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Global Martech Leader Ekalavya Hansaj Talks About The Importance Of Scroll-Stopping

Advertising businesses can gain a competitive edge, and stay relative by continuously improving themselves via self-study and implementing new and improved techniques and methodologies

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Ekalavya Hansaj immediately asked us if we have ever wondered why our Netflix dashboard looks so much different from a friend or partners, and why thumbnails of shows and movies keep changing?

He goes on to explain further about the scroll-stopping technique when we recently spoke to him about his path to being a multi-millionaire and how he became the “Hottest In-demand Ad Tech and Martech Global Leader”

Ekalavya Hansaj then says, “The answer lies within understanding NLP and corresponding techniques. Example, Netflix spent millions of dollars on understanding why some thumbnails did well, while others got no reaction at all, or why users simply excited the dashboard after merely 60 – 90 seconds. Researchers at Netflix eventually found during their study (published in ACM Digital Library Journal – Transactions on Management Information Systems) that users quickly lost interest within 60-90 seconds (or 10 to 20 title searches) if they couldn’t find anything worthwhile to watch. Since each TV show and movie were only promoted via a cover image, it became apparent that some visuals were more attractive to users than others.

He said and put it simply that, users today are selective visual consumers who spend at most 1.7 – 2.5 (Facebook study) seconds on visual media. If the visuals or content does not speak on an emotional level to the user within this short timeframe, they won’t ever continue to engage with it.

We continued further and asked Ekalavya Hansaj these questions which every marketing and advertising business should focus upon.

What is the Scroll-Stopping Technique?

All human beings have certain neuro-linguistic habits, formed over many years. To break such habits, we can use a technique called pattern-interrupt. Within the advertising business it is often referred to as the scroll-stopping technique and does exactly that. Stops the user from continually scrolling past your client’s adverts.

Ekalavya Hansaj elaborates and provides a detailed explanation that by implementing a scroll-stopping technique, a new pattern is created within the mind that interrupts the old one, and eventually leads to new neuro-linguistic programming. If you are a chain smoker for example, you can use NLP to create a new program in your mind. It involves taking on new habits (not smoking) in order to build a new program in your mind that you don’t need to smoke anymore.

Ekalavya Hansaj further suggested the following to ensure that visual content is given some eyeballs, try out the following scroll-stopping techniques:

Ekalavya Hansaj is a big fan of Bold Headings

2 – 5 words in a bolder, larger font stands out immediately, especially on a captivating image or creative graphic background. Use bold headings for a catchy slogan or product/service heading that speaks on an emotional level to your target audience.

Ekalavya Hansaj says Users love Animations & Motion Effects

Lotti’s and animations are big business these days. Most consumers using the Internet are between the ages of 10 to 65, and love engaging motion effects. You can stall a user’s strolling most effectively by implementing a small motion into your advert, or landing page.

You would not grow at all without engaging descriptions as per the ad tech leader Ekalavya Hansaj Short and to-the-point engaging product or service descriptions often work best in advertising campaigns on social media, AdWords or chat apps. There are only so many words you can use on a 300 x 300-pixel advert on digital media. Make it count!

Do not fail to provide exclusivity, said Ekalavya Hansaj

This might be one of the older techniques, but it still works wonders. By creating an exclusive product, you create a desire within a person to have it. Desire is always a good motivator for buying.

Ekalavya Hansaj advises business to top up with discounts & special offers

Still works too. Create a visually appealing offer with a small discount offer avatar that moves, or does something engaging to catch a user’s attention.

Advertising businesses can gain a competitive edge, and stay relative by continuously improving themselves via self-study and implementing new and improved techniques and methodologies. The scroll-stopping technique, NLP, automation, AI and improved leadership are five simple yet powerful tools that you can use to scale their advertising business to the next level.

Don’t wait, start today!

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