Skill First trains the internal interview panel on how to evaluate the candidate on MSF’s values & find alignment with the organization’s objective. The workshop is divided into 3 main sections: Recruitment Experience, Role Specifications & Structured interview Process. The workshop kick starts with the Importance of the right Selection process & then it is linked to the cost of a bad hire. It is followed by group discussions around creating an Employer Brand for Max Skill First, where the focus is to treat every single candidate as a customer of MSF, identifying the characteristics of a successful employee at MSF. Each team creates a gallery wall where they identify 2 things: 1. Knock out factors for their team and 2. Characteristics of an A-Player or a Best Player for the team. Various selection tools: traditional Interviews, References, Assessment Centres, Behaviour Interviews are discussed highlighting the process, pros & cons of each, a comparison of each with the others. This ensures a 100% buy in from all People Managers for the BEI.

This workshop is a mix of case study, group discussions, role plays, interaction with the senior leadership team. At the end of the 2 days, when they leave, they are confident in using BEI as the selection tool for Hiring & understand what MSF  looks for in a candidate during recruitment. Click here to read more 

Rank 6
Make A Difference
Industry: Non-profit and Charity Organisations
Employee Strength: 385
Best Practice: 
Sunday Funday: Every Last Sunday of the month is dedicated to team bonding activities ranging from Movies, team games, activities, birthdays, farewells, achievements, etc.

Impact Stories - Daily Share: Stories of impact and change sourced from across the country is shared on a daily basis on MAD's social media platforms. These success stories, big or small, encourages the team to do more as an incremental positive influence is seen.

Rank 7
Admiral Technologies
Industry: Information Technology
Employee Strength: 175
Best Practice:
Designated Chill Out Area: Every employee has a bad day from time to time, so Admiral Technologies have created a chilled out space called as Chill – Out area where he/she can take a mental break whenever required. It offers comfortable seating, some light reading material, music, play station and at times movies too.


Eureka: The senior level employees at Admiral Technologies undergo this program to prepare for the next level. Under this program, 5 day training sessions happen and then the weekend is given to the employees to bond and understand things over social events organised by Admiral.    

Click here to read more

Rank 8 
Gera Developments 
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate
Employee Strength: 241
Best Practice:
  Magic Mondays: Mondays are no longer ‘Monday Blues’ at GDPL; with an intent to jazz up the Monday’s they came up with Magic Mondays. On every Monday a unique activity is taken up as simple as wearing a common color to work, to an interesting quiz on DISCOVER, to sharing childhood pictures to 5 min games at your desks.    

Inspiring employees and their children: On the occasion of Engineer’s Day a competition to create innovative models from the waste material was announced for all employees. And, on Childrens Day for the elder children the theme was creating best out of waste. Not only did this bring out their creativity & imagination, it also imbibed a sense of responsibility towards mother nature beginning at an early age.  Click here to read more

Rank 9
Feedback Energy Distribution Company (FEDCO)
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Employee Strength: 432

Best Practice: FEDCO SEVA: With more than 580 children spread across 4 orphanages, care has been taken by Feedback Energy Distribution Company Ltd. to spread awareness, celebrating festivals with them, organizing sports and other events, helping them with funds, study materials, solar lamps, etc.     

Hoot on Fountie: Feedback Energy Distribution Company Ltd has an intranet which is fondly called Fountie (Fountain Head) and the mascot is an Owl- therefore the news each day is called a ‘Hoot’. Success stories and accolades, happenings, and events that celebrate and bring out the importance of DISHA Values are shared each day for the entire company to read.    Click here to read more

Rank 10
Dream11 Fantasy
Industry: Information Technology
Employee Strength: 192
Best Practice:
#D11Unplug -  During #D11Unplug, Dream11 Fantasy Private Limited, disconnect a Dreamster from all Dream11 channels for a week. They change all Dream11 account passwords so the Dreamster can’t connect with teammates even if he/she wanted to. They nudge their teammates to not collaborate with the Dreamster during #D11Unplug. This way, a Dreamster gets ‘Unplugged’ and he/she enjoys dedicated time off. Dreamster joins back refreshed, energetic and raring to go create new records.    

Supporting Dreamsters: To make a choice between spending on rent for a place near to work or traveling miles for work, easier, Dream11 Fantasy Private Limited in association with Nobroker, help Dreamsters find places that are 30 minute travel time away from the Stadium. The company also covers up to Rs.20,000 in rent every month.

Rank 11
Centum Learning
Industry: Education & Training
Employee Strength: 302
Best Practice: 
Karva Chauth Celebrations:  Most women fear this day as they have to fast the whole day long and work too, but at Centum Learning Limited, decided to take away this pain and in turn convert it into a happy memory by inviting ‘Mehendi’ designers to put henna and all women employees got it done. Not only this, but they also gave a half day leave to the employees, so they could go home and celebrate this day with their spouses.    Click here to read more

Rank 12
Frog Cellsat
Industry: Telecommunications
Employee Strength: 230

Best Practice: Frog Kids- it is a welcome booklet at Frog Cellsat aimed at the children of the new joiners with a special message from the CEO, an animated story on Super Hero theme explaining where and how Frog products are used and much more important insight into the company. This also is aimed at providing knowledge of their parents’ workplace to the children and to integrate them into the Frog Family.

Platinum Club: Frog Cellsat offers membership to its premium Platinum Club to few members. The selection for Platinum Club is solely at the discretion of the management. Platinum Club comes with special privileges such as Flexi Timings, No Leave deductions, leisure outings with family, etc. Click here to read more


Rank 13
Bharti Realty Holdings
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate
Employee Strength: 103
Best Practice:
Heart Wish Bowl: To forge stronger bonds and camaraderie, Bharti Realty Limited collected wishes for the children of outsourced staff working across their operational assets, Worldmark, Aerocity, and NCR Properties. The employees were encouraged to fulfill or grant these wishes.    

Green Auction: At Bharti Realty Limited, children of the outsourced staff are encouraged to create products out of recycled goods and waste materials. Money collected from the auction was rewarded to the respective children.    Click here to read more

Rank 14
SEWA Rural
Industry: Non-profit and Charity Organisations
Employee Strength: 267
Best Practice:
Nav Dampati Mela- Celebrating and welcoming newly married couples. It is a day-long get together of newly married couples. They invite employees who got married last year with their spouse and talk about various subjects viz, expectations from each other, the importance of communication, expression of gratitude to have each other and spending time together. They also bring in experts to talk about anatomy and contraceptive counseling. There are games and celebrations. The day ends with an action plan designed by each couple for themselves. Each couple gets a gift of a book to cherish and enjoy.    

Part-time work up to 1 year- Women employees requiring to take care of infants at home for longer periods because of family challenges are allowed to opt for serving part-time for up to one year as a special dispensation to such employees. Such a policy helps employees to take care of their special duties and at the same time provides a guarantee of continued service and thereby financial support.    Click here to read more

Rank 15
Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd.  
Industry: Hospitality
Employee Strength: 335
Best Practice: 
Soap Box sessions: At Brigade Hospitality Services Limited, training topics, activities and the agenda make the participants speak up, express their point of view, makes them think, wonder and grow. This is specifically conducted for team members on the Executive and above level. This helps them improve their communication, confidence and opens the mind to new concepts and ideas.     

English language training on WhatsApp: At Brigade Hospitality Services Limited, a WhatsApp group created called BookWormz is created across all levels of employees for the purpose of learning and improving English Language Skills. The Head of Learning shares a sentence that is incomplete or grammatically incorrect and employees who are part of this group reply with the answers they think correct. At the end of the day, the L&D Head compliments the person giving the correct answer. In case no one in the group has given the correct answer, the L&D Head gives the answer and explains the reasons so that they understand the usage.    Click here to read more

Rank 16
Vuram Technologies Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Industry: Information Technology
Employee Strength: 278

Best Practice: Hub Portal- Any one on one meeting which is conducted by leads or TDMs are recorded in the Hub portal. When this meeting is recorded in their internal portal, there is an option to mark if there is anything that needs to be addressed/ escalated immediately. When this option (Red alert ) is marked, the Head HR and the CEO gets an email notification immediately. They contact the respective parties to discuss the issue and take the needed action.    

"Onsite- Most of the employees have a wish to travel outside. Onsite is one such opportunity that is provided by the employer. The onsite trip is for two things i.e technical learning and learning how to interact with the customer which Vuram celebrates when an employee gets that opportunity. The Events team organizes cake cuttings where all the Vuramites gather and greet the person who is going to travel. Senior Vuramites shares their experiences with them and greets them with luck for their first onsite trip. All their celebration updates and wishes will also be posted in yammer which remains as a memory for the person. Click here to read more

Rank 17
Mahindra Lifespace Developers
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate
Employee Strength: 407
Best Practice:
CARE- It is a platform at Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited which reviews, addresses, and eliminates concerns regarding performance evaluation. A concern could be around facts, not considered while rating, previous manager’s rating not involved during the feedback, a manager making derogatory remarks or discriminating basis bias in the review. With the introduction of this practice, the organization was able to resolve 2 such performance review concerns.     

Ask Your Leader- Mahindra Lifespaces' intranet has a unique feature called "Ask Your Leader" wherein any employee can pose any of his questions to a particular leader. The question and the reply are visible to other employees as well.    Click here to read more

Rank 18
Burns & McDonnell Engineering India
Industry: Professional Services
Employee Strength: 339
Best Practice: 
Hindi & English Lessons - At, Burns & McDonnell Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. expats attend Hindi Classes to blend well with their office and Indian culture. In all meetings, they greet in Hindi and try to collaborate in a way that employees feel they are one of them. At the same time to enhance the collaboration between BMI employees and BMcD US teams – some employees are encouraged to attend English Classes to sharpen their linguistic skills.    

Baby Shower: At Burns & McDonnell Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. to cheer up the female employee and participate in her journey to be a mother, they celebrate with a baby shower by cutting the cake.     Click here to read more

Rank 19
Doyen Systems
Industry: Information Technology
Employee Strength: 140
Best Practice: 
Feeling Proud of What We Do: At Doyen Systems Pvt. Ltd., the customers are invited to their office location to address the employees. This helps the employees know the real challenge and the big picture of how they impact the business.     

Special rooms for prayer times: At Doyen Systems Pvt. Ltd., employees can avail special rooms for their prayers to prevent interruption. This practice restated the company's policy of equal treatment policy irrespective of caste, creed, disability, gender, sex, or religion.    Click here to read more

Rank 20
Gozoop Online
Industry: Media
Employee Strength: 134
Best Practice:  
100aWeek- It  is one of the projects of 1SmallStep that enables people to do good regularly and unconditionally. Through 100aWeek people will discover and participate in amazing acts of kindnesses each week.This initiative came into existence out of 1smallstep, where each week their contribution of INR 100 will make a big difference.They have to get them registered on the link, Make their contribution and be a part of the every growing 100aweek family. Each week the contributor gets an e-mail regarding which would be the next NGO that the team would be heading towards. And if they want, they can be a part of that too!    

The 15 Minutes Circle: 5 employees randomly get an email invitation from the Co- Founder to have a chat with him in his office, where they discuss anything and everything, so that the 5 people try to get to know each other better.    Click here to read more

Rank 21
Enrich Energy
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: One thing change a day: At Enrich Energy, employees are motivated to bring about at least one positive change in themselves which could be either personal or professional. The purpose of this initiative is to make employees think about themselves in their busy schedule, and there are no rigid guidelines which may result in less participation. This initiative is measured at two levels, first through observation by the Head of Department and then on the basis of one-to-one interaction.

Rank 22
SourceFuse Technologies
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Re-interview: Under this initiative, unsuccessful candidates can be called for a re-interview if they express dissatisfaction with the interview for whatever reason. Such candidates are given ample time to prepare before they are called for a fresh interview by the same panel. In case a candidate says he found the panel of interviewers to be intimidating, then the panel is revised for the re-interview.

Rank 23
Silver Arrow Automobiles
Industry: Retail
Best Practice: Support during death of a family member: In the event of the demise of an employee’s family member, his/her colleagues along the supervisor, HOD and the HR team make it a point to attend the last rites or post-last rites rituals and visit her home. The aggrieved employee is also allowed to take time off for as long as required without her salary or available leave balance getting impacted.

Rank 24
ACPL Systems
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Coffee with leadership: At ACPL Systems, employees get an opportunity for one-on-one conversation with the leadership over a cup of coffee. Not only does it create a warm environment, but it also helps the employee to open up and freely provide suggestions and recommendations. These meetings also serve to highlight the concerns of employees.

Rank 25
Anand CY Myutec Automotive
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: Advance salary for new employees: At Anand CY Myutec Automotive, new employees are given seven days’ salary in the very first week of joining by way of an advance. This helps new employees to meet their day-to-day expenses.

Rank 26
JM Financial Asset Management
Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
Best Practice: Corporate Social Responsibility programme: The JM Financial Group takes its CRS activities seriously and works with the disadvantaged communities through its arms, Kampani Charitable Trust and JM Financial Foundation. The two trusts have supported various causes including education, healthcare, promotion of sports, animal conservation, and disaster relief.

Rank 27
Zifo RnD Solutions
Industry: Professional Services
Best Practice: Golden Week: Every year, employees are allowed a week’s vacation from 25 December to 1 January – called the ‘Goldren Week’. During the period, the office remains closed allowing its employees to truly soak in the holiday culture and spend good time with the family. This initiative has been very popular with the employees, who according to HR feel a sense of ownership that it was initiated by the people and for the people.

Rank 28
Hella India Lighting
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: Mini Town Hall: At Hella India Lighting, every month a mini town hall is organised to discuss ideas and concerns raised by the employees. Its three 3 parameters are: START (which new practice can be incorporated), STOP (which practice can be eliminated) and CONTINUE (which practice can be continued). HR drives all initiatives with the management team and progress is announced every month.

Rank 29
Varthana (Thirumeni Finance)
Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
Best Practice: Elite RM Meet: A forum for Varthana’s top sales performers, it goes beyond the scope of awards and certificates to cover development aspects, retention and career programmess. Around 10-12 per cent of eligible employees receive this recognition every quarter. These employees are invited to the Head Office for a leadership meeting, the agenda of which includes recognition, engagement, development and social time.

Rank 30
Litmus7 Systems Consulting
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Development: It is an initiative where the employees can decide what they want to be in the company. They can choose a role and build a plan to get there. The organisation doesn’t follow the traditional hierarchy-based progression where just the title changes and they eventually do the same role. They have clearly defined KPIs and competencies needed for each role and employees can build their career path to earn that role.

Rank 31
Tasty Bite Eatables
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: SPICE Card (Strategic Plans Involve Continuous Execution): Spice Card is the backbone of a transparent, yet stringent performance evaluation system across the company. All teams review their SPICE Card scores on a monthly/quarterly basis. The SPICE Card forms the basis of the mission statement for tasty bites and thus, keeps the employees inspired.

Rank 32
PubMatic India
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Return To Work: When employees rejoin work after a long leave due to maternity or sickness, etc., the company’s formal ‘Return to Work’ programme helps such employees return to productive employment. It assists them in resuming their job responsibilities and providing them the required support from manager, HR and their co-workers during this process.

Rank 33
Brightstar Telecommunications India
Industry: Telecommunications
Best Practice: Annual Goal Alignment Meet: At Brightstar Telecommunications India, all its employees, both on-roll and off-roll, come together under one roof to celebrate the company’s success and plan the way forward for the upcoming year.

Rank 34
SAS Institute (India)
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Professional Worth: For every employee, SAS has the following weightage for professional growth: Experience 70 per cent (includes in-depth learning on technology, learning on domain, leading teams/ efforts across teams; Exposure 20 per cent (working with global experts, tech day discussions, professional conferences & SAS global forums, communities of practice, blogs, tool pool, SAS Pedial; Education 10 per cent.

Rank 35
Inorbit Malls (India)
Industry: Retail
Best Practice: Green Vision: The company imparts training programmes to the green building core teams i.e. architects, engineers and especially sales teams to enable them to communicate relevant information along with benefits to the property aspirants, detailed guidelines to tenants mentioning the green features of the project, along with Do’s and Don’ts, and on-location green education by putting up signages explaining the various green measures.

Rank 36
Raymond Luxury Cottons
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: Long Service Awards: Raymond has honoured all its employees who have completed 25 years of service with Raymond through a grand celebration. The families of these employees are also made a part of the ceremony where the longest serving employee as well as the family is thanked for their contribution to the company.

Rank 37
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Tech-talks and K-talks: Tech-talks are delivered once a month on a Friday by a KNOLSKAPE employee on a technical topic. This talk is for 30-60 minutes including Q&A. K-talk: An employee can choose to talk about any topic of his/her interest. This talk is organised on one of the Fridays or during stand-up and lasts for 15-30 minutes. Common interests help connect people.

Rank 38
Parijat Industries (India)
Industry: Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Best Practice:  Car Pool Policy: The policy provides support to employees commuting to the office using a car pool. Under this policy, Parijat contributes one-third of the total running cost of a car up to a maximum of Rs 8,000 per month basis the approval of the terms and conditions.

Rank 39
Symantec Software Solutions
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Dollars for Doers: The programme encourages and rewards sustained volunteerism by making a monetary contribution to the organisations where employees volunteer their time. Symantec makes a $15 donation for every hour of volunteer service that an employee contributes. This program has a maximum cash donation equivalent of $1,000 per employee, each calendar year.  

Rank 40
Bacardi India
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice:  Back to the bar: To promote cross-functional collaboration and give an opportunity to all employees to work directly in the marketplace, employees are sent to the bar to promote Bacardi India’s cocktails and take feedback directly from customers. This helped in promoting a culture of participation and instilling founder’s mentality.

Rank 41
J.K. Fenner (India)
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: Talent Management: It is a key succession planning tool that provides an integrated means of identifying, selecting, developing and retaining top talent within the organization. The Talent Management system focuses on talent review and leadership development to meet the future challenges of the organisation.

Rank 42
Ryan India Tax Services
Industry: Professional Services
Best Practice: Floater Holidays: Ryan India understands that some days are very special and employees would appreciate spending those days with their special ones. To accommodate this, Ryan India created a Floater Holiday for personal milestones (birthdays and anniversaries).

Rank 43
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Women Executive Board: All members of the WEB are nominated by the CEO. The Board’s objective is to empower and safeguard the rights of women employees in the organisation by advocating equal access to participation in all matters of management including decision-making. The Board also organises workshops to streamline gender equality and gender sensitivity in both men and women.

Rank 44
Vestige Marketing
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Best Practice: Go International: Under this initiative, Vestige encourages its employees in India to apply for key assignments in foreign countries and get international exposure. All key positions in Vestige’s overseas locations — the UAE, Bahrain, Nepal, and Bangladesh — have been manned by the company’s internal resources from India.

Rank 45
Quovantis Technologies
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: HotSeat: Under this programme, every 15 days the fortnight’s newcomers are brought together for an hour where they are introduced to everyone in the organisation. Fun questions like ‘What do they aspire to be if they become invisible?’ etc are asked. It is basically an ice-breaking activity and helps in getting to know the new quants well. They also take a one-on-one feedback from quants.

Rank 46
Experion Developers
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate
Best Practice: Commute for Women Employees: At Experion Developers, women employees are advised to leave the office early, and in case they stay up to 7:30 pm, they are given company cars or are reimbursed for cabs to go back to their residences.

Rank 47
MindTickle Interactive Media
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Chaupal: Every Friday, Mindtickle holds a chaupal where managers, senior managers, and all other employees share the important updates of their ongoing projects, new hires that have  joined during the week and important news related to the company. The chaupal is attended by all the employees, who are free to ask any questions in the areas being discussed.

Rank 48
Fedby Information Services
Industry: Information Technology
Best Practice: Maternity Return Bonus: To encourage working mothers to resume work after maternity leave, Fedby Information Services provides maternity return bonus to women employees. This bonus component is provided for two pregnancies and is paid over and above the statutory maternity benefits.    

Rank 49
Xanadu Realty
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate
Best Practice: Life event Increment: Xanadu Realty’s practices are designed keeping the life stage and requirements of their employees in mind. Given the financial stress an employee goes through during marriage and childbirth, a 5 per cent increment is given to all on marriage or childbirth during their tenure in Xanadu.

Rank 50
Adani Enterprises -- Mining
Industry: Mining and Quarrying
Best Practice: Abki Baar Aapka Parivar (ABAP): At Adani Enterprises - Mining, employees’ families are invited to the corporate office for a half-day gathering. After a few activities, the kids are taken to the CEO’s office where they spend time with the CEO and his wife. This creates a unique experience for the employees and their families, increasing connect of the employees with the Adani brand.

How We Chose Them
Every year, more than 10,000 organisations from more than 58 countries partner Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognised as rigorous and objective and is considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia and government organisations.

All organisations (with an employee strength ranging from 100 to 500) that nominate themselves for India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces list undergo an assessment. As part of this assessment, all organisations are studied through two lenses. The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through our globally validated survey instrument known as Trust Index©. The survey helps in seeking anonymous feedback from employees and carries two-third weightage.

The second lens is called Culture Audit©. It is a proprietary tool of the Institute that evaluates the quality of people practices of an organisation, covering the entire employee life-cycle. This carries one-third weightage.

The institute also considers whether an organisation that has met the criteria defined by the Institute on employee experience and people practices is also a ‘Great Place to Work for ALL’ i.e all employees in the organisation irrespective of their tenure, age, gender, role etc. are experiencing a great workplace culture. In this criteria, any demographic group that forms 10 per cent or more of the company’s employee strength should not have a significantly different experience (Trust Index© score) from the average score of the entire organisation.

The Institute undertakes a robust validation process on the data gathered through the assessment process. The cumulative score of Trust Index© and Culture Audit© determines an organisation’s position in the ranking scoreboard and helps in identifying India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces.

No individual or jury has a say in who makes it to the Top 50 list — only employee feedback and quality of people practice determine if an organisation is a great workplace.